2020-24 in een Notendop


Tot medio 2024 ben ik een complete newbie en toegewijd op de gebieden waar mijn interesses nu naar uit gaan (sport en scholing). ~ around 80% of human talk in groups is complaining. Don't be this majority. Think in solutions, not problems.


Mental and physical development were central this year. 

So that was 2023. Funniest thing this year was a fellow student saying, "X has read Sun Tzu". I never told him I'm a chess player and I raise you Machiavelli, Clausewitz and Goebbels along Sun Tzu. The outcome was inevitable in advance.
The most productive thing this year was the first aid course, which allowed me to check another weakness off my list; fear of deep wounds/blood. 

No drama. No gossip.

Personality test 2023. Bookwurm. Titles mean little to Architects. And if any personality type has high standards for themselves, it's almost certainly Architects. Stay rock solid when it comes to principles. The result of my personality test, fits like a glove. Well for 95%, certainly not outdoing the 'colleagues' to maintain control of a situation, I am more of cooperation (see Dr. Patton style) and also the relational/romantic part is wrong. I truly do hate incompetence, drama, gossip, lack of professionalism. It wastes my time (which is an absolute lack of respect because unlike money, you can't get back time, so keep your pocket money because time is priceless. Do as you say or fuck off) and I find it intellectually offensive.

Passieprofiel 2009

Klopt nog steeds als een bus "voor jou is het belangrijk dat je jezelf continu kunt blijven ontwikkelen. Als mens én als professional".
En inderdaad, "je kwaliteit en talenten maximaal kunnen inzetten is jou belangrijker dan je salaris...Je bent op je best als jouw waarden en idealen in je werk en activiteiten weerspiegeld worden. Als jij de indruk krijgt dat jouw bijdrage geen verschil maakt dan gaat dat ten koste van je motivatie en inzet"..

Als ik zie dat ik geen meerwaarde ben dan ben ik zo weg. En dat geldt ook voor het leven, ik moet van nut kunnen zijn.
Salaris, dat is een som waarmee je jezelf in je levensonderhoud kan voorzien. En hoe meer je hebt hoe meer je anderen kunt helpen; indien niet met tijd, dan met centjes.

Leesvoer tips: managementsupport.nl, Thomas Sanders (handhaving), Jan Stevens (skip de Jip & Janneke Roos van Leary) kwaliteitsspul voor de tactische denker en Raad voor de Rechtspraak (blijf op de hoogte) (check ook Mr.


Funniest thing this year (which has just started) is that the devil (Peter Mat 16:23) said that I am not a Christian because I do not want to gossip and hate but rather forgive. I don't have time and don't want to make time for such primitive, uninteresting behavior that doesn't contribute to anything. Isaiah 5:20 In the last days, good will be called evil, and evil called good. Luke 23:34. Ephesians 4:32. Psalm 37:16. Psalms 37:7-8. Ecclesiastes 7:21-22.

Professionally I am very satisfied, the intellectual level is pleasant to work with and I respect my colleagues in their expertise. It will certainly be an interesting and yet another educational year. 


Animal actions and vegan cake baking were central this year. The perimenopause complaints were also central, and sports were made impossible for me. Everything physically this year went with great difficulty, after decades of hard training every week, suddenly... disabled. Crafting not so much, only to donate.


The year was above all marked by loss. I find comfort in nature, in helping others and praying alone. Glimlachend gelaat zwaar hart.  Made a lot of crafts as donations to animal rights organizations.


2019, the year that dad got really sick and I stopped smoking and added JKD next to the silat training. 2020, corona, kitchen closed. I went completely vegan. 
Some used the corona time to make babies, because that is what you do when your future is uncertain. Others used it to get a butt lift. I used the time to educate myself on all topics I never had time before to do so.