Deeds, not words, not excuses.  With veganism you delete two sins: apathy and gluttony and exchange them with a life long fasting. 

Moses fasted for 40 days and received 10 commandments. Esther fasted to save her people and her family. Hannah fasted to have a son, and Samuel was born. Daniel fasted to have his prayer answered. Jesus fasted 40 days before beginning His ministry.

What makes you think  (real fasting, not the just few hours not eating like pagans do, and certainly not the loud prayers for show) fasting wasn't important? 

Don't shop, adopt.
Be the hand that helps.  
Children or animals. Stop being selfish.

Stop gossiping, looking down on people and start helping (but don't be naive).
Galatians 6:3 If you think you are too important to help someone, you are only fooling yourself. You are not that important.

Pictures, memorable dreams and poetry. Everybody points to Jesus. The bible is the most banned book in the world and every 5 minutes around the world a Christian is killed for his faith. 139 abortions per minute take place in the world. More than 200 million animals are killed for food around the world every day. We have turned...

My son


My Super Saiyan Son. I seem to have given birth to Samson.
If he was still little now, he would have been homeschooled with all the pedophile and perverted indoctrination in schools these days.

Wenn du einmal Kummer oder Sorgen hast dann geh mit offenen Augen durch den Wald, und in jedem Baum und in jedem Strauch in jedem Tier und in jeder Blume wird dir die Allmacht Gottes zum Bewusstsein kommen und dir Trost und Kraft geben!

Animal protection isn't a radical idea. It follows the simple principle that if animals feel pain, joy and fear, they should be protected from suffering. The world is proud to use abuse and slaughter 'humanely'. So let us be proud to show compassion and offer protection.

My Friends


Our animal friends do not speak in our language, to teach us that love and loyalty are demonstrated by actions and not words (source Mindful Christianity). I love animals, therefore I do not eat them, wear them or use them.. but befriend them.