Croats: the people that inspired Cassiodorus, Napoleon, Dante, George Bernard Shaw, the birthplace of Marko Polo and St. Jerome, a nation derived from that of a people called Croats (Hrvat, Chrobatos) i.e. "the nation ready to defend its home and rights"(za dom spremni: a salute 447 years old!) and given the honorary title Antemurale Christianitatis in 1519. Heroes, inventors, saints, artists, teachers and the only people who preserved their roots 6500 years

Did you know that one of the greatest world travelers, Marko Polo, was born in 1254 on the island of Korcula? Croatia is also the birthplace of St. Jerome (Štrigova in northern Croatia). And St. Paul the Apostole is the heavenly protector of Mljet Island (he was shipwrecked on the shore). The soil in Split is soaked with the blood of many saints such as St. Agnes of Rome, St. George etc. A nation that has vast historic monuments dating 9th century AD. 

The Croatian language is one of the oldest languages in the world (Croats arrived at the beginning of the 7th century in present day Croatia). They never colonized and never took part in any slave trade. They always defended their own. Hence their motto 'Bog i Hrvati' (God and the Croats).

Aloysius Stepinac "Love for one's own nation must not turn a man into a wild animal, which destroys everything and calls for reprisal, but it must enrich him, so that his own nation respects and loves other nations."The Croatian language is one of the oldest languages in the world 

Croatians have been exceptional soldiers from the very beginning of their history when Emperor Heraclius invited them as foederati to defeat the Avars in what is present day Croatia. Turkish archives write about the Croatians giving the fiercest resistance. (Croats arrived at the beginning of the 7th century in present day Croatia). The Croatians endured the greatest burden of all the nations.

"On the last day of the Creation God desired to crown his work, and thus created the Kornati Islands out of tears, stars and breath". - Irish Nobel Prize of Literature winner George Bernard Shaw

Dante Alighieri was in Croatia and his guide was Bishop Augustin Kazotic. He placed Croatians in a special category 

Marin Drzic, a comedy writer, was one of the main influences on Shakespeare. And after the Germans and the Russians, Croats were the third to have opera in Europe. 

The Sinjska Alka, a knights' tournament in Sinj that commemorates a victory over Ottomans (1715) in which Sinj was defended with around 700 Christian locals against 60,000 Ottoman muslim soldiers

Blood of warriors, defenders.

"Croatians, they are the best soldiers in the world. If I had only 100,000 Croatians, I would conquer the entire world." - Napoleon 

Napoleon's general, a Croat, click here 

Louis Cukela (Vjekoslav Lujo Čukela), was awarded both the Navy and Army Medals of Honor for extraordinary heroism in France 1918 during World War I. He was the only living man to hold two such decorations for extreme bravery in a single war.

The mercenaries called to serve by Louis XIV were called Croats and the French called their neckwear a cravate. Soon the style spread to the English, who called it simply a cravat. source

'Croatian Leonidas' Nikola Šubić Zrinski saved Pest with only 400 Croatian soldiers and in 1566 in the Siege of Szigetvár resisting 100,000 Ottoman soldiers Already a beloved, heroic figure among his people, this lifelong soldier had fought countless battles in his 58 years of life, many of them against overwhelming odds. He drew his sword, held it high, and declared his intention to fight to the last:

 "Let us go out from this burning place into the open and stand up to our enemies. Who dies, he will be with God. Who dies not, his name will be honored. I will go first, and what I do, you do as well. And God as my witness - I will never leave you, my brothers and knights!"

From the Catholic Encyclopedia; Croatia. Antemurale Christianitatis: The name Croatia is derived from that of a people called Croats (Hrvat, Chrobatos) i.e. "the nation ready to defend its home and rights", known as "White Croatia" or "Great Croatia" (Velika Hrvatska). Antemurale Christianitatis ('the bastion of Christianity'), a phrase that dates back to the Mediaeval Crusades at the beginning of the Ottoman invasion. Indicating that they and their ancestors have successfully protected, and still protect, the borders of Europe against intruding forces 'from the East'.

The honorary title Antemurale Christianitatis was given to Croatia by Pope Leon X in 1519. The crusades were in response to over four centuries of islamic aggression.

The Turkish philosopher Kjafii in his book "Nizam ul Alem"("the Order of the World") writes about Croats as ideal warriors and heroes who despise cowards, and advises his Turks to learn warfare from Croats if they want to win. More than anything he appreciates the Croatian knightly spirit, which will never hurt the unarmed or captured enemy, and the promise given will always be fulfilled.

2018 - Lighting torches and applauding, tens of thousands of people on Tuesday bid an emotional farewell to Oliver Dragojević, the late Croatian singer who was also adored throughout the former Yugoslavia for his songs celebrating love and the Adriatic Sea. Quote of Oliver: there is no money in the world for which I would sing in the country (Serbia) that has done so much evil in my Croatia.

The commemoration of Bleiburg massacres pays respect to 10.000 Croats who fled from the communists (1945), only to be turned back from Austria by the British military to walk the Way of the Cross to their brutal death by the hand of the communists/'antifascists'. 

Milovan Djilas, probably one of the most famous Yugoslav and world dissidents, sat down with journalist and writer George Urban in 1979 and in a long interview with the British magazine Encounter, spoke about the long-silenced fact that British forces extradited to Yugoslavia and the USSR up to 40,000 innocent people fleeing the country who were killed by the Yugoslav communist authorities. Most of the people who were forcibly returned by British forces from Austria were ordinary peasants. They did not commit murders. They were neither Ustashas nor homeland defenders. Their only crime was the fear of communism and the reputation of the communists - said Djilas.

Croatian legionnaires.. Ivan Roso (pictures above), now that's a man with balls! When you look at the amount of foreign volunteers (former legionnaires) in the Croatian War of Independence for example, the legionnaire does not seem to stop fighting just because his paycheck stops. 
In Memoriam, legionnaire Zlatko Sabljic, 29 Sept 2020  
General Željko Glasnović is a Member of Croatian Parliament representing the Croatian diaspora. General Glasnovic was born in Croatia and had spent much of his life living and working in Canada. He returned to Croatia at the outbreak of Croatia's Homeland War in 1991, joining the Croatian National Guard. He served in the Canadian Army, the French Foreign Legion, the Croatian Army (HV) and the Croatian Defence Council (HVO) and fought in a number wars: The Gulf War, the Croatian Homeland War and the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was elected Member of Parliament in November 2015 and again in new elections held September 2016. He has worked for and earned a pension from the Canadian state, and donates the parliamentary salary to orphans. 

"A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear. The traitor is the plague." ~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

The War Never Ended

2 Corinthians 4:4 Satan is god of this world

The 'Greater-Serbian Aggression' (Croatia's 'Homeland War' (Domovinski rat)) in Croatia from 1991 to 1995 was not a civil war. It was a just Homeland War against a brutal Greater Serbian aggression. One of the many examples is the Vukovar massacre, also known as the Vukovar hospital massacre or the Ovčara massacre, the killing of Croatian prisoners of war and civilians by Serb paramilitaries. Pregnant women deliberately shot in the belly, men whose legs were drilled with electrical drills by Serbs.

Majority of war crimes have not been punished.
The war damage of 32 billion euro has not been paid.

And nearly 2,000 Croatian Homeland War veterans have committed suicide.
The evidence of war crimes, human rights violations and crimes against humanity is overwhelming. Approximately 50.000 women raped> only 15 people have been convicted for wartime rape. The youngest rape victim had 6 years, the oldest 80, even pregnant women were raped.

156 mass graves discovered
16.000 people killed
37.000 wounded
10.000 children became parentless
20.000 - 50.000 children/women raped
260.000 Croats displaced
30.000 people passed in Serbian cetnik camps
37.000 war invalids
122 churches destroyed
14 hospitals destroyed or severly damaged around 200.000 objects
1.5 million shells fired on Vukovar

It is 2020 now and Croatia is still occupied by Croatian traitors and Serbian communists. While homeland veterans have nothing to eat, pensions are paid to partisan war criminals by the government (source), over 100,000 agressors (soldiers) receive pensions! (source), these type of communists are in the corrupt government: Milan Bandić; "Dubai is the most beautiful European city".......

There is no peace until the perpetrators are brought to justice and all anti-Croatian communists removed from Croatian soil.

Did you know that Croats never denied foreign journalists access during the war?
Where Croatians controlled the area, not a single journalist was killed. 
Where the Serbs controlled the area, journalists were refused or killed.
Serbian snipers have killed between 30-33 foreign journalists.
Because they didn't want the truth published.

Did you know that the Dutchman Henri (Hans) van den Broek, who was then Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Commissioner for Foreign Relations, said he never wanted to recognize Croatia? His political party CDA has never been Christian, rather hypocrites, Pharisees. 

Did you know that there is not a single Croat in the Serbian government while there are a lot in the Croatian government who are against Croats? Did you know how the Croats were discriminated against on their own soil when they lived under communist Tito who hated Croats?

Stajićevo camp, written by a survivor 

After being captured, they put us on a bus and took us to Serbia. They drive us to a spooky little place. Through the window we notice only one lamp in the whole place, so the night is even more terrifying. We don't know where we are, but we realize that we are far enough away from civilization and witnesses, which means that the criminals will be able to do whatever they put their mind to. We were brave in war and we were not afraid of death. But here, in this abandoned place, in this darkness, we are still haunted by fear. Later we will learn that the place is called Stajićevo, a small uninhabited place near Zrenjanin - in eastern Vojvodina. Upon arriving at this place I was convinced we were going to be shot. Without identity, rights, and witnesses, a man feels all his vulnerability. Vukovar and all that we were there, is already so far behind us. It's one thing to die in battle, and another to be trampled like a worm in a far unknown place, without a witness, when all the battles are over. The front door of the bus opens and brutally drives us out. In every action, they pour out all the force of hatred, with swearing, hitting, loud yelling. It all disturbs the psyche and brings restlessness. On the way out, they force us through a 20-meter-long wall of Serbian soldiers in which they beat us with fists, chains, pendrecks, punks, and even baseball bats. That 20 yards to the barn seemed like an eternity. Some of those who passed through that wall and fell were beaten to death. I also somehow managed to make my way to the barn by staying on my feet.

Flying in one after another and soon the barn was overflowing with defenders. We were stacked like sardines. With a look, I try to see if I know any of the defenders. It's hard to recognize the comrades of yesterday because we were all bloody from the beating. However, I manage to recognize Goran Popić already beside me, and Jankus, Denis Perko, Miro and Miki are across from me. Turbo waters part is back together. It means a lot to me, and I'm sure they do too. At least when we look at each other, we feel that we know and understand each other. We don't communicate with words, but I sympathize with their suffering, and that's how I know they sympathize with me. It is a huge comfort, but it does not lessen the suffering.The hours and days are very long.  Often soldiers come in to beat us, probably when someone wished. With fists, feet, or any weapon. 

Our only response is moaning and roaring snatches and howling under blows.  Every blow and every roar hurts everyone of us.  Croatia is now indescribably far away and everything that happened a few days ago is a long past, as if this suffering is now the only reality in the world and we cannot enjoy anything else. We are without any information, so it is the hardest thing to fight with our own hope and faith; and preserve that little morale in the fight with the questions of whether everything will ever pass, will we survive, how long will it last, what consequences will remain; will anyone ever find us and. I'm overwhelmed by wonder at this human hatred and I'm breaking my brain trying to figure out how someone can be so inhuman. I wonder if my butcher has a family, parents, children; when and where did he learn it all.The first two days they didn't give us anything to eat. Bullying in every way, just to break us down. They made us sing the Yugoslavian anthem and Chetnik songs. For the first few days we slept on bare concrete, the temperature was around -20 Celsius, and we didn't have any covers. Long endlessly cold nights and unimaginable November. Some older campers got their fingers completely black from the cold. Only later did we still get some military blankets left from the Second World War. And we got the first meal only on the third day: a slice of bread and one thin slice of salami. Bottled water we used to get overnight would freeze. In addition to these exorcisms, there was a multitude of other harassment and torture. But I'll probably never fully describe most of them. How to conjure up all possible atrocities, that coldness, the pain from the blows, superhuman toughness, stench, imaginary hatred, cold insensitive hateful faces of soulless miserable people of the same human kind?This is how the days go by in this worst place on earth. Questions arise to me what is happening to my Croatia, where are my comrades? Did my brother mile survive? I guess the hospital was evacuated ? But what if he isn't? Do my friends and family care about me? When and how will they find out where I am? What about Rob and the others from Turbo water? What happened to the other Vukovarci? I think, if they treat us like this, there must have been numerous crimes. But how many; will we ever know? And as the war in Croatia continues; what will become of it?Since they didn't kill us right away, we begin to have hope that maybe we will somehow survive all of this. But hopelessness and despair keep coming back from time to time, fear, disbelief, wonder. Only after two weeks we are discovered by members of the Red Cross. It was an amazing event that I still wonder about today. In my memory, a representative from Zurich remained, a young Macedonian, who, after seeing what we looked like, cried uncontrollably for 20 minutes. We were dirty and bloody, scared, skinny. She looked upon our battered bodies and broken sores, full of pity, wonder and despair. After tears, they got to work and listed us, so they could tell our people where we are. This will still connect us to the world, and the voice that we are alive will reach Croatia.In this hell on earth we spent 32 days of unbearable torture, after which we were taken south, to a military prison in Nis. How would I suffer more for Croatia, and how would they take revenge on me for fighting bravely for it. And why do I even existDear young people, I don't know if I will write to you about the camp yet, because I know it's painful to read. But we have a few more sequences, so I will read some more very important memories...Pray for me, for all that we fought and died for in this holy Homeland War; and for our Croatia! source

Croatia Today, after the war
A Corrupt Communist Government
War criminals receiving pensions, Homeland veterans ridiculed

Veteran Darko Pajčić murdered

A black day for every soul that fought for justice and freedom, this inhumane slaughter that was done by hatred and went unpunished. The murder on Darko.
2013 - A Croatian war veteran was brutally beaten by a Serb working as a police officer in Croatia while attempting to remove a bilingual Cyrillic sign on a government building in Vukovar. The war veteran, Darko Pajčić, was no ordinary war veteran. 

Name of the Serbian killer (source): Saša Sabadoš
Darko Pajčić, the man who survived the war, died of the beatings and serious head injuries that he got from Ostojic's police on 12 November 2013 in Vukovar

He was only 18 years when he dropped out of school, equipped with only his running shoes and a rifle, to defend his beloved Vukovar. This man was tortured in a Serbian concentration camp. And to add salt to the wound, the "Croatian" officer responsible for the beating was a Serb, who fought AGAINST Croatian forces in 1991.

Croatian Minister of Internal Affairs, Ranko Ostojić, stated that 'alcohol is to blame' for the incident. Really, Mr. Ostojić? Was alcohol to blame for this war veteran, who likely suffers from PTSP, to lie there injured in his own blood while police officers stand around and debate whether to call for medical help? Was alcohol to blame for the war from '91-95? Is this how we treat our war veterans? When did a bilingual sign, a sign that should not even be there, become more important than a human life?

It is time for Croatia to rid themselves of the red communists that are leading this country into complete destruction! It is time for this Serbian man disguised in a Croatian police uniform to be brought to justice! source 

Vukovar 1991 - a picture of the Serbian wild horde of killers. Till this very day, none on the picture are held accountable

source 2019> Radical Bosniaks near Mostar stoned Croatian cars returning from Vukovar.
Nothing has changed since the war. It's still a warzone all over, Serbs and degenerated Croats (Bosniaks who adopted muslim religion) attacking Croatians.  

Hrana mrtvih

Filipljanima 3.​19 Svršetak im je propast, bog im je trbuh, slava u sramoti - jer misle na zemaljsko.

Poglavlje 66:17 Oni koji se posvećuju i čiste u vrtovima iza onog jednog u sredini, koji jedu svinjetinu, nečisto i miševe - svi će zajedno izginuti, riječ je Jahvina.

Ono kad je Božji zapovijed 'Ne ubij!' ali ipak te boli kurac. Nije problem ako ne znamo. Problem je ako znate, ali svejedno to učinite. Tada svjesno griješite.
Na nebesima nema klaonice, nema je ni u Novom Kraljevstvu u kojoj će vol i lav zajedno jesti travu. Životinje nisu one koje su izbačene iz rajskog vrta gdje su bile prijatelji, a ne hrana. Životinje su svjedočile svetom Kristovom rođenju, a ne kao mrtvi komadi mesa. A magarac je bio taj koji je pohlepnom čovjeku Balaamu spasio život od Božjeg bijesa kad je životinju udario 3 puta. Čisto magareće srce natjeralo ga je da vidi anđela, dok čovjek nije mogao. Sotona odvodi vašu djecu u mazne zoološke vrtove umjesto u klaonice, tako da se čovjek nauči emocionalnoj i duhovnoj odvojenosti od zla ...Smiješ li se? Nisi sam, vrag se smije s tobom.

For the true Christians who are hungry for the living water, read Derek Prince's book Breaking Down Strongholds and learn why Croatia can't get rid of the curse its people are in. The sin of the sacrificial high places, the sin committed over and over, over and over again, over and over again. And there are several. As long as these customs such as eating pork continue, the people will continue to suffer. 

Matej 18:3-5: Zaista, kažem vam, ako se ne obratite i ne postanete kao deca, nećete ući u nebesko kraljevstvo. Dakle, ko se ponizi kao ovo dete, taj je najveći u nebeskom kraljevstvu. I ko prima jedno ovakvo dete u moje ime, i mene prima.

i prdi se ko da nema sutra

Smash the tradition, it's demonic.

Otkrivenje 3. poglavlje 3,15  Isus: Znam tvoja djela da nijesi ni studen ni vruć. O da si studen ili vruć! Otkrivenje 3,16 Tako, budući mlak, i nijesi ni studen ni vruć, izbljuvaću te iz usta svojijeh.

Isus nikad nebi klao i pojeo bebu, niti bi pitao drugoga da ga kolje. Koristi mozak covijece...

Chris Alfredo Visković mocks an animal activist. While he himself claims to be animal friend. He is not. Dno dna. "It's Alfredo. I'm a lawyer that's hopelessly obsessed with animals, sports and sleeping." Sports as in seeing other people do sports. Loving animals as in only pets. A lawyer not so much.

False Signs and Wonders

2 Thessalonians 2:9 in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders

Our Lady of Medjugorje Apparitions

Nowhere in the bible God or Jesus ask you to pray to Mary.

Matthew 15:3 He answered them, "And why do you break the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition? 

Luke 11:27-28 27 As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, "Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you." He replied, "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it." 

Matthew 12:47-50 Someone told Jesus, "Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you. He replied to him, "Who is my mother, and who are my brothers? Pointing to his disciples, he said, "Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother."

In the Bible, everyone who has received Jesus Christ by faith is a saint.
In the Bible, saints are called to revere, worship, and pray to God alone. Luke 11:1-28 How does Jesus say we should pray? Jesus instructs us to approach God as Father. God is our Heavenly Father.

Do not hold on to human traditions if they make the Lord angry. Do not pray to angels.

Angel in Revelation 22:9

And I am John, who heard and saw these things. And when I had heard and seen them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who had shown me these things. But he said to me, "Do not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers the prophets, and with those who keep the words of this book. Worship God!"

Nowhere in the bible it says you should pray to angels. Angels themselves said even! do not pray to us! but to God. No is no! 

2. Ljetopisa 7. poglavlje 13-14

Ako zatvorim nebo, tako da ne pada dažd, ili ako pošljem skakavce, da popasu zemlju, ili ako pustim kugu među narod svoj, I tada se narod moj, koji je nazvan po mojemu imenu, ponizi i pomoli se i potraži moje ime i povrati se od zlih putova svojih, onda ću ih ja uslišiti u nebu, oprostit ću im grijehe njihove i spasit ću zemlju njihovu.

Bilingual signs (Croatia latin and Serbian cyrillic)  in Vukovar is pushed by corrupt government while war criminals walk freely in Vukovar, still claiming Vukovar is Serbia. 

Marija Dosen 

Marija Dosen, a mother who lost four children, three veteran sons and a pregnant daughter in wartime Vukovar. Her only wish was to bury the remains of her three sons with dignity before her death. Her wish didn't come true. She was one of the many mothers. She will not be forgotten nor will any of the sacrifices made by her children. source 

Marijan Živković  

Marijan Živković (2014) was sentenced to prison because of breaking the bilingual sign in Vukovar. Two of his sons were killed in the Homeland War. The killers of his sons have still not been prosecuted. No one is found guilty or accused.

"It is difficult to live with the knowledge that you do not know where your child is and how he came to an end. For 25 years I do not know where to burn a candle"

The Ever Present Hatred Against Croats

2016 (source) 'This is Serbia, we will slaughter the Croats' cemetery in Osijek (Croatia) vandalized  

2018 - A group of 30 Serbian cetnik hooligans threw with bottles through the center of Zagreb (Croatia) screaming "This is Serbia!" source, source 

2021 - Police officers from Vukovar captured a 63-year-old man on suspicion of committing the criminal offense of possession, manufacture and procurement of weapons and explosives. If it had been a Croat veteran it would be all over the news. But because it's once again a Serb on Croatian soil who obviously is preparing for war again not even a name or initials are given. source

War criminal Balša Milić boosting to have killed people

2015 - Young cetniks rampage in Vukovar and Baranja (Croatia), while the police only harasses Croats source

The Serbian extremists wreaked havoc in Borovo Selo and the village Uglješ, singing cetnik songs. Instead of arrested and, if possible - expelled from Croatia, Ostoja Ranković's militia harassed Croats in Jagodnjak who were accused of provocating the Serbs. 

How do you think masked Al-Qaeda muslims would be received in New York?

War criminal Nada Kalaba walking around in Vukovar

Criminals walk free, communists mock the homeland war and the raped women see their rapists walking around but hey, that's all in the past says Gotovina. People might lick his balls till the day they die, my hero he ain't. Jer pravi borac nikad ne odustane.

The war is a thing of the past and we should turn to the future, and Serb refugees should return to their homes because Croatia is their country, General Ante Gotovina told the Serbian Kurir. source

Islamic Aggression

There are Croats who took the muslim religion in Bosnia. it started when the Ottomans would occupy the region and it was either you die, you flee or convert.  The ottomans  kidnapped children and learned them to fight, and then when the children were adults, were trained to return and killed their own parents. This method of using children is still used to this very day. in Christianity you protect children and keep them away from war. 

During the Homeland War the muslim army fired more than a hundred shells at Vitez and launched a fierce attack, entering Buha's houses south of Svirin village, cutting off Vitez-Busovaca communications. Members of the BiH Army massacred a large number of Croat civilians (children, women, elderly too) and veterans at Buhin's houses - the first figures speak of the brutal killing of 26 Croats (source). See video here made in 2020, in memoriam. Still nobody has been sentenced for these crimes.

1993-1994 - Vitez massacre> During 316 days of the war in Vitez 653 soldiers and Croat civilians were killed by members of the Army of RBiH (source)/ 431 children were left without parents, 35 children killed, more than 30 villages burned down (source)

"There is no justice on earth. There was a crime against Croats in Central Bosnia and no one has ever responded to any victim."

1493 - Battle of Krbava Field
1593 - Battle of Sisak
1715 - Siege of Sinj
1993-'94 - Vitez massacre
Find here the names of muslim war criminals (source, source)

2016 Tomislav Salopek murdered 
2019 Croats prevent attack in Croatian church in Germany
2019 Migrant muslim attack in bus
2019 Muslims about christians
2019 Syrian Doc warns Croatia; Dr. Nizar Shoukry about migrants from the East:

"As a Croat who knows the mentality of the East, I say: immediately raise fortifications and send troops to the borders, we are now the main route"

Croatia did not accept many migrants, and just look what happens when you let only a few in.

2013 - Three muslim asylum seekers from Morocco robbed and tried to rape 19-year-old girl from Zagreb were detained source

2017 - A 27-year-old muslim asylum-seeker from Afghanistan threatened a 40-year-old woman with a scalpel trying to get her into the basement of the building. The tenants responded and stopped him, and the police quickly caught him source

War Crimes by Bosnian Muslim Army over Croatian civilians;

1993 (source) 12 Croatians slaughtered by muslims because of being Christians

2019> Muslims in Bosnia lying about Croats, saying Croats attacked them in 1995. Evidence tells a different story (source)

2021 (source)  Less than two months after the horrific crime in tram line 6 in Novi Zagreb, when Siniša V. (52) was killed in a neck with a kitchen knife, police arrested 21-year-old Pakistani citizen Muhammad S.

Erdogan should first repair what his Turks destroyed before going with Turkish state money to build new mosques across the Republic of Croatia. His own people have nothing to ea
A 1468 in the year, according to Turkish tax lists, 99% of Catholics were in the occupied areas of Bosnia. Where were the Orthodox or "Muslims/Bosnians" then? - writes Marjan Bosnjak

Erdogan would rather build new hate temples in a country where he has no business than feed his own people. We see the same primitive behaviour around the Horn of Africa, where islamic groups have more interest in raping women and bashing each others head in than to help each other with food and kindness. source 

Turks Invading Serbia

Turkish settlement into Kosovo began in the late 14th century after the medieval Serbian state lost the Battle of Kosovo and the territory came under Ottoman rule. Substantial waves of Turkish colonisers began from 1389-1455 when, during the Ottoman conquest, soldiers, officials, and merchants began to make their appearance in the major towns of Kosovo (source)
Now look at the minister of economy Kosovo's page here, all in Turkish language. This is abnormal. And also explains Srebrenica. Milosevic - albeit being an untermensch himself as they had nothing to seek in Croatia - said before Srebrenica took place "this is what you are get in return for 500 years occupation". Because this type of barbarism (many executions, beheadings and burnings) is not from European origin, the area now goes into the history books as the cradle of modern jihadism. "There is a war between the West and Islam," says Aimen Dean, who, as a young Saudi Arabian volunteer, travelled to fight in central Bosnia
in 1994. "Bosnia gave the modern jihadist movement that narrative. It is the cradle." 

Isis jihadists back in Kosovo ready to die for caliphate
Fitim Lladrovci: "I want to create an Islamic State in Kosovo and I'd gladly die in support of it"

Like Aloysius Stepinac said, Serbia needs to get back to their roots. 
When Belgrade was under siege of Turkish forces, they got help from the soldier priest John of Capistrano.  They were Christians once. 

Sarajevo siege 1992

On April 5., 1992., Sarajevo siege began. It lasted 1425 days. On average, 329 missiles were fired per day. There were no drugs, food, water, electricity in the city... and so 44 months. It didn't happen again. To no one.

In street protests against the war in Serbia, numerous public figures participated as well as hundreds of thousands of citizens. It didn't help.

In addition to organized protests, there was also individual resistance of war. In one of the most positive examples, the reservist Vladimir Zivkovic drove a tank from the front in Vukovar back to Belgrade (about 200 km), where he parked him in front of the assembly in protest against war.

It didn't help. The most famous politician who opposed the war was former Serbian president Ivan Stambolic (killed by Milošević's people, killed on Fruška mountain and inserted into a living lime). It didn't help.

The media propaganda was merciless.

State media, under absolute control of Milosevic's government, spread chauvinism, xenophobia and hatred among the wide layers of Serbian population (just like today under the dictatorship of Vucic).

Today it is known that the media controlled by Milosevic reached more than 3,5 million people daily.It didn't help, we didn't make it, there were few ′′ PEOPLE ′′ defeated evil. source

Communist war crimes in Croatia

Many war crimes have not been punished. The war damage of 32 billion euro has not been paid. And nearly 2,000 Croatian Homeland War veterans have committed suicide. The evidence of war crimes, human rights violations and crimes against humanity is overwhelming. 

1872 Croats still missing (source), arsenal of weapons found in a Serbian grave (source), use of poison on Croatian prisoners (source), burned alive in Vukovar (source), Vukovar / Ovčara massacre (source), Tovarnik massacres, Škabrnja massacre (source), Voćin massacre (source), Baćin massacre (source), Joševica massacre (source), Široka Kula massacre (source), Serbs used rape as war strategy (source), 402 children killed (source), Lovas killings (source), Borovo Selo massacre (source) 

The 'Greater-Serbian Aggression' (Croatia's 'Homeland War' (Domovinski rat)) in Croatia from 1991 to 1995 was NOT A 'CIVIL WAR'. It was a just Homeland War against a brutal Greater Serbian aggression. One of the many examples is the Vukovar massacre, also known as the Vukovar hospital massacre or the Ovčara massacre, the killing of Croatian prisoners of war and civilians by Serb paramilitaries. Now these prisoners were people like the Croatian doctor Mandić who helped the injured. He was betrayed from the inside (hospital) and taken away by centiks and killed. Many of these beasts who killed and raped are even living in Croatia some even working as Croatian police officers!!! source 4000 people are killed in Vukovar! 7000 (!!) taken to Serbian camps, 400 wounded taken from Vukovar hospital, about 300 killed at Ovcara! "We killed the Croatians from 7am to 1pm, they cried and begged" source
Look. We are talking about a war that ended only 25 years ago by now. Pregnant women deliberately shot in the belly, men whose legs were drilled with electrical drills by Serbs. This is not a fucking joke. Horrific war crimes have taken place and ALMOST NOBODY WAS PUNISHED. Here a woman who was even shot in the mouth but who survived (her grandchildren however did not) source

Quote Margaret Thatcher, Britain's former prime minister about the Homeland War:

the West should recognize the independence of Croatia against communist Serbia. It was not just ″a civil war between two groups".

Heroes are never forgotten

Matt 7:16-20 By their fruit you will recognize them ...

"Irish Braveheart" Thomas Crowley 

French Volunteer Jean-Michel Nicollier

Foreign Volunteers of the Croatian Homeland war

Banners of fans all over Croatia are proof of the national consciousness and harmony of young people who will always be there when needed. Preserve our history and look after our future. - source (2024) BOJNA FRANKOPAN spgs - HV (FB) 

Oct 2020 - R.I.P. Danijel Bezuk

What happens to the youth, especially those coming from a family of homeland defenders, that see all this injustice around them, communist murderers, rapists being rewarded while the Homeland defenders are being criminalized? They can't cope with it, like Danijel.

Danijel Bezuk, 22 years old, a native of Kutina, is remembered by all his friends, acquaintances, neighbors and close family as a young man who always knew how to help anyone in any way he could. He was the son of a retired member of the reserve police of the Croatian Ministry of the Interior who began his war career in Banovina, which in 1991/1992 was the main epicenter of all large Serb Chetnik paramilitary units and formations that ravaged the entire war. These demons who like organized gangs committed robberies in Croatian villages as well as in Serb villages, leaving behind massacres of civilians regardless of nationality, Serbian civilians were only able to save the life of their family and themselves in foreign currencies, gold and silver.

Danijels uncle Nikola Bezuk was also a Homeland War volunteer and now as a retired Croatian veteran he only had words of praise for his nephew because Danijel Bezuk was never known to the police which means he had no file of any kind whether it was a disturbance public order, robbery, use of substances prohibited by law, alcoholism or even worse parts such as robbery or blood crimes. Danijel, like his father, uncle, and everyone in the family who were Croatian Veterans-DDR, was proud of them all as well as of all the honorable and proud Croatian Veterans-DDR / MDDR, and he himself was proud to come from such a family of knights, warriors, defenders, honorable men, who gave their lives for the freedom of the Homeland and the Croatian people, and for him, every foot of the Croatian Homeland had become for him a shrine that every Croat and Croatian Patriots should be proud of, regardless of the fact that Damir was born in 1998.

However, amidst the perversions of politics, the severe corruption, the continuous trampling on the Homeland War, spitting on volunteers and members of the HOS Unit as well as on all Croatian Veterans-DDR / MDDR who were killed and those who are alive but lifelong scarred mentally and or physically, something broke inside Danijel. 

At the beginning of November 2018, he published a photo of himself on Facebook standing in front of the monument to the fallen veterans in Bogdanovci. In the photo, he is wearing a T-shirt with the characteristics of HOS and the Bad Blue Boys fan group with the inscription "For all those who are not there", while next to the photo he wrote "I will light a candle, I will pray until morning, for common sense and better tomorrow''.

In the same year, on the Victory and National (Homeland) Thanksgiving Day (Day of Croatian Defenders) he posted on social media his photo taken before Marko Perković Thompson's concert in Glina, accompanied by a quote from Thompson's song "Let's dispel the darkness so that our mornings dawn".

Danijel Bezuk left a message on his FB profile just after he shot the policeman "There has been a lot of fraud and reckless trampling of human values without responsibility." 
From the video of surveillance cameras and all angles, it can be seen at 8 am that Danijel is approaching without any visibility and that he has an AK-47 assault automatic rifle with him (which he took from his father, which he probably had when leaving Kutina for Zagreb) as a war trophy from the Homeland War), before he set out to use the assault car. The rifle on the surveillance camera shows Bezuk missing a civilian, ie the delivery man, so that the same delivery man would not be in the line of fire, from the surveillance camera closer to the front angle lines of fire and at that moment Danijel started firing at the Banski dvori with a burst of gunfire, not even knowing that his rifle contained a rap or a tank that was not fully filled but half full, but at that moment the fire wounded a police officer standing at the door. The 31-year-old police officer falls to the floor while another police officer shoots Danijel. From another angle of the surveillance camera we see the policeman who fired fails to hit Danijel, who then fires more a few shots, and from the surveillance camera that captures the corner of the street, you can see Danijel moving down the street without panic. Unknown civilians can also be seen, and Danijel turns into a side right street.

A surveillance camera with an angle to the front door shows a 31-year-old wounded police officer from the building, but it also shows ordinary civilians immediately rushing to give first aid to the wounded police officer, the woman who first approached the wounded was the first to tell the police where it can be seen on any TV station that published this case on the Internet, and it was this woman who stated that it took the ambulance almost 1 hour to reach the injured, ie wounded 31-year-old a police officer. After a long search by groups assigned to police officers with armor protection, long barrels and with the use of service dogs, only between 3 and 4 pm, the lifeless body of the young 22-year-old Danijel, a pistol and an AK-47 assault rifle were found in the woods. The young angel had taken his own life. 

"Croatian police have arrested two men for threatening Prime Minister Andrej Plenković. A 63-year-old man from Kutina was detained, who, after the shooting and wounding of a police officer on Marko Square in Zagreb, stated that the attacker, the late Danijel Bezuk, wanted to kill the Prime Minister, stating that "he personally fantasizes about it".

The Truth About Croatian General Praljak

Did you know that Slobodan Praljak (who killed himself like the old samurai warriors) gave his family home to a young family without a home.. source 

On the video you can see how SDP's Orsat Miljenić forged documents and helped condemn general Praljak

"Justice can only be obtained if we have the truth in front of us, and the truth must be based on facts"  - quote Slododan Praljak

Names of cetniks (criminals) in Croatian police

All these cetniks were employed by the minister of police Šime Lučin at a time when it laid off more than a thousand Croatian policemen. The cetniks were never prosecuted for their crimes and participation in armed rebellion against Croatia.

(on picture underneath) MILENKO KORAĆ - an employee of PU Vukovar-Srijem, PP Tovarnik, participated in the armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, member of "Beli orlovi" carried a cetnik flag through the conquered Vukovar and sang "Slobodan send us salad there will be meat we will slay the Croats" lives in Mirkovci near Vinkovci

DALIBOR LACMANOVIĆ - employed in the PU Osijek-Baranja, in PP Dalj, lives in Borovo Naselje, has finished only elementary school, participated in armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia

SRÐAN JAKIĆ - an employee of PU Vukovar-Srijem, PP Vukovar, participated in an armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, was in the "Beli orlovi" tank troops, address unknown

MIODRAG VUČKOVIĆ - employed in Vukovar-Srijem, PP Vukovar, participated in the armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, part of the "Beli Orlovi" unit, address unknown

MIHAJLO RESANOVIĆ - employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem in PP Tovarnik, lives in Serbia, participated in armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia

MIJO DOBRAŠ - employed in the PU Osječko-baranjska, in support of the PU Primorsko-goranska, the PP Mali Lošinj, the police branch of Cres, participated in an armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia

MILAN ŠARIĆ - employed in the PU Osječko-baranjska, in support of the PU Primorsko-goranska, PP Mali Lošinj

BOŠKO PLAVŠIĆ - employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem PP Tovarnik, participated in an armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, lives in Batajnica near Belgrade

RADENKO TADIĆ - employed in the Vukovar-Srijem in PP Markušica, lives in Podvinje near Markušica, has completed 7 grades of elementary school, participated in an armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia

BOŠKO CULIĆ - employed in the PU Vukovar-Srijem in PP Tovarnik was arrested for participating in the armed rebellion and returned to work, resides in Tovarnik

MIRKO VLAŠIĆ - employed in the Vukovar-Srijem County in PP Otok near Vinkovci, was arrested for participating in armed rebellion, resides in Vukovar

MILORAD DELIC - employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem, PP Tovarnik, participated in an armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, lives in Rumi, Serbia

MIROSLAV DOPUÐ - employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem, PP Tovarnik, participated in an armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, lives in Šida

LJUBIŠA KOMASOVIĆ - employed in PU Srijem, PP Tovarnik, took part in an armed rebellion against Croatia, was arrested during the "Operation Flash" (Operacija Bljesak) as a policeman "SAO Krajina", had a forged driver's license, lives in Tovarnik

DUŠAN UGLJEŠIĆ - employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem in PP Tovarnik, was arrested for participating in the armed rebellion and returned to work, lives in Tovarnik

TOMO ŽESTIĆ - employed in the PU of Vukovar-Srijem, PP Tovarnik, participated in an armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, captured in "Operation Flash" as a militant of "SAOKrajina", lives in TovarnikMILJENKO KOSJER - employed in Vukovar-Srijem PP Tovarnik, before the war he worked in Duga Resa took part in an armed rebellion against Croatia, stole the weapons and fled to Krajina, lives in Tovarnik

MILISAV ANATACKOVIĆ - employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem, PP Vukovar, participated in armed rebellion against Croatia, allegedly commiited murder in 1992, "racketeer"(dishonest and fraudulent business dealings), allegedly in 2001 was involved in racketeering private firms' Jakopec

ZORAN ADŽIĆ - employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem only has elementary school, participated in armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, lives in Tordinci

DRAGAN VIŠEKRUNA - employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem, lives in the village Ostrva


DUŠAN RADANOVIĆ - a member of the militia of the Krajina, is now working in the border police in Ilok, his family living in Serbia, participated in an armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia

ZORAN MOSLAVAR - this member of the militia of the Krajina abused the captured civilians, participated in the armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, today works in Ilok, chief police officer 

VINKO VIDAKOVIĆ - from Negoslavac, was a member of a special militia of the Krajina, working in Vukovar in the traffic police

ZORAN CVETKOVIĆ - from Markušice, a Krajina militaire, works in Vukovar in the traffic police, lives in a Croatian apartment

BRANISLAV PONJEVIĆ - from Bršadin, 91. together with his brother Simo joined the SUP Belgrade, he returned to the task in the area of Vukovar to organize a revolt, now works in the PP Vukovar, lives in Borovo village in Croatian apartment

MILAN JOVIC - from Rajić near Novska, was a Krajina militaire in Okučani, now works in PP Vukovar

NADA LJUBOJEVIĆ - employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem, lives in Borovo naselje, a native of Orahovice where she lived until 1991. There was a cetnik staff in her house, her brother was wounded in the cetniks as a militant of SA0 Krajina, now living in Serbia. She is married to Danilo Ljubojević who served as assistant chief of the mayor PP Vukovar, escaped from Našica in 1991, and was during Krajina as a cetnik assistant secretary of SUP for personnel issues

SLAÐAN BOGDANOVIĆ - Borovo Selo, employed in PU Vukovar-Srijem, PP Otok, a cetnik in the Krajina militia

ČEDO SAVURDIĆ - employed in the PU of Vukovar-Srijem, born in Glina, in 1991 participated in the deportation of Croatian soldiers, cetnik on the barricades

ÐURO LALIĆ - from Vukovar, working in PU Vukovar-Srijem, worked in Borovo before the war, participated in cetnik's devastation in Vukovar, his cousin was distinguished by Arkan

MILOVA ŽDRNJA - working in PU Vukovar-Srijem, Vukovar, seen in 'Velopromet' Vukovar with cetniks how he trated captured Croats, charged with abusing civilians, was commander of the militia in Marinci, the organizer of cetnik robberies in Bogdanovci

MILORAD CVJETIČANIN - employed in the PU of Vukovar-Srijem, was a member of the cetnik militia, lives in Serbia

SLOBODAN ZAGREGIO - employed in the PU of Vukovar-Srijem, cetnik militia in Krajina, wounded during the plundering of Croatian houses in Vukovar during the cetnik raids

Members of the Serbian military and paramilitary troops on Kordun and Banovina 1991-1995

ADŽIJA, MILAN, (?), 42, from Bukovica, Serbia, in the period from November 1991. until August 1995. participated as a soldier in the combat activities of the Serb paramilitary against the positions of the Croatian Army and the civilian population on the free territory of the Republic of Croatia from the direction of Turnja - Goljak - Škrtić Brda, Municipality of Karlovac

ADŽIJA, MILE, (Ilija), born in 1953. in Mandić Selo, municipality of Karlovac, Serb, in the period from 5th of January 1991. until June 1, 1992 as a member of XI. brigade XXI. the corps of the paramilitaries of SAO Krajina, acting soldier telephone operator (Stipani). Since December 1992 until August 1995. was located in the locations of the Jeleš to Turn, in the suburb of Karlovac

ADŽIJA, MIRKO, (?), 44, from Zimić, Serb, in the period from November 1991. until August 1995. participated as a soldier in the combat activities of the Serb paramilitary against the positions of the Croatian Army and the civilian population on the free territory of the Republic of Croatia from the direction of Turnja - Goljak - Škrtić Brda, Municipality of Karlovac

Unpunished war criminals in Croatia

Milan Zlatović (11.01.1961), a cetnik who led Croatian policemen to torture and liquidations lives peacefully in Buzet; source

Cetnik Ace Vučić who destroyed and fired in our country lives peacefully a few meters from the police (in Vrginmost). source

Mirko Ljubišić, one of the villains from Ovčara, who was part of the Volunteer Serb units during the Homeland War, who has not been held responsible for his crimes lives in Vukovar and receives Croatian pension (source)

Spasoje Petković - Štuka, a cetnik who is so revolting that it's hard to translate even a bit from his demonic words. His wish is to return to Vukovar where he slaughtered Croats and still believes in a Greater Serbia. source

M.N., a Serbian soldier guilty of war crimes, lives now in Croatia and has opened a dental office source

Siniša Zekanović, owner of the restaurant "Dunavska golubica" in Vukovar (!), war criminal

Some Facts

  • Two Croatian names appear on the map of the Moon: the name of Rudjer Boskovic was given to a mountain on the visible side, and the name of A. Mohorovicic to a mountain on the dark side of the Moon
  • Did you know that the Balkans are also the location of the first advanced civilizations? ...
  • Or that Croatian weddings have traditions that stretch back for hundreds of years such as waving the Croatian flag
  • That King Arthur, named Lucius Artorius Castus, was Croat and his sarcophagus and the memorial plaque is found nearby Split
  • Croatians invented the tie. The word "croata" can be found in many languages as the root of words meaning "tie" or "cravat". Cravats were developed from Croatian mercenaries honored by Louis XIV in France during the 17th century. It was not until early 19th century that the cravat achieved the height of fashion in France and England. The French called it 'cravate', French for Croat or Croatian. The word "cravat," lost its French final "e" when it crossed to England.
  • The Southern Central European nation of Croatia is NOT not Eastern (and not Balkan)! It is Southern EU. The term Balkan is bound for Ottoman Empire. Croatia was not under the Ottoman Empire. East Europe is Turkey, Greece.. not Croatia. Neither geo or historically is Croatia Balkan. Croatia is not Balkan (and never been), the Serbian geographer (in 19th century) popularized that term. Croatia is at the crossroads of Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean.
  • That Nikola Tesla was a Croatian-Serb? Tesla was born in Croatia, raised in Croatia and graduated in Rakovac, Croatia. Tesla was proud of his Croatian motherland and Serbian descent. When his mother died in 1892, he paid a visit to Croatian capital Zagreb, and gave a lecture about alternating current. On that occasion Tesla said: "As a son of my homeland, I feel it is my duty to help the city of Zagreb in every respect with my advice and work"
  • The Croatian Jesuits had a great role in mother Theresa's spiritual development. Indeed, Fr. Franjo Jambrekovic, a Croatian Jesuit and parish priest at Skopje, had a profound influence on Mother Teresa during her childhood. As her spiritual Father, he fostered her vocation. She continued to carry on correspondence with him when she lived in India. She also nurtured a deep friendship with Fr. Ante Gabric in India, and talked to him in Croatian.
  • Juraj Dalmatinac was the inventor of prefabricated buildings with stone slabs.
  • Andrija Mohorovicic, seismologist, discovered the 'Moho' discontinuity named after him.
  • Rudjer Boskovic, (Croatian Jesuit) philosopher and scientist, inventor of the achromatic telescope.
  • Faust Vrancic invented the parachute and Eduard Slavoljub Penkala invented the ballpoint pen and the first fountain pen. 
  • The world's fastest electric car is made in Croatia. Croatian carmaker Rimac Automobili apparently couldn't contain itself; it just pulled the digital veil off a car that the company claims is the fastest production electric vehicle in the world. Not only is that fast by, say, Tesla standards, that's fast by any standard. source 

One of the most endangered animal species in Croatia is the Eurasian lynx (Lynx Lynx) whose extremely small population is on the edge of extinction in our and neighbouring countries. info: Plitvice Lakes National Park 

WK 2018 Zlatko Dalić is a retired Croatian footballer and football coach who is currently manages the Croatia national team. He has a strong faith, always keeps the rosary with him and thanks God for all his accomplishments. This is a wonderful man, coach of a wonderful team, click here to see the Croatian champs singing
Zlatko Dalić; "We did not play for ourselves. We played for your family, for You, for Croats in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in diaspora, and especially for the Homeland defenders, because if it had not been for them, we would not have had the checkerboard on our jerseys" (aka there would not have been a Croatia!) Luka Modric has won the 2018 World Cup Golden Ball award and been declared the best player of the entire tournament, he was named Best Fifa Footballer of the Year 

Ocean Cleanup - Croatian-Dutch Entrepreneur Launches Project to Clean World's Oceans, read more

Tovarnik massacre

For the 75 brutal killings in Tovarnik in 1991, nobody is held responsible.

25 years ago Tovarnik made a great sacrifice in creating a free and independent Croatia. The names of these 75 memorial memories are permanently reminded of the sacrifice they have submitted. The attack on Tovarnik began at the beginning of the holiday of St. Matthew, patron of the parish, and lasted three days when Tovarnik was occupied on September 22, 1991. After the occupation of the village many people were killed, many homes demolished and burned. The church of St. Matthew, the apostle and the evangelist was destroyed.

Killing, beating to death, starvation, all kinds of physical and psychological torture, which healthy human mind can hardly imagine, was a horrible everyday life in the house/camp of the deceased dr. Đorđa Cvejićać, where by at least 300 Croatian war veterans at the end of 1991 civilians, predominantly from Tovarnika and surrounding places passed thru. People who were not killed in this house after the torture were taken away and killed and thrown into a mass grave where the battered and murdered parish priest Ivan Burik was also killed. Ivan Burik spent the majority of his priesthood, 28 years in Tovarnik. Some of the villagers were taken to camps in Serbia, mostly in Begejce and Sremska Mitrovica.

After the occupation of Tovarnik, all Croats had to wear white bandages around their hands and have white sheets on the house. The police watch was valid only for Croats ....

After the exile of 1997, a mass grave was exhumed and 53 other victims were exhumed from the secondary tombs and jointly returned to the last resting place at Tovarnik Cemetery on January 31, 1998. In memory of this sad event, January 31 in Tovarnik is marked as "The Day When Tovarnik Cried". 

Ivan Burik, a pastor from Tovarnik was killed by the chetniks on the staircase of the parish basement (source)

the victims of Borovo selo

Soil soaked with blood of saints

The biggest persecutions ever in history against Christians took place in Croatia. Therefore there always should be zero tolerance against disrespect for the Christian faith on this holy soil ~ seen like nowhere else in the world. Croatia is a christian country, where many warriors and saints have died on this holy soil to defend their homeland. In 1945 Yugoslav Partizans killed 66 Franciscans for no other reason than to demoralize the nation by killing the lambs of Christ, read more Did you know that Arabs buy property from Croatian traitors? One recently bought soil to build a mosque. They also visit pages like this a lot, greedy eyes wanting that which is not theirs - once again - and tring to force a demonic cult which has given the world nothing but misery.

It will be hard for the nation to participate in democracy games, the system that picked Barabas over Jesus. Unholy weasels once again dominate the Croatian political arena; if they bother to show up at all. Many war crimes committed in Croatia during Serb (and muslim) aggression in the 1990s (Homeland war) are still unpunished. During this war, Bishop Komarica's diocese fell under Serbian control. In the Diocese of Banja Luka, 98% of churches and a third of other church property was destroyed, at least 400 were killed, including seven priests and nun.

In 2018, the Christian nation; the people along with veterans, bishops, friars, nuns etc protested against the perverted Istanbul Convention, a misleading treaty (as if countries cannot act on the abuse matter without a treaty) that promotes gender ideology and paedophilia. Due to the support of the church, churches were attacked. The most heard argument in attacking the church is that it is a paedophile organization. Now think about this first; Jesus Christ only had 12 disciples, yet he was betrayed by one. Now imagine thousands of disciples. What are the chances that they are all real Christians? Very slim to none. But... what concerns Croatia; the Croatian Pedophile Register has 1480 people of various professions. There are only 4 priests there, the rest are professors and judges, lawyers and actors and politicians, 40 of them women.

It is worse when a priest does it, and worse when a woman does it, as we expect from a Christian to protect a child and from a woman to have a maternal instinct.

"Hrvat je pjesnik, Hrvat je vitez, Hrvat je romantični revolucionar i buntovnik. Hrvatu su čast i dana riječ svetinje, Hrvat od svega najviše prezire kukavičluk, dvoličnost i prijetvornost."

Soaked with the blood of animals too. What kind of God would want to you eat babies. 
if it is not for survival, you have no right killing beings of God only because you can't cook.
There are no slaughterhouses in heaven sweety, we will eat all God created like in the garden of Eden, free from slaughter of innocent blood. 

Stop bowing to Rome!

You can be a Catholic but not a Roman Catholic. That is a bloody curse! Rome is the whore that is drunk from the blood of the saints.
If the Vatican was more than a worldly institution it would not have had Galileo Galilei imprisoned, Joan of Arc burned and Grgur Ninski and Dobri Dobrev would have been declared saints. Neither would it allow pagan influences dating back from the times of Babilon.  
Croatia but instead maintained diplomatic ties with the London based royalist Yugoslav Government in exile, ie Draža Mihajlović whose Chetniks were massacring Croats, destroying villages and Churches and murdering Catholic priests. One day I would love to hear the Vatican's explanation of this.

Origin Of The Pagan Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church has been responsible for slaughtering thousands of pagans during the Inquisition. The 'Christianization' of pagan holidays began in the third/fourth century by the Roman Emperor Constantine, making the church a political body serving the world and its interests not it's spiritual growth.

The Roman Emperor Constantine did not only proclaim tolerance for Christianity, but for all religions. He established the Catholic Church as the only lawful church in the Empire. The pagan Sun god (Sol Invictus) was honored on Constantine's coins, and in his first 'divine vision' he saw the pagan god Apollo, instead of twelve pagan gods. The cult of the twelve disciples was established, by the cult of Ishtar. Queen of Heaven was changed into Mary. Not a single word in the bible is found where is asked to pray to Mary! The Vatican is more richer and powerful then either Israel or the United States.

The St. Peter's Church in Rome was built in the year 326 and is founded above seven hills named the Vaticanus; (Revelation 17:9) 'And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth'.

Pope / Vatican, the whore of Babylon
The world worships the rich and mighty. 

Rev 17:2 With her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.  

Poor, unknown, humble: man of God. Dobri Dobrev, the Christian, the Saint

Street art - Croatia murals - honoring heroes

Serbia's museum of death

A museum in Serbia displays weapons taken from Croats in the Homeland war. Serbian institutions refuse to cooperate on this issue, displaying the weapons like serial killers keep trophies and souvenirs from their victims (source)

(source>) In their aggression they killed Croatian defenders, and then exposed the captured weapons. That would lead us to the most important question ... From which battle, and who gave the Serbian museum the weapons. Responding to these questions could open and answer the most important question: Who and where did he defeat our Croatian defenders after disarming them, who is the aggressor and the criminal who did it and in what part of Croatia did he do so? Croatian veteran/ homeland defender Mario Maks Slaviček is disgusted by the fact that Serbia presents the Homeland war to the world in a completely distorted way and with the Croatian authorities who do not react at all on this matter.

2018 (source)> Parliamentary Representative and Croatian homeland defender Stevo Stiv Culej has long been in the possession of horrific photographs of assassinated policemen in Borovo Selo. With these photographs, for years he has been seeking help from the institutions (without any succes) so that the perpetrators who are known to punish this war crime. Among the male defeated defenders there was also his brother Stiva Culeja.

September 1991 Belgrade: Serbian women throwing flowers in front of Tito's JNA cetnik tanks on their way to Croatia to destroy Vukovar.

In 1940, Croatian Aloysius Stepinac (a cardinal of the Catholic Church, as well as Archbishop of Zagreb from 1937 until his death in 1960) had told Prince Paul: "The most ideal thing would be for the Serbs to return to the faith of their fathers, that is, to bow the head before Christ's representative, the Holy Father. Then we could at last breathe in this part of Europe, for Byzantinism has played a frightful role in the history of this part of the world."

Serbs are not Christians. Christians would never kill nuns and priests, rape women and children and destroy churches, that is a pagan thing.

> Istanbul convention article 3f: "women" includes girls under the age of 18. Children are not women! In 2013, Serbia became the 8th member state of the Council of Europe to ratify the Istanbul Convention. In 2016, 14 Member States have have already ratified the Istanbul Convention, such as Sweden, Holland and Belgium. No protest was held. At all.

Wherever a Serb sets foot, no matter which country (Macedonia, Bosnia etc), he proclaims it is Serbia. source, source, source

And listen to this .... Spartans, Germans, Jesus Christ, they are all Serbs according to Serbian academic Jovan Deretić, source

This cetnik untermensch is named Zoran Dašić (Зоран Дашић) who killed a 6 month old pregnant woman. 

Serbia still full of hatred

Having lost the war and not getting their hands on Croatian soil doesn't mean the Serbian hatred towards Croatia vanished. Serb Vojislav Šešelj (in Belgrade) provoked Zagreb by saying he wanted to return to Croatia "armed, on a tank" (source)

April 11, 2018 - Serbian Radical Party leader Vojislav Šešelj is responsible for the persecution and deportation of Vojvodina Croats. Sentenced for a mere 10 years he did not even have to go to prison because he had spent 11.5 years in detention already. This is an complete outrage considering all this uneducated fat monster has done to the Croatians during the 1990s. Not even 24 hours after the verdict he says "I'm ready to repeat my crimes" source

Satan the father of lies (John 8:44)

Dobrica Ćosić, writer, member of SANU (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts), former president of the Serbian state, "father of the Serbian nation", wrote the following:

- "We lie to deceive ourselves, to exert another; We lie from compassion, lie in shame, to encourage ourselves, to hide our misery, lie about honesty. We lie for freedom. Lie is a form of Serbian patriotism and confirmation of our innate intelligence. We lie creatively, imaginatively, inventively. "

- "Lie is a Serbian state interest."- "The lie is in the very essence of the Serbs". "In this country every lie in the end becomes true."- "The Serbs have rescued themselves in history so many times with lies ..."

("Mi lažemo da bismo obmanuli sebe, da utešimo drugoga; lažemo iz samilosti, lažemo iz stida, da ohrabrimo, da sakrijemo svoju bedu, lažemo zbog poštenja. Lažemo zbog slobode. Laž je vid srpskog patriotizma i potvrda naše urođene inteligencije. Lažemo stvaralački, maštovito, inventivno". Dobrica Ćosić, 'otac srpske nacije')

(source) 2018 Goran Ješić, the Vice President of the Democratic Party in Serbia tweeted: "No one hates us, despite ethnic cleansing, we killed, bombarded cities, raped and exalt Mladic and Arkan's daughter...." A female journalist responded with "to admit that some members of our people have committed crimes is a way to healing .." > recognizing crimes is the first step.

One of the Serbian-Yugoslav mythology and lies is that dictator Tito and the Partisans liberated Split from the Italians after the 'Kingdom of the SHS' led by the Serbs Milenko Vesnićem gave the pieces of Croatia to the Kingdom of Italy. 

2018 (source) Serbia, who marked the Army Day, in Novi Sad has proudly exhibited its tanks whose pipes were directed to the Catholic Cathedral, pointing towards the church main enterance. If anyone still thinks Serbia is a christian country should get his head examined. This same nation destroyed hundreds of churches in the '90s in Croatia.

This demon of satan named Stjepan Hršak killed 21 priests in 1945 by shooting them in the head. He has the protection of Stjepan Mesić, another untermensch living on Croatian soil. The soil in HR is tainted of demons who walk freely. 

Attempts to criminalize the 'zds' salute

During the Homeland War Marko Perković's Thompson was very much listened to and celebrated. After the war, he continued to sing patriotic songs which became his trademark. The song was heard by numerous Croats in and after the Homeland War. For the first time, the song was performed on Croatian Radio Split on December 31, 1991, the video recorded quickly after and aired on tv.  

"Love for one's own nation must not turn a man into a wild animal, which destroys everything and calls for reprisal, but it must enrich him, so that his own nation respects and loves other nations" 1938 Alojzije Viktor Stepinac

Croats never colonized a nation, never attacked another nation. They always defended their own and are passionate about their own, the most.

The 'za dom spremni' (lit. "for home (land) - ready!") greeting is at least 447 years old. Meaning ready to defend your homeland and people.

  • 1566 used by Nikola Šubić Zrinski (1556 - 1566) who saved Pest with only 400 Croatian soldiers and in 1566 in the Siege of Szigetvár resisting 100,000 Ottoman muslim soldiers
  • 1684 Pavao Ritter Vitezović
  • 1848 ban Josip Jelačić
  • 1861 Ante Starčević
  • 1894 Josip E. Tomić
  • 1991 - homeland defenders such as IX bojna Rafael Vitez Boban (Split), Gardijska brigada Tigrovi, Gardijska brigada Gromovi, satnija Vukovi - Vučipolje 126. brigada HV,
    izvidnički vod HV-a Crni sokolovi - Čepin, JPN Kobac 156. brigada HV, Marko Perković Thompson, Bojna HOS Vitezovi- Vitez, also see video here from the brave men that defended the country and used the salute
  • 2011 Jakov Marković, artisan (court decision in Knin)
  • 2018 The court ruled that Thompson did not induce hatred with the slogan "za dom spremni". (source)

Jadranka Kosor is extremely against the salute za dom spremni. She is born as Jadranka Vlaisavljevic... Serbian.. so against the croatian salute which Croats always used when defending their own, but she is for the use of cyrillic in Vukovar. These are demonic souls, nothing human about people who hate upon people so much on their own soil and who only defended their own. 

2017 (source) Miljenko Lelas, a former chief of police station in Knin "I can not stay silent, these are the people who were looking to persecute Thompson. For the first time I am going public with who asked me for the unlawful pursuit of Thompson, and when I didn't want to, I had to leave the police". After spending 17 years as Chief of Police in Knin, Miljenko Lelas retired on his own request in 2016. The truth about the early retirement, and the whole chronology of the event, he decided to be interviewed by the Croatian weekly, and the trigger was Ivica Kostanić's re-election for the mayor of PU Šibenik-Knin, supported by the HDZ, despite the fact that Kostanić publicly cites SDP. Supporting Kostanić, HDZ also supports Kostanić's persecution of Thompson's singer Marko Perković.

2018 "How can any association with the NDH associated with the defense of Croatia and the Homeland War ?! What about the Croatian kuna (money, currency), the coat of arms, the anthem?, these were also used during the NDH. Someone would look, for a few years could remember change even the roof of St. Mark's Church, "said Karačić, Perković's lawyer. Thompson's singer Marko Perković's trial began on March 28 for pronouncing the greeting "Za dom spremni" in the song Bojna Čavoglave at a concert on August 5, 2017. source

Numerous pro cetnik Serbian singers have been allowed to preform in Croatia, while Thompson is banned, eventhough veteran associations and many citizens demanded
that (in this case, source), the Serbian singer Bajagi, who sang during the war for the cetniks in Knin (Croatia) must be forbidden. This is how Croatian veterans are honored; not. This is what you get when the government excists out of Serbian criminals and communists. 

Croats have a coat of arms where the first field is white for more than 14 centuries. Communists claim the coat of arms with the white field first stems from the Ustasa era.
If anything is clear, it's that communists want to erase the Croatian history by misinformation using all tactics available for the people to forget who they are and came from.  

"The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history." - George Orwell

Tito ispod grba s prvim bijelim poljem/ Tito under the coat of arms with the first white field (source

Anti-Croat Ivo Goldstein 

Ivo (born 16 March 1958) is a Croatian historian, author and ambassador. He is former president of Bet Israel, a Jewish community in Zagreb, which he founded with his father, historian Slavko Goldstein. They are both involved with the reconstruction of the Zagreb synagogue. (source Wikipedia)

Goldstein about Marko Perković Thompson, "There is no doubt that this man is a propagator of the ustasa, not just because of the notary call "za dom spremni", but also for a number of other songs. "(source, source) . If one is a CROATIAN HISTORIAN, you'd think he'd know the salute is more than 447 years old! Goldstein came again in the news in 21.04.2018, for being sentenced to pay more than 70,000 kunas for a text published in Globus on another matter (source). Maybe Ivo instead of criminalizing Croats could focus on his own tribe. Here are some mindblowing downright evil quotes from his own kinsmen: "The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists......Make no mistake about it we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as the white race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed." - jewish Professor Noel Ignatiev: Harvard Magazine - sept-oct 2002. "If you are a white male, you don't deserve to live. You are a cancer, you're a disease, white males have never contributed anything positive to the world!" - jew Noel Ignatiev. "For me, the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people." - Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), quoted by Avraham Burg in Haaretz, 14 February 2016. "The white race is the cancer of human history" - jewish activist Susan Sontag. Israeli Deputy Defense Minister rabbi Eli Ben Dahan (2013); "Palestinians are beasts, they are not human". Israeli Minister of Culture Miri Regev - "I am happy to be a fascist!". "You're (white people) on the endangered list. and unlike, say, the bald eagle or some exotic species of muskrat, you are not worth saving. in forty years or so, maybe fewer, there won't be any more white people around, and that's a good thing." - Tim Wise, jewish anti-racist activist. "I don't like them! ('white guys') I want them to be the lost species in a hundred years!" - Yasmin Alibhai Brown said this on the 4 June 2006 edition of 'Dateline London'. "There shall be no remnants and survivors from the impurity of Christianity", "Islamization of Europe is a good thing" - rabbi Baruch Efrati, jewish school head in West Bank. The list of quotes goes on and on and on and on, quotes from rabbis like Ishmael Levitts, Schmuel Eliyahu, anti-white Barbara L Spectre etc. 

Monuments of heroes smashed or smeared

HOS and Croatian hero Jean-Michel Nicollier (1 July 1966 - 20 November 1991) was a French volunteer and Croatian soldier in the Croatian War of Independence who was killed in the Vukovar massacre. He told his mother: "I want to help these people, they need me. I have to go, but I'll be back. You know that I'm a wild grass that never goes away." In July 1991, he boarded the train and arrived in Zagreb completely alone. There he joined the Croatian Defence Forces and was set off to the front along the Kupa river in Banovina.

In September 1991, Nicollier arrived in Vukovar with the last volunteers. Nicollier fought across the Vukovar battlefields and was wounded twice in the three months he was there. On 9 November 1991 he was wounded in the leg by a fragmentation grenade, and was transported to the Vukovar hospital where he was treated for his injuries. Nicollier stayed in the Vukovar hospital until the fall of Vukovar on 18 November 1991.

On 20 November 1991, he was interviewed by a French reporter, Agnes Vahramian, and described his experience in Vukovar as "a slaughterhouse".

The same day, he was taken from the hospital by Yugoslav People's Army and paramilitary Serb forces and transported to the Ovčara farm.

At Ovčara, according to later witness testimonies, a man named Kemo took Nicollier from the hangars, at which point Nicollier was viciously beaten, and killed by a gunshot to the head by one Spasoje Petković, who then took 20 francs from his pocket. Nicollier's remains were among sixty not subsequently found. 

2016> his monument smeared with red paint (source)

2018 - Zagreb Dubrava; an unknown person sprayed the communist red star on the monument, which was placed for the 74 Croatian Homeland war defenders killed in war. The meaning of the five-pointed star is in contrast to the basic Christian symbol, another attempt to destabilize Croatia source, source, source

2012 - 2016 Another mural vandalized. This time on the mural which was devoted to the 4th Guardian Brigade and its legendary commander, Major General Andrija Matijaš Pauk, in Solin. Two other murals created by Torcida were vandalized before, one devoted to the irish volunteer of the Homeland War Thomas Crowley source and one which was devoted to French volunteer Jean Michel Nicollier.  

2018, second attack. DUBRAVA: A monument to the fallen Croatian defenders has been attacked again. Now they tried to ignite it. source
In the mean time in Gvozd, the police advises the (normal) Serbs who have been attacked (again) by cetniks not to befriend Croatian veterans because it annoys the cetniks!!!! source

2019, a monument for Croatian heroes in Dubrovnik destroyed by cetnik swines, source

2019 (source) Split - a stone was thrown at the Teplju Memorial plaque (remembering/honoring those who were sent to Serbian concentraion camps), a clear and open message to the perpetrators and an attack on all values of the Homeland War as well as the institutions of the Republic of Croatia

2019 (source) Sisak - vandals again targeted a monument to honor the killed Croatian defenders

2014, Split: Thousands of citizens welcomed the monument to the HOS. The monument for the killed members of the IX. battalion "Rafael vitez Boban" HOS, honoring and giving recognition to the the legendary war unit after 23 years. This monument is the only monument to the HOS in Croatia. Through IX. more than 2,500 warriors passed, of which, in five years of warfare, 46 members died, while 300 were wounded.
2014; monument smeared with red paint (source

2018 - The monument for the fallen Croatian war veterans in Novi Travnik was again damaged. This is the second time in the last half of the year that the monument for the veterans is physically damaged. After destroying the cross on 13 October 2017 and throwing it into a well, the target was now the marble vases for the flowers that are on both sides of the monument. source

2011 - Borovo Selo, a monument to twelve police officers was desecrated. Someone wiped the wax from lit lanterns on a monument, then stomped all the lampposts and candles at the foot of the monument. source

Croatia Still At War - The War Never Ended

The Homeland War is the war fought by the Croatian people in defence of the Croatian state against the aggression brought in 1990 by the joint Greater Serbian forces: Serbian extremists in Croatia, the Yugoslav National Army (JNA) (which was gradually transformed into the Serbian army), and Serbia and Montenegro.

After the Homeland war in the 90s Serbs immediately came back and try to destroy Croatia from within again. Voting for perversion, destruction of Croat culture and even trying to get their own elected as mayor in Vukovar! Serbia's Seselj could not wait after release to burn Croatia's flag.

After more than two and a half decades nothing has changed. Using the same Yugoslav KOS and Udba principles and models as before making up an integral part of government in the Republic of Croatia, Croatia is still being destroyed from within. The war did not end, the only difference is that there are no bullets being fired.

What do the people want? ABOLITION! LUSTRATION! Lustration is not a witch hunt but a democratic legal process of removing former communist officials and associates of secret services from public and political life.

Many war crimes have not been punished. The war damage of 32 billion euro has not been paid. And nearly 2,000 Croatian Homeland War veterans have committed suicide. The evidence of war crimes, human rights violations and crimes against humanity is overwhelming. In 2019 one Serb has been convincted from a crime committed in Bosnia, he locked up 57 people in a home and threw a bomb which caused them to be burned alive.

Approximately 50.000 women raped> only 15 people have been convicted for wartime rape. The youngest rape victim had 6 years, the oldest 80, even pregnant women were raped. "There were six of them... I had to watch what they did to my daughter and she had to watch what they did to me," Ana Horvatinec (Vukovar) "They were not Serb volunteers from Serbia and cetniks, but Serbs from Vukovar with whom I shared both good and evil", said one raped woman. They still live in Vukovar and receive our pensions. In Croatia, over 100,000 aggressors (soldiers) receive pensions! (source)


The youngest victim in Ovčara was the 15 year old Igor Kačić, killed by his Serbian neighbour Đorđe Šošić in the most brutal way (source). Manda Matić, sickly beaten and raped in a Serbian concentration camp, falsely accused by Serbs of being a war criminal while Croatia's communists didn't even acknowledge her as a homeland defender. (source)

Eva Šegarić (Škabrnja); lost her eye in World War II. In the Homeland War, the cetniks killed her three sons and her husband (source)

Kata Šoljić (Vukovar), born in 1923. After World War II the Partisan authorities killed her four brothers. In the Homeland War, she lost four sons (source)

2018> Franciscans in Vukovar "we want a complete list of victims of the Homeland War". They made a incomplete list of military and civilian victims, with 1.145 names themselves! (source) After 26 years still there is no such documentation, and no wonder when you have cetniks in the police and government.

A present day cetnik employee of PU Vukovar-Srijem who participated in the armed rebellion against the Republic of Croatia, member of "Beli orlovi" carried a cetnik flag through the conquered Vukovar and sang "Slobodan send us salad there will be meat we will slay the Croats" works now in Croatian police> read more

By the way.. Serbs (20.000 of them) who fled Croatia during the homeland war and did not want to participate in acts of injustice and cruelty went back to Serbia would not be welcomed with open arms, but were tortured till death, put in camps, tied to trees with a stone around their neck etc. source

2019 Serbia can film a movie about Jasenovac, utter bullshit about the Ustasa worth milions, but they still won't pay a single dime for all the damage done in the war (source)

Severina, an uneducated porn whore singer in Croatia who honors communist and Croatian people mass murderer Tito. The image where she has placed herself next to him was published on her own insta account (source)

Chetnik Monuments, a disgrace

Cetnik monument in Borovo selo....!!!!!

"They gave their lives for freedom, for freedom to the Serb people - glory to them, Beli orlovi," scandalous inscriptions on cetnik monuments and graves in Borovo selo. A casual walker unknowingly of the bloody Croatian history could easily conclude that he was walking on a Serbian soil where Serbian "heroes" and, consequently, "Croatian aggressors" were buried. The monumental monument is only 200 meters away from the one erected for twelve Croatian police officers, whose deaths to this day nobody has been brought to court or held accountable. source

Borovo Selo massacre

On 2 May 1991, 12 Croatian policemen were killed at Borovo by Serb militia. (source)  

(source>)At the beginning of May 1991 Serb rebel terrorists from Borovo Selo (Vukovar area) tortured and wounded and placed in captivity two Croatian policemen. The Croatian government quickly sent a convoy of special police whose task was to rescue the two policemen and restore order.

Serbs ambushed the convoy as it entered the village, killing 12 policemen and wounding 21. When the Croatian police retreated, Serb rebels mutilated the dead bodies of Croatian policemen with axes and knives. Ambulance vehicles from Vukovar hospital arrived soon to the horrible scene. But some Ambulance vehicles had Serbian crews who on arrival started throwing hand grenades on wounded Croatian policemen. The road to a terrible war was opened - the rebel Serbs, soon joined by the Serbian-led Yugoslav People's Army, were never going to accept Croatia's secession from communist Yugoslavia and Croatia's independence.

Borovo Selo massacres had shown to what heinous ways the Serb rebels were prepared to go in achieving their goal. On 2nd May 2012 a dignified procession through Borovo Selo carrying the new memorial plaque for the monument to the massacred Croatian policemen marked the 21st anniversary of the massacre. Silence, the stone plaque and photographs of the massacred policemen marked the event, stirring profound emotions of sadness and pain.

In the news in 2011>  Borovo Selo, a monument to twelve police officers was desecrated. Someone wiped the wax from lit lanterns on a monument, then stomped all the lampposts and candles at the foot of the monument. 

The Croatian people do not want the cyrillic signs, they fought for Vukovar,
not for Bykobap!  

Forcing the cyrillic alphabet

2014> (source) Marijan Živković sentenced to prison because of breaking the bilingual sign in Vukovar. Two of his sons were killed in the Homeland War. The killers of his sons have still not been prosecuted. No one is found guilty or accused. "It is difficult to live with the knowledge that you do not know where your child is and how he came to an end. For 25 years I do not know where to burn a candle" (source)
2018> (source) New trial for Marijan Živković for breaking the bilingual panel, who said he was speechless and disappointed.
(source>)Tomislav Josić, president of the Croatian Defense Forces Vukovar (SOHV) and president of the Vukovar County Council of Ministers on the repetition of the trial "I wish the Croatian state invested so much effort and time to condemn those who killed in Vukovar, Ovčara, Velepromet, but it is obvious that they are more likely to condemn Marijan than those who committed crimes in 1991 in Vukovar"

And again the sign was destroyed by someone, source
The Croatian people do not want the sign up there, they fought for Vukovar, not for Bykobap! 

2013 - Vukovar was declared a city of piety. What Auschwitz is to the jews, that is what Vukovar is to Croats. Cyrillic in Vukovar is what the swastika is in Auschwitz - unacceptable. Vukovar is a sacred city, but it is also an eerie city, where the birds stopped singing a long time ago. Humanity must never forget the horror of Vukovar, and yet, that horror continues on today. source

2013> A river of citizens from across Croatia spilled into Vukovar Saturday 2 February (more than 20,000) to protest against the government's intent to introduce Cyrillic script (Serbian language) along the Latin one (Croatian language) on public places or official signage. Although police presence was significant the event proceeded without incidents. Organised by the Committee for Defence of Croatian Vukovar, the rally carried its main slogan: Cyrillic Never in Vukovar. Banners with slogans "We defended Vukovar, not Bykobap" source

2018> Hrvoje Galić's Elementary School in Požeško Koprivnica (Pleternica) banalizes the case of math tasks given to his students in cyrillic by the teacher M.K.P. (full name?) source 

2019> On Sunday, July 14, 2019 HRT published a major report in Dnevnik on the introduction of the Cyrillic alphabet in Vukovar. They interviewed citizens, and one of them called the Cyrillic alphabet "his basic letter" and said that he "saw no reason why it should not be introduced" ... Here is a possible reason; the interviewed figure is Svetislav Vidakovic, Lieutenant of the occupying Greater Serbian JNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! source

2019 The Constitutional Court unconstitutionally forces the Cyrillic alphabet (source

2013 Croatian singer, Mate Mišo Kovać released a song in late 1991 - "Grobovi Vam nikad oprostite neće" (The graves will never forgive you). "You" was the connotation for Serb rebels that went on a killing spree in Croatia. Quickly, the song became the unofficial anthem for the war in Croatia, and the fall of Vukovar. <Read more, source

Serbian Orthodox Church> antichrists 

In 1940, Croatian Aloysius Stepinac (a cardinal of the Catholic Church, as well as Archbishop of Zagreb from 1937 until his death in 1960) had told Prince Paul: "The most ideal thing would be for the Serbs to return to the faith of their fathers, that is, to bow the head before Christ's representative, the Holy Father. Then we could at last breathe in this part of Europe, for Byzantinism has played a frightful role in the history of this part of the world."

Serbs are not Christians. Christians would never kill nuns and priests, rape women and children and destroy churches, that is a pagan thing. 

At the top of the Serbian Orthodox Church there are no "straight angels and good Christians", but war criminals, pedophiles and rapists (source

Aleksandar Vulin, a Serbian lawyer and politician. Claims the Homeland war was a civil war. It was a just Homeland War against a brutal Greater Serbian aggression, no civil war! 

Aleksandar Vučić, Serbian politician, claims Karlovac, Virovitica and Ogulin are Serbian countries (source

2018> Trump's chief general Tom Cotton on Europe: Russians use the Serbs most for the disinformation in the Balkans, see video 

2017 (source) Serb Aleksandar Bogojević, head of the Serbian monastery in Krka; drunkenness, destruction of the Croatian coat of arms (this occured in 2010) and death threats, sang songs about killing Croats. Threatened with the murder of journalist Željko Huljev, given 6 months jail (source, source) Look at the cross around his neck, it's nothing else than mockery. That is not a Christian church but pure blasphemy.
In 1991 Serbs attacked a church in Croatia that was built in 1805, source

Serbian orthodox priest Predrag Živković threw a molotov cocktail at a house of Croat in Knin. First got drunk in a bar and then threw the molotov because he was annoyed by the Croatian coat of arms. (At that house, along the road, a large Croatian coat of arms was highlighted) source

Serbian Orthodox Church> antichrists. 

Kirill, the patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church and religious leader calls Putin a "miracle of God" . These anti-Christians bomb children, animals, the elderly, send muslims to rape women and steal land and then still pretend to be Christian.

You will not find Christians in politics and in the big churches.

Black Friday 13.4.'18

Mass protests Istanbul Convention; anti-Christian, pro-pedophilia

Croatia said no to a misleading treaty that pretends to protect women. Who actually reads the document sees it opens a lot of doors for a country to get destroyed within. Migrants will not be allowed to send back, paedophilia would be legalized and God denied by pushing the gender ideology.

The state will decide how YOU raise your children instead. An Orwellian nightmare.

The UK is a perfect example, read about Alfie Evans, a two-year-old British boy with Christian parents who was sentenced to die (source), eventhough the Polish president said the boy should be saved, and the Italians wanted to give him citizenship to bring him to Rome. (source). The judge that sentenced the boy to die, is a judge who is member of the Bar Lesbian and Gay Group" (BLAGG). (source)

Istanbul Convention

Article 3 - Definitions f .:

"Women" includes girls under the age of 18

Hellooo? A girl of 4, or 5, or 6 years is a woman? What is this? Girls are girls, children have the right to childhood, children need to be protected. Do not touch children!!!
Article 60 and 61 also conveniently mentions that a country cannot send back refugees from the where they came from. (source, download the treaty PDF here)

24.03.2018 NO to the anti-Christian Istanbul Convention, 'Let's Preserve Our Children and Homeland of Pedophilia and Satanism! (see video)

"Our estimates are that currently there are 50-70 thousand people at the protest", said the police. Groups like the Bad Blue Boys were not allowed to join by the police which is worth mentioning.

Banners, flags 'Jesus is King', St. Michael, songs of Thompson are sang. Prime Minister of Croatia (HDZ) Andrej Plenković called out as the betrayer of the nation and a modern pagan/heathen. 'HDZ, traitor! Andrej, traitor!' See a few pictures here (source)

This massive demonstration was organized without financing, spontaneously and naturally. Within a few days (3-4!!!), the people organized themselves, offering free transport to each other.
'The Croats have been calling for a referendum this day, 24.03.2018, spontaneously and not organized, and the next time if their voices are not heard, they will not only seek a referendum' (as been stated on several pages).
The Croatian church once again stands firmly with the people.
See more pictures on the page of Don Damir Stojić source
Cardinal Bozanić: "Jesus is not a populist who wants to be liked by all, and neither is the church" source

At the beginning of the demonstration the police counted 50.000 people, a fact that the media accidentally mentioned, as they repeated the lie constantly it were only 5000 source

Later it would become public that the Minister of Interior of Croatia, formerly served as Minister of Defence Davor Božinović, ordered the police to change the number into 5000, which explains why the media would persistently speak about 5000 participants. Orders from higher hand.

In 2009 (source), Steven Chu, Nobel Prize winner and Obama's energy minister named Croatian physicist dr. Davor Pavuna as one of the reviewers of projects at the U.S. Department of Energy. Pavuna graduated from the Science and Mathematics Faculty in Zagreb. He got his doctor's degree from Cambridge University. He additionally specialised in France, Australia, America and India. He has lived the past 22 years in Lausanne, where he is a physics professor at the Ecole Polytechnique Federale. Pavuna published more than 150 scientific papers and a text book on superconductivity in English. This world scientist, Davor Pavuna says about the Istanbul Convention: pedophilia is hiding in the genetic ideology! Croatia is in the grip of British secret service and British masonry (source)

The Istanbul convention further more wants to erase the differences between man and woman. This not only goes against any healthy brain, human logic, but is absolutely anti-christian. Croatia is a Christian country; God created a man and a woman. To force an anti-christian ideology upon a Christian nation means you want to destroy it's faith, it's culture and deny it's history. 

Find more pictures of these mass protests here, a fantastic video here by friar Ivan Lukac
More pictures, nuns priests banners St. Michael etc can be found here
Fra Mario Knezović was also present, find his fb page and pictures here, website here 

Anti-Croats Who Supported the Istanbul Convention - Media, Politicians etc

Media Distorting the Truth on the Anti Istanbul Convention protest

Just look at jugo-fascist propaganda from (truth left, false right) and its pedophile maniacal owner! source

There should be a petition to ban, this page is responsible for spreading so much hate and false news messages that everybody could sue the index and authors every day. Which is also the reason Matija Babić had to sell the index, due to a lawsuit.

The founder of, Matija Babić, the son of a JNA officer, known for hanging out with cetniks, who's favorite hobby is to verbally attack 'ustasa supporters' online, likes to grab men as well, just like Jean-Claude Juncker, and therefore supports the IK source

Left pic, media announces a rally had 120.000 participants. Right, same square different rally (the anti IC rally), media announces it were only 5000 participants

More here more pictures of this massive protest source

Media Slobodna Dalmacija claimed only 775 people would participate in Split. Dnevno and are anti-Croatian as well.
This same media keeps silent about 13 of the 14 captured Serbian terrorists after throwing bombs and shooting around Vukovar being released! source

2018> "You all need to be thrown in a deep pit" - is how Sandra Uranjek Varga from Osijek threatens on Facebook to welcome all opponents of the Istanbul Convention (source)
On her Facebook profile of Sandra Uranjek Varge it can be seen that she (as well as her husband Goran Varga, who works for Croatian Radiotelevision HRT) is an advocate of communism, Tito and former Yugoslavia. It also says that she is a teacher, which means she is in the possibility to poison children's minds with her ideology. Just one of many examples as reminder: Norma Cossetto was raped by 17 Titos of Partisans, she was thrown alive in a cave in Šurani (Cut off her chest, raped by a wooden object). Sandra Varga is either mentally ill or as smart as a brick.

On the picture right she is posing with communist politician Zoran Milanović (who had tried utmost to avoid the extradition to Germany of former communist Yugoslavia secret police/UDBA operators)

This partisan and IC supporter (woman on picture) threatened the protesters with liquidation,
when questioned by the police she replied she said 'death to fascism', was not arrested eventhough there were multiple witnesses. The police instead pushed the protesters. source

Known "cultural" neoliberalism of the multi-cult antifa at work. Their logic: Who is not with us and does not share our opinions, need to be thrown in a mass grave ...
"The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists"

Rada Borić, proud partisan that fights for women's rights and the Istanbul Convention, under the symbol of a five-pointed star with which the partisans killed tens of thousands of innocent women, imprisoned in the mines without air and food, killed their children, killed the women of Vukovar, Škabrnje ... and now they would protect the Croats from violence.

2018 May - man throws beer on the referendrum - anti/Istanbul stand and then attacks the woman (voluteer) source Interesting how all these supporters use violence against women, aren't they suppose to be against violence against women??

LGBT supporters lied and deceived the bishops from the church in Dubrovnik and used the church to take whorish pictures to provoke the church and Christians who are against the Istanbul Convention. The sickest part perhaps that the two Serbian women who came to Croatia to defile it, are mother and daughter! The daughter was actually filming and taking pictures of her own mother this way!! source 

Remember the pussy riot feminists? Also desecrated a church. Why do feminists feel the need to show their breasts, do you see men showing their balls when they protest? Just sick. 

On other portals you could clearly see (source, example) that a lot of wanna-be models women like Donna Dodig, Popic Marija, Ivana Maršić are uneducated about the subject. What they have in common is narcissism, a modern day disease. Create a female account and see how many male requests you will get within a short period of time telling you how beautiful you are. It's not rocket science or an achievement.  

Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović took office as the 4th President of the Republic of Croatia on 19 February 2015.In 2014 (source), eventhough she is a mother, she declared on her Facebook page (source) that she is supporter of the anti-Christian, pro-paedophile Istanbul Convention.
Names of traitors: Andrej Plenkovic, Oleg Butkovic, Tomislav Tolusic, Tomislav Culjak, Darko Horvat, Josip Bilaver, Gordan Jandrokovic, Branko Bacic, Nada Murganic, Mario Kapulica, Miljenko Filipovic, Andrija Mikulic, Bozidar Longin, Pero Cosic, Josip Krizanic, Zarko Tusek, Zeljko Turk, Damir Krsticevic and Gabrijela Zalac 

votes on the Istanbul Convention; it was adopted with 110 votes in favor, 2 withdrawn and 30 against (source)

The 30 who voted against the ratification IC received 160,596 preferential voters 'votes, while the 110 for the ratification of the IC received 139,313 preferential voters' votes!

Foreign media: 'Thousands of Croatian far-right supporters march in Zagreb' writes Dusan Stojanovic (fake news, biased)| for the Washington Post (AP March 24 2018)

Quoting: Since joining the EU in 2013, Croatia's population has been drifting toward the far right, including some who deny the Holocaust and have re-appraised the pro-Nazi Croatian Ustasha regime that ruled the country during World War II. source

Quoting a comment from that article as well, because it cannot be put better in words than already done by this commenter 'zadarcro' about the distasteful way Dusan Stojanovic wrote the article:

This article is a perfect example of deceitful propaganda. On what basis can peaceful citizens who legally and democratically express their opinion on gender characterization be considered as "far rightists" (a term used to discredit and suppress opposing opinion). It is stated that "some" in Croatia deny the Holocaust and have pro-Nazi sympathies. This is undoubtedly true but then "some" in the USA, UK, France, Sweden and other countries also fall in this category. However, there is not a single representative of a far right party in the Croatian parliament while far right parties receive 25% of the vote or more in many Western European countries.

Did any of the demonstraters express opinions denying the Holocaust or support pro-Nazi views? They did not. So why is this mentioned in the article? It is obviously mentioned to vilify and disparage legitimate views that the author does not agree with. This is blatantly biased reporting.

Interestingly, counter-protesters - who undoubtedly perceive themselves as liberals and progressives - tried to drown out the speeches at the rally. Is this not the real problem? Is the attempt to stifle free speech not something that should be adressed and a cause for concern for truly freedom-loving people?

I consider myself a liberal in the classical sense of the word who believes in the words of Voltaire "I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it." I wish that the false liberals ans so-called progressives would abide by these words.

Above Times of Israel, another propaganda article.  

Split 12.04.2018> left picture, against the Istanbul Convention, right picture; counterrally (see here) with handful people same day for the Istanbul Convention

V4 Report writes "Split, Croatia ??: Awesome. 50,000 Croatians rally against the Istanbul Convention and "gender ideology". PM Plenkovic, a manipulative international media and the leaders of the EU continue their assault on the culture, values and beliefs of Central Europe."
How many participants were present is hard to tell, V4 reports 50.000, other pages 15.000. The event was held on a Thursday, children and teenagers go to school, people work, it must have been surely less than in Zagreb which was held on a Saturday. The day after the event that Thursday, the parliament would vote for or against the convention.

2016 - Neven Kovačić attacks 79 year old catholic activist ((president of the Croatian Movement for Life and Family) dr. Ružica Ćavar (source). This beast is also a supporter of the Istanbul convention. 

On 24.03.2018 a massive protest was held in Zagreb against the Istanbul Convention. source broadcasted the protest live (and pretended it was a small not worthwhile mentioning rally (of more than 70.000people!)).

First spoke Marija Vukačin, the mother of six children, then behind her Marija Burazer, a pharmacist, then Marija Petričević, an architect.
During the speech by Marija Petričević, David Janjić from Rijeka commented the participants should be blown up and not reproduce source
David's call for violence was liked by 3 women 

Mirela Mirpi Pindjak (Zagreb) pic left, Dubravka Jovanić (Zagreb), center pic, and Uti Mihelić (supporter of the anti-Croat Domagoj Margetić), right picture

All Croatian bishops unanimously called on parliamentarians not to support the Istanbul Convention.
Not a surprise, not long after windows of a church were smashed. Typical paganism. source
Why would you smash buildings, desecrate holy places where people find solace if you do not agree on something?
That is the true face of fascism, "The fascists of the future will be called anti-fascists."
Just like we persecute the church more than politicians or law firms who had a paedohile among them, simply because it's the church who suppose to protect it's people,
the same way it's more horrible for females to support the pro-paedophilia convention because you expect all women to have materal instincts.

Picture: faces of the traitors of the Croatian people, who voted against Christian teachings and morality, and paved the way for paedophilia

This day will go in Croatian history as 'Black Friday', the day that the government betrayed the nation.
However, this did not demoralize the nation. It's after all a Christian nation, and many know exactly what is written in the bible, that days like this where God will be denied will come. The Istanbul Convention has been ratified yes, but for those who did not see it before, the masks have fallen and now the people do know who are the false Christians. Like Plenkovic, who goes to church for no other reason than to mock it obviously.
Croats have faced and are still facing anti-Croatian ideologies: the Communist, the Greater-Serbian and now the Gender-ideology. Second Homeland War: the Defensive War Against Aggression of New Ideologies (source, source)

The majority of the anti-Croatian parliament voted for the Istanbul Convention. In the HDZ, 36 of them voted for the ratification of the Istanbul Convention, namely:
Gordan Jandroković, Branko Bačić, Željko Reiner, Pero Ćosić, Josip Đakić, Darko Horvat, Josip Križanić, Marijan Kustić, Andrija Mikulić, Irena Petrijavčanin Vuksanović, Sanja Putica, Anđelko Stričak, Miro Totgergeli
Žarko Tušek, Domagoj Mikulić, Marijana Balić, Vesna Bedeković, Josip Borić, Mato Čičak, Damir Felak, Željka Josić, Mladen Karlić, Ivan Kirin, Tomislav Klarić, Vlatko Kopić, Ljubica Lukačić, Ljubica Maksimčuk, Davor Miličević, Domagoj Ivan Milošević, Grozdana Perić, Dragica Roščić, Ante Sanader, Tomislav Sokol, Marko Šimić
Stipo Šapina, I, van Šuker ('indecisive' perhaps couldn't decide if he was a man with balls or a woman that day)
Božo Ljubić (did not vote, that's like seeing a crime and looking the other way. Guilty!), Željko Raguž (did not vote)
Branka Juričev-Martinčev, the biggest surprise among those who voted for IK, as he said a few days before that she is against gender ideology and how she will vote the way most of her voters will vote. Branka is completely untrustworthy.

See exactly who voted for and against: source (Pogledajte tko je zastupnik koji predstavlja Vaš grad i županiju u Saboru i kako je glasao o IK) 

From an article on;

'On the face of it the Convention in general is the obedient adherence to Marxist-Feminist ideology

The problem here is also one of twisted logic, Croatia's Marxist-feminist NGO's instead of fighting against the Convention portraying women as the most important victims of violence, as opposed to men, go about pushing for its ratification, hence delivering a strong damaging blow to the progress for women's equality status in society the feminist movements, away from Marxist ideologies, have achieved so far.

As a Marxist-feminist document the Convention has the potential of dividing any society let alone the one like Croatia that is struggling terribly to rid itself of its communist/socialist heritage. One should not forget that the European Commission was at the time of the document's creation lead by Jose Manuel Barroso (a Maoist) and the justice department of the EU was lead by Viviane Reding, a Marxist-feminist crusader.

Marxist feminists use Marxist concepts, but they see the exploitation of women as they key feature of family life.

The gender ideologue's worldview is visible from the very title of the document and in the Preamble of the document it says the following:

"Recalling the basic principles of international humanitarian law, and especially the Geneva Convention (IV) relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War (1949) and the Additional Protocols I and II (1977) thereto;

Condemning all forms of violence against women and domestic violence;

Recognizing that the realization of de jure and de facto equality between women and men is a key element in the prevention of violence against women;

Recognizing that violence against women is a manifestation of historically unequal power relations between women and men, which have led to domination over, and discrimination against, women by men and to the prevention of the full advancement of women..."

First of all, aiming for the de facto equality between women and men was already tried by the Soviet Union and the Marxist governments that ruled over Eastern Europe until 1989, including former Yugoslavia. As history proved, that did not work out well.

Second, "recognizing" that "it is men's fault" is just feminist ideology - not a fact.

So there you go, from the paragraphs of the Preamble of the Istanbul Convention we have Marxist concepts taking centre stage.

And the Convention is also "recognizing" some other aspects of the gender hate-ideology in its Preamble:

"Recognizing the structural nature of violence against women as gender-based violence, and that violence against women is one of the crucial social mechanisms by which women are forced into a subordinate position compared with men."' click here for the full article

The Istanbul Convention falls into the field of crime, not politics

The Istanbul Convention falls into the field of crime, not politics (source)

After the ratification while there is no money for medication for children, Plenkovic hands out buckets of money to install the Istanbul convention rules. (source)

Democracy or DemoNcracy?
May 2018: Mayor of municipality Gradac Mate Burić banned collecting signatures for a Istanbul referendum source

Speaking of Istanbul, let these monsters take responsibility for the Armenian Christian genocide (raping children, sounds familiar??!) which they, along with their fellow occupiers in Israel deny source
Turks tied two Armenian people together, threw them in a river, and shot only one to let the other be pulled under and drown. 

Another major protest against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and the "gender ideology" and paedophilia it promotes was held in Split on April 12 (Thursday) at 6pm on the Split boulevard (Riva).

Taxi companies Udruga Radio taxi Split and Gogreen taxi Split offer to bring citizens who want to participate in the protest free of charge for the gathering. source, source

Free bus transport organized to the protest group in Split from Trogir, Omis, Trilava, Dugopolje, Kaštel Stari i Stobreč. source

British Conservative author, historian and journalist, Robin Harris, says there are no reasons to believe the Istanbul Convention will have any practical effect on protecting women from abuse - a conclusion based on the experience in the countries that have already ratified it. Former adviser to the British Cabinet in the final years of Margaret Thatcher's government (1987-1990) and later a long serving private secretary to the former British Prime Minister, Robin Harris has sharply criticised Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković for suggesting the opponents of the Convention's ratification in Croatia have failed to read it. Speaking in an interview to Split-based Slobodna Dalmacija newspaper, Robin Harris said it appears that Mr. Plenković himself had his eyes and mind very firmly shut while reading Croatia, Prime Minister Plenković is publicly and openly threatening members of parliament opposed to ratification with deselection from the electoral lists determined by the party's leadership. All this has contributed to Croatia internationally acquiring an image of a wonderful country with most terrible politicians - a healthy society that is run by a dysfunctional state, Robin Harris concludes.'> source
Dubravka Šuica (HDZ); more than a billion kuna is needed for the implementation of the convention source ... while at the same time there is no money for medication for children!!
(note: + HRK 1.5 billion for anti-Croatian associations!!)

source "Those that are opposed to the ratification of the Istanbul Convention do not support violence against women, they are rather opposed to the gender ideology that it contains. Although the term "gender" already exists in certain Croatian laws, it has been defined in the Istanbul Convention for the first time as a construct of society that is separate from biological sex, which is the main postulate of gender ideology," said Kristina Pavlović. "If we are a sovereign state we should be able to adopt and implement quality laws on preventing violence on our own, and not introduce controversial, dangerous and very expensive ideologies under the guise of prevention of violence," she added. It was said at the news conference that judging by results of public debate on the government's e-counselling website in July 2017, in which 80% of participants were against the Istanbul Convention, its ratification in parliament would be opposed to the will of the majority of Croatian citizens.

Gender ideology - rejecting the differences between men and women - and it's absurdity in action: 

(source) 'New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard absolutely smoked the competition, beating her nearest competitor, a Samoan woman, by nearly 20 kilograms. The only problem is that Laurel is a biological male, born Gavin, which is why a number of the competitors felt the competition was unfair. But of course it's unfair. Hubbard is a male, not a female, and even after months of hormone treatments, he still has unfair advantages over the other women, who sacrificed for years to make it to this elite level, only to lose to a man. How is that right? As one woman tweeted in response to this news, "Imagine training for this your whole life, as a woman, only to have a known leader in men's weightlifting take your title."' 

The Western world every day is closer to Sodom and Gomorrah, and we know well how this story ended, says Martin Pauk, an independent city councilor (source)

WWII and post-WWII, the bloody trail of communism

Quote from Joseph Stalin; "the devil's on my side, he's a good communist"

Testimony about massacre "Čolaković told me: 'If we arrested butchers among the local Serbs, then we would arrest half of our People's Committee and most of the soldiers'' And Tito: 'We cannot pursue an anti-Serb policy, there are over 95 percent Serbs in our army.' I replied: "But it is not anti-Serbian, it is anti-slaughter policy" - Adil Zulfikarpašić. - read article here

Norma Cossetto was raped by 17 Titos of Partisans, she was thrown alive in a cave in Šurani (Cut off her chest, raped by a wooden object) source

Zlatko Levarda watched how 150 people were killed (a mother stole the body of her dead son to bury him) source

Names UDBA; communist Yugoslavia secret police/UDBA operators who like demonic weasels murdered innocent people and would travel worldwide to hunt lambs of God down. Source 1, source 2, source 3, source 4, source 5, source 6, source 7

Huda Jama massacre
Way of the Cross - Bleiburg
Gračani massacre
Tezno massacre
Osijek prison massacre
Remember Frieda Paulitsch

2019> a man in Russia started to dig to lay foundations of his home and stumbles upon a mass grave left from the Stalin regime source
Google maps display the mass graves of Tito's communist crimes: click here

In 2010 again a mass grave was uncovered in Slovenia. 700 victims by communists, who were killed in a kneeling position with hands tied on their back (source)

Franjo Tuđman, once a communist always a communist (source)
2019 Poland Plans to Remove 500 Communist Monuments source

Communist Tito's crimes should never be forgotten. Antifascism was a propagandist device to broaden support for Communist Party aims among non-Communists. In Croatia, the catch-all word 'antifascism' is back in vogue to defend the indefensible: the appalling record of Communist rule in Yugoslavia. "The Yugoslav Party under Tito, like other European Communist parties, obediently followed the new line. The much-trumpeted "rising" of the Communist partisans was not in response to Ustasha atrocities - the NDH had been formed on April 10, 1941. It was an authorised response to Hitler's attack on the Soviet Union - on June 22." Read the rest of the article here

Barbara Pit massacre; more than a thousand Croats killed by Yugoslav communists. Wikipedia describes the Ustasa as fascists. They were not. 

Ronald Reagan about 10.04 - NDH

On April 4, 1968, in the presence of Tadija "Ted" Pavich (who had spent fifteen years in Tito's prisons), Father Peter Topic (who had fled from Tito's troops in 1945), and a local California Republican assemblyman, Gov. Reagan signed a proclamation honoring Croatia's prior independence: 
"Whereas Croatia is presently subjugated to force and terror by Yugoslavia which has prevented the election of representatives to the Sabor and has deprived Croatians of the basic human rights of self-determination, free elections, economy, culture, religion, and even language ..."
Reagan added that some 150,000 Americans of Croatian descent were living in California and were "always maintaining their vigilance against Communist aggression." Reagan then proclaimed April 10, 1968, as Croatian Independence Day and invited "all citizens to give renewed devotion to the just aspirations of all people for national independence and human liberty." source

Communism is responsible for more than 100 millions deaths in the 20th Century

Homeland War> Davor Glasnović was detained in Serbian camps for 15 terrible months, cut off his ear while being severely wounded during capture and had his knee drilled with an electric drill in Banja Luka source

Watch Bleiburg video here, click! 2019: communist SDP representatives in the City Council of Zadar refused to stand up honoring the victims of the Croatian civilians and soldiers to the victims of Bleiburg, see video here

The more than 100 million deaths that communism caused, divided by countries

Josip Broz Tito murdered and raped Croatians most than any other nation, and some of his death camps were ran up to 2005 long after his death, killing off more and more his alleged brethren (Tito was jewish).

Quote (1945) Tito "I did not come here to hold a political speech, I came to see how our fighters are destroying that Croatian scum" (Nisam došao ovamo držati politički govor, došao sam vidjeti, kako naši borci, uništavaju taj hrvatski smrad). Another Tito (1971) quote: The Sava will go upstream before the Croats will ever get their own state (Prije će Sava poteći uzvodno, nego Hrvati dobiti državu)

Being a Serb in Zagreb in 1945 meant having power, quote from antifascist Bogdan Radic

2019 Communist politician Milan Bandić "If Tito woke up now, he would be pleasantly surprised"

Muslim politician Emir Suljagić, witness of Srebrenica massacre supports Tito's slaughter of Croats (source). Says enough about his intelligence (and religion).
How communists show respect to the victims... click here

The communist regime of Yugoslavia cost the Croatian people from 1941 to 1951 some 450.000 murdered civilians and prisoners of war, including 40.000 wounded and over 50.000 killed in battle. Manda Vrljić, mother of 4, killed by the UDBA in 1947 (source). The locals of Ličko Osik found one of 18 mass graves from 1945. Partisans killed the people taking them from the church two by two says a living witness (source) So far over 1750 mass graves have reportedly been discovered in Croatia. More than 60.000 Croats are killed after WWII by the Yugo regime (source)

Truth about the NDH - Ustaša 

Ustasa, ustanik, rebel, rebels against a corrupt regime. Croats with historical knowledge celebrate the 10th of April, as it was then when Croatia's independence was declared.
The Ustasa were dressed in black (hence the name 'black legion'), not like politicians in blue suits, who actually think about their image. Did you know the color blue is also used by banks? This is because the color blue (color psychology: subliminal messaging) gives people the idea that they are trustworthy. (The Black Legion (Ustaša/Crna Legija)) The Serbian king Karadjordjevic when he took over Croatia and the capital Zagreb, without the declaration of Croatians, created the Kingdom of Serbs and Croats in 1939> and made an agreement with Italy to sell Croatia namely Dalmacija to the Italians, which in due course came into effective when Italy laid claim to Dalmacija in 1943. At that stage Pavelic was leader of NDH, he had NO OPTION but to honour the agreement.. when Italy capitulated a couple of months later Pavelic made the agreement null and void.. hence bringing back Dalmacija under Croatian rule. 

(source) About many cultural activities in the NDH it was forbidden to write about. There was only one truth, Tito's truth!

Since little or nothing is spoken or written about the educational successes in the Independent State of Croatia (NDH), many people think that there were none. But, in the NDH cultural life was exceptionally rich. On July 15, 1941, the Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts in Zagreb received the correct name - Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts and continued to work on the educational and scientific field, publishing several books of its works. Until 1941, under the old name various collections were published like "Sources for the Oldest History of Croatia"(Izvori za najstariju povijest hrvatsku)(Rački), "Monuments from the era of Croatian rulers"(Spomenici iz doba hrvatskih vladara) (Bulić and Jelić), "Croatia before the year 1102" (Hrvatska prije godine 1102)(Rački), "Dubrovnik Historical and legal monuments, old Croatian writers" (Dubrovački povijesni i pravni spomenici, stari hrvatski pisci)(20 books)," Dictionary of Croatian Language"(Rječnik hrvatskog jezika)(12 books), etc. The Academy published its annual anniversaries, as well as the proceedings and articles entitled "Rad(Work)", which were published until 1941, with a total of 271 books, and 7 for NDH. Through the Academy there was a library developed (90,000 books, 1942) and Strossmayer's gallery (700 valuable paintings and sculptures by domestic and foreign artists). Oriental collection with about 2,700 statues, devices from the Turkish era, a Glagolitic collection and Archaeological Museum. The Academy also published an international magazine in the French language................ Many museums and libraries were open at the time of NDH. 

In 1943, Croatia won the European Football Championship and achieved numerous successes in tennis, boxing and other sports. There was much more, but by the Partisans and Communists coming at power, led by Josip Broz Tito (who is still an honorary member of the HAZU!) books and newspapers had to be thrown into the trash or burned.  

Most of those who were at that time active on a cultural scale, from visual arts, music and other artists, journalists, writers etc were imprisoned, and not a small number of them killed without trial. Those who managed to escape abroad were able to save themselves, but there were some whose bloody (UDBA) hand of Marshal Tito unfortunately did reach. (More than 60.000 Croats are killed after WWII by the Yugo regime (source))

The media and historians have had to hide the truth about NDH until the beginning of the 1990s, or write down only negativity and even a large number of lies, for which no one was held responsible till this very day, as well as to the atrocities committed by the Partisans (KOS, OZNA ...) over the innocent Croatian people. - Mladen Pavković, president of the Homeland War Veterans' Association91 (UHBDR91.)

What is needed, is the truth. Many documents like about Jasenovac are in Belgrade (source), and as long as myths are told that Croats put Serbian babies in ovens and more such nonsense, no wonder anything related to Ustasa makes the Serbian blood boil. Absolute and unnecessary cruelty especially against the weakest ones such as children, is that the Croatian people the Ottomans also battled against? The Turkish philosopher Kjafii in his book "Nizam ul Alem"("the Order of the World ") writes how more than anything he appreciates the Croatian knightly spirit, which will never hurt the unarmed or captured enemy, and the promise given will always be fulfilled.

What concerns the jews in WWII, Serbia should lie a little less about the Croatians as Serbia was the second country in Europe, after Estonia, to be declared 'Judenfrei' as it exterminated 94% of it's jews by mid 1942.

Picture from a concentration camp in Serbia (source, source) during World War II

Here is another lie, it is claimed that in the village Lipa Ustasa's committed crimes (source). However, the crime was committed by 80 Germans, members of Wehrmacht and SS, 40 fascists, Mussolini's soldiers and 30 Chetniks from Croatia and Slovenia. Not a single Ustasa member participated in this crime.

Dr. Gitman: I'm sorry that Zuroff and Greif are falsifying history and that there are so many untruths about Stepinac (source) - on attacking Croatian's Saint Alojzije Stepinac


SIX MAINLY FEMALE CHILDREN KILLED (Anka Dubravac was left with a lifelong distorted face after being stabbed in the neck)


U DUBRAVČEVOJ KUĆI 1945. ZAKLANO ŠESETORO UGLAVNOM ŽENSKE DJECE (Anka Dubravac od udarca nožem u vrat ostala doživotno iskrivljenog lica)

Main arguments against 10 April celebration 

(source) Croatia should not celebrate on April 10; "because Ustashas have killed many innocent people, including the Serbs"
Answer: Who didn't in WW2? All the armies did so. To make this argument worthwhile, you should find an army that did not patricipate in massive crimes. Armies don't shoot with flowers and fairy dust.

"because it was dictatorship of Pavelic?"
The Republic of Croatia still is not 100% free, even proven on 13.04.2018.

"because Pavelic sold Dalmatia to the Italians?"
False, see Treaty of Rapallo (1920) source

"because the foundation of Croatia is anti-fascism?"; that term did not even exist in 1941, even among the Partisans

Let's compare that with 'Mother of Europe', France.

The French Independence Day is July 14 and then the most famous parade in the world of this type is held.

France should not celebrate July 14 because Napoleon's army has killed many innocent people, including the Serbs.
>France should not celebrate July 14 because it was dictatorship, first Robespierre, and then Napoleon.
>France should not celebrate July 14 because Napoleon sold the United States to Louisiana.
>France should not celebrate July 14 because its foundation is not anti-fascism.

There is another thing to remember on April the 10th. On that day, in 1947 in Split, the young Croat patriot Frane Tente removed the Yugoslav flag from Marjana (a hill that rises over the city). Instead of the Yugoslav flag on Marjan, a Croatian flag of 18 meters was set! This extremely brave and patriotic act was a protest of young Croatians against a violent and criminal communist regime that was conducting violence, terror and death throughout our Croatian homeland.

One of the participants of this extremely brave action, Frane Tente, was killed a year later in Lepoglava in the age of 20. He is one of the thousands of Croat men and women who have paid for their patriotism and civic courage by being tortured to death, while opposing the inhuman and demonized communist regime.

On 10 April 1947 this group of young men and girls decided on a protest action; Ivica Bavčević (22), Nikola Pensa (22), Jelka Betica (42), Vlaho Zelinak (45), Borica Jonić (20), Ruža Anić (19), Katica Šanić (20), Jakov Kirigin (19), Tomislav Karaman (21, later priest and general vicar of the Split Archdiocese), Vjekoslav Matijević (20) made a courageous act the communists could not imagine that could happen in Croatia, that had been under terror for two years facing numerous tortures, persecutions and killings as "the enemy of the people's anti-fascist regime". Tente was sent to prison, was tortured and died. source

Another reason to remember 10 April... 1992, the fallen Homeland defenders in Vukovar/Kupres 

Croatia declares independence - Apr 10, 1941.
Thinking about 10 April> there was no Jasenovac in April of 1941, nor the persecution of Serbs or jews (source)

Text dr. Vladko Maček from word to word:

"Croatian people! Colonel Slavko Kvaternik, leader of the nationalist movement in the country, today declared a free and independent Croatian state on the entire historical and geographical territory of Croatia, and assumed power. I call on all the Croatian people to obey the new government. I call on all the supporters of HSS, who are in administrative positions, all district councilors, mayors and councilors etc, to sincerely cooperate with the new national government."

Even the Yugoslavs must admit that dr Vladko Maček was not a fascist. Maček and Kvaternik proclaimed the NDH.
Maček was even offered to become the leader of N.D.H. eventhough that he was far from the strongest party (HSS), but he refused.
Most of the period N.D.H. he spent in house detention in Kupinac and even in the Jasenovac camp (which he somehow managed to survive, which makes him a superhuman if we believe the Jasenovac myths)
Vladko Maček died on May 15, 1964 in Washington, Tito had expelled him from Yugoslavia.

Dishonoring Tito's victims, Ivo Josipović, the Yugoslavian fascist, liar and British servant repeats communist lies about the NDH.

In 1944 NDH returned all the occupied parts of Croatia, but Ivo like most communists, don't care for truth but propaganda to make yourself and your ideology look better.

Jasenovac myth

Kaštel Sućurac is a town within the administrative area of Kaštela in Dalmatia. 97 people died there (source), and somehow they have ended up as vicitims died in Jasenovac?? It's a miracle. They must have died twice? (source)

Pamphlet from Moša Pijade how to make partisans and rebels out of peaceful people and create the myth about Jasenovac! source

Present-day Yugo-politics in Croatia

Once again anti-christian, anti-Croat communists.

Voting in Croatia, politics 2019 example: 231 people alllowed to vote in a municipality, but candidates get 794 votes (source) Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight

(source) Politics in Croatia Nowadays is formed by Reformed Communists, Jugofascists, Cetniks and convicted Yugoslav Criminals from Yugoslavia who are creating with help of hyper capitalist and speculator Soroš a new Yugoslavia! Because Yugoslavia is the best system of dictatorship to continue to rob people.

Croatia pays 50,140 retirement allowances for Chetnik terrorists who rebelled and fought against Croatia!

2018> "Although we have a free Croatia for the past 28 years, in the past years, the faithful are ridiculed, bishops mocked, and their words and those of priests twisted. In the state education policy, the justified demands of the Church are ignored. The homeland defenders are humiliated, those who shed blood for this country", said bishop Vlado Košić (Sisak) source

2018> 42 new indictments for Homeland defenders, while in Gvozda a local Serb threatens with liquidation and rape without consequences, source

HDZ continues to attack veterans and their families, source

We have counted (source) 14 representatives in the parliament and two ministers, all together having 7 thousand, 712 votes, let's say general Glasnovic has 21 thousand votes and had 1 mandate, 14 people alltogether had 3 times less votes than general Glasnovic but have 14 mandates in the Croatian parliament. And then they tell you not go out on the streets but make your voice heard by voting! Riiight.

Gordan Jandroković (HDZ) 808 votes
Darinko Kosor (HSLS) 497 votes
Marija Puh (HNS) 396 votes
Jure Martinović (Nez, was in MOST) 1220 votes
Ivan Pernar (Živi zid) 1775 votes
Igor Dragovan (SDP) 163 votes
Milanka Opačić (SDP) 208 votes
Arsen Bauk (SDP) 345 votes
Gordan Maras (SDP) 540 votes
Goran Beus Richemberg (HNS, Glas) 122 votes
Vlaho Orepić (Nez, was in MOST) 560 votes
Ivan Šuker (HDZ) 315 votes
Bojan Glavašević (SDP) 602 votes
Sabina Glasovac (SDP) 161 votes
Minister of Culture Obuljen 0 votes
Minister Finances Martina Dalić 0 votes

2018 (source) Judge Kolakušić; it can be said that Croatia today is a mafia state. I received evidence of falsified documentation on the desk and all these institutions confirmed.

Heard of the Yugo-myth about successful businessmen in the early 1980s? The Udba & today's tycoons have gained the first millions by money laundering the stolen money which was gained through the dictatorship of Yugoslavia then. This includes the 660 million dollars that the Croatian diaspora donated to Croatia in the war. source

2018>Croatia pays 50,140 retirement allowances for Chetnik terrorists who rebelled and fought against Croatia! They ruined towns and villages and killed, and now Croatia pays pensions! It is shocking that Croatia pays from retirement pensions to the aggressors from the RS Krajina, more than 46,000 in 2015 who have been granted a request for convalidation of pension rights, and today they are paying regular monthly pensions for the Domestic War period, despite their terrorist activities. (source)

In Croatia, over 100,000 aggressors (soldiers) receive pensions! (source)

We owe this to Zoran Milanović (Social Democratic Party of Croatia (SDP) the largest centre-left political party, formerly known as League of Communists) who has, along president Ivo Josipovic (SDP), tried their utmost to avoid the extradition to Germany of former communist Yugoslavia secret police/UDBA operators.
From Andrej Plenković (HDZ - Croatian Democratic Union) whose father was in the UDBA, you won't have to expect anything else (source)
Andrej Plenković claims (2018) that the Istanbul Convention is deeply Christian. The I.C. is a product of Soros that is trying to erase the differences between men and women and aiming to push paedophilia into schools; it is everything but Christian. Nobody knows who this man is and where he came from (source Plenković's relatives and friends, showing support of a system responsible for more than 100 milions of deaths

Davor Božinović (HDZ) is a Croatian diplomat and Minister of Interior of Croatia, formerly served as Minister of Defence and recently lied about participants in the march 2018 Anti-Istanbul Convention rally (claimed 5000, were 70000).
He became a minister with 475 votes while 724 votes were not enough for him to enter the city council! If this is not an example of electoral law that needs to changed by a referendum then we do not know what is, even Ivan Iličić (HČSP) has a greater number of voters than the minister of defense Božinović. source

Blaženka Divjak is a Croatian mathematician who has been Minister of Science and Education since 9 June 2017 in the Cabinet of Andrej Plenković, she too, is supporter of the anti-christian Istanbul Convention. This snake also supported a paedophile who, despite the legally valid indictment for sexual abuse of children under the age of 15, still teaches in at least three schools (source)
2019 - Lijepa naša domovino is the national anthem of Croatia. It is often referred to as just "Lijepa naša" (English: "Our Beautiful") in Croatia. Divjak, known for being anti-Croatian, doesn't like children to hear the anthem at schools. (source

Anka Mrak-Taritaš (source) is a Croatian politician, president of the Civic Liberal Alliance party. Between 2012 and 2016, she had been Minister of Construction and Spatial Planning in the center-left Cabinet of Zoran Milanović. Mrak-Taritaš is president of the Civic Liberal Alliance party. "Ako se ne izglasa Istanbulska konvencija definitivno napuštam Hrvatsku!; if they don't pass the Istanbul Convention I definitely leave Croatia" she said on Radio Antenna. The people rejoiced.
2019 - in an interview she saiys; in my thoughest moments, I sang partisan songs... (source)

The city of Sisak and social services are giving a cetnik and killer Miljenko Tot 1200 kuna. This man has betrayed his own people and gave names and surnames of Croatian warriors to the aggressors. Nowadays he is an islamic extremist, was given a home by the city of Sisak. The mayor of Sisak being Kristina Ikić Baniček (since 2013), from the SDP (source)

2018> another SDP gem: a pedophile arrested in Zagreb is a young and prospective SDP named Matija Šilobod (source)

(SDP) Damir Krstinić (source) At the same time when Vojislav Seselj announced that he teared up and stamped on the Croatian flag, for which the Croatian pinocchio delegation interrupted it's visit to Belgrade, a similar attitude towards Croatia appeared on social networks by a SPD member. His words as well as Seselj's actual words are not really worth translating as the words are of very primitive nature you normally hear from drunk people or drug addicts.  

Commemoration to the late general of the Croatian Army Petar Stipetić seems to be a laughing matter for some (source) Ante Gotovina is aware of the situation in Croatia, the raped women who are mocked by their Serbian perpetrators in their own country etc., but he feels the need not to mention any of this, but to call upon the Serbs who fled Croatia to come back to Croatia source 

Damir Krstičević (party HDZ) Croatian general and politician, who served as Minister of Defence and Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia, in the front row in church but meanwhile supporter of the Istanbul Convention, that wants to bring paedophilia into schools and want to wipe out the differences between male and female.

Branimir Glavaš (party HDSSB), supporter as well for the Istanbul convention. source, freemason  

Vesna Pusić ( HNS) war criminal Serb Vojislav Šešelj loves the cetnik ancestral line of the Croatian politician HNS Vesna Pusić ... her grandfather was a cetnik leader said Šešelj live on television, adding that with her position and work she is filling her grandfathers shoes. (source

Ivan Pernar, a Croatian politician who likes to sleep at the sabor (and doesn't pay for public transportation, source) and believes Oluja was ethnic cleansing!
That is a disgrace for all those who shed blood to defend their homeland so he could take a piss on it.
Živi zid; a party of lads that have not worked a day in their lives but make promises about employment opportunities.
They also claim to be against foreign powers like Brussels but at the same time did not vote against the ratification of the Istanbul Convention.
The claim is that the party has no ideology. They did not vote against EU's convention, so no ideology, but no stance either against Brussels.

sick! Lidija Kralj,, assistant Minister of Science and Education, defends pedophilia (source)

Predrag Štromar (HNS), a Croatian politician who is currently Minister of Construction and Spatial Planning and Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia, wats to remove monuments for Croatian veterans and forbid the 447 year old slogan za dom spremni source

Milorad Pupovac
(ethnic Serb, SDSS) - wants to forbid the use of the 447 year old Croatian slogan 'za dom spremni' and symbols, even when used by the former members of the HOS unit, the defenders of the Homeland War. source
This Serbian nazi living on Croatian soil is hunting down everyone who speaks badly about Serbs because Lord forbid the people will learn the truth. His aim is to demonize the persons such as veterans who fought against the Serb agressors by publishing the collected crap in English and offer it to the European institutions (source)
The apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree, his daughter Tihana Pupovac has become a passionate guardian of Partisan monuments in Croatia. source

Milan Kujundžić
is a Croatian politician serving as Minister of Health of Croatia, pro Istanbul Convention supporter source

Goran Beus Richembergh (aka 'Odisej', UDBA) member of GLAS, involved in a car accident where a motorcyclist got injured, Goran did not lift a finger to help the man at all (source)

Marija Pejčinović Burić - a Croatian politician who has been the 14th Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia and Deputy Prime Minister of Croatia. She has been working for the Serbian Government until recently! How to expect her to oppose Serbian propaganda around Jasenovac and to protect Croatian interests?! source

Communist Milan Bandić; "Dubai is the most beautiful European city" 

2018> waiter is expected to speak 4 languages.. a nominee candidate for the Constitutional Court Judge doesn't even know English; source

Croatia and Israel 2018> Retired military pilot Ivan Selak: "The lifetime of the airplanes the Israelis have offered us, has already ended", source
Thirty years ago Americans gave Israel their F16 airplanes, and now these same old airplanes are sold for a 'friendly' price (500 million dollars) to the Yugo-politicans for Croatia who don't mind that the planes are going to be unusable.
If airplanes old 30 years are good, why don't the politicians buy cars older than 10 years?.... insert sarcasm.

The legendary Croatian pilot Ivan Selak who, in spectacular fashion, escaped from the JNA commented on the alleged purchase of combat aircrafts: it is absurd to take 12 Israeli aircrafts that are over 30 years old; source

Croatia and Russia 2018> Croatia expelling Russian diplomats, an absurd move thinks the majority of the Croatian people. Great Britain historically has been Croatia's biggest enemy Croatia since the end of the 18th century, explains Admiral Davor Domazet-Lošo, a Croatian writer, geopolitician and retired admiral of the Croatian Navy source . By expelling the Russians, we show a vascular attitude towards England that has always been against Croatia source

Crimes of Britain - The genocide in Ireland was no natural disaster, but a man made conquest of war 

Andrej Plenković with this action, as well as concerning the Istanbul Convention, showed he aboslutely has nothing in common with the Croatian people, their heritage, and has shown zero knowledge of geopolitics, christianity or history.

Pensions paid to partisans by the government while the homeland defenders have nothing to eat! (source)

2018 Minister of Culture (Croatia) Nina Obuljen Koržinek and Serbian terorist Čulibrk will open a Serbian cetnik church in London with Croatian money! (source) This disgusting creature is aiming to get UDBA archives closed (source)

Zvonko Čapko (HSP) is an example of the UDBA injecting itself in pro-Croatian parties. source

Andrija Mikulić (HDZ) source, same type demon

Yugo-politicians EU agenda

On Friday the 13th, the Croatian government ratified the Istanbul Convention. The whole nation protested and was against. But the politicians only cared about the EU money and sold their soul that day.
Istanbul convention article 3f: "women" includes girls under the age of 18. Children are not women!! Now combine this with these facts and do the math:
1) Turkey has 99% of its population as muslims.
2) Child brides in Europe on the rise due to muslim migrants. By the end of July 2016, almost 1,500 minors with Muslim backgrounds were registered in Germany as married, including 361 under the age of 14. (In 2013, Serbia became the 8th member state of the Council of Europe to ratify the Istanbul Convention. In 2016, 14 Member States have ratified the Istanbul Convention, such as Sweden, Holland and Belgium. No protest was held. At all)

(2018, source V4 Report>)Sweden ??. Post Istanbul Convention (signed by Sweden in 2015): Deadly Violence at Highest Level Since Records Began. Brå released the crime statistics for 2017 this week through the organisation's website and while the total number of crimes had remained largely the same, rapes and fatal violence had both increased. Newly released crime statistics from the Swedish Crime Prevention Council (Brå) show the number of fatal acts of violence in 2017 to be the highest ever recorded by the agency, while the number of rapes also continued to rise. Brå also reported a ten per cent increase in the number of rapes reported for a total of 7,370 cases in 2017. "Of the reported rapes against persons 18 years or older in 2017, 95 per cent were offences against a woman and 5 per cent against a man," the report reads. Rapes against children aged 15-17 increased even more in 2017, by 17 per cent. "Of the reported rapes against children under 15 in 2017, 86 per cent were violations of girls and 14 per cent against boys," the authors write. The increase is even more dramatic compared to ten years ago, with a 50 per cent increase in child rapes since 2007. The background of the suspects in the rapes or cases of violence is not published by the organization. However, Breitbart London was able to report last year that in gang rapes, men of migrant backgrounds made up nine out of ten individuals convicted. A recent report from the Swedish media confirmed the statistic a year after Breitbart London had first reported it.

Power hungry, Merkel sells her soul. No different with Andrej Plenković who is pushing the Istanbul Convention in 2018 as he is planning to run for the European Commission chief position, after which he would leave Croatian politics. Andrej voted against the IC in 2015! (source)  

The government steals from it's people, pays pensions to criminals and want to join the EU. Sending the people a new message: "Food and services will become more expensive with the introduction of the euro" source

Freemasons in action; Macron's speech at the end of August 2017 reveals the real idea of Europe 'forget about yourself, give us everything, your history and present, your future, your freedom, and all your money into one basket, and then we will, like a good mother, share every need, who needs more, will get more because more and more and vice versa', one army, one coin, etc etc source

GATE TO LEGALIZING PERVERSIONS; one door after the other opens...

2018> Zoophilia (humans performing sex acts with non-human animals) tourists come to buses in Denmark, mostly from Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK. Mostly men, but also women. They all seek happiness in "animal brothels". One of the leading media outlets in Germany, 'die Welt', has published an article about sodomy in Denmark and sex for tourists-zoophiles who come to 'animal brothels' there and pay for animal sex.

There is no such thing as "European Democracy", and it is no secret that the "Soros Network" has a major impact on the European Parliament and other EU institutions. source
Recently Soros's list was published, a document listing the names of 226 MPs in the European Parliament on all sides of the political spectrum, including former European Parliament Speaker Martin Schulz, former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt, seven vice-presidents, and several board of directors.

"For me, the new Germany exists only in order to ensure the existence of the State of Israel and the Jewish people." - Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, SPD (Social Democratic Party of Germany), quoted by Avraham Burg in Haaretz, 14 February 2016

On Soros's list you will find the following corrupt Croatian politicians:

Tonino Picula (SDP / Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Croatia from 2000 to 2003)
Jozo Radoš (HSLS / HNS / Minister of Defense of the Republic of Croatia from 2000 to 2002)
Ivan Jakovčić (IDS / Minister of European Integration from 2000 to 2001)
Davor Škrlec (ORaH)
Biljana Borzan (SDP)

The government steals from it's people, pays pensions to criminals and want to join the EU. Sending the people a new message: "Food and services will become more expensive with the introduction of the euro" source
Freemasons in action; Macron's speech at the end of August 2017 reveals the real idea of Europe 'forget about yourself, give us everything, your history and present, your future, your freedom, and all your money into one basket, and then we will, like a good mother, share every need, who needs more, will get more because more and more and vice versa', one army, one coin, etc etc source 

Just like the Istanbul convention, the state wants to be in control of how you raise your children. 2019 Burning the EU flag in Croatia will sentence you to jail 3 years. Burning Croatian flag? 0 years.