Psalm 37:12 The wicked plots against the righteous and gnashes his teeth at him 

BURLINGTON - Animal Justice is condemning the tragic death of Regan Russell, a compassionate animal advocate who was killed today outside of the Fearmans Pork Inc. slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario in Canada. She was violently run over by a transport truck as she attended a peaceful vigil outside of the facility. source

Her only crime was to try to comfort the pigs for a few seconds before they get inside the slaughterhouse. Here is Regan on video, click!

This beautiful and kind person went to one of the saddest places on earth, to offer love to terrified pigs before they are slaughtered. As the truck carrying pigs arrived, she approached the pigs to comfort them, but the truck driver accelerated, run her over, and killed her.

Dear Regan was killed a few days after Bill 156 passed in Ontario, making it illegal for citizens to film the suffering of animals inside meat farms or transportation trucks taking them to slaughter. This bill was promoted by the meat industry, which is concerned that such footage may reduce the public's appetite for its products. Tragically, it seems that Regan's killing was not caught on camera and that the authorities have decided to classify her killing as an accident. Source, source, source, source

And the world responds on the death of Animal Rights activist, Regan Russell...

Stanislov Kroftovovich.
Brandon Smith.
Paula Bereza.
Jonathan J Deschenes.

AN ANIMAL RIGHTS ACTIVIST WAS RUN DOWN BY A SLAUGHTERHOUSE TRUCK AT A VIGIL FOR PIGS. She was dragged 50 feet to her death. People at the scene said it was deliberate murder.

One description....."The 2 minutes was up and she was walking away from the truck. The truck turned off harvester into fearman's sped up and she tried to get out of the way and he drove over her dragging her under his front. source 

And this is how they respond.
No respect for animal life. No respect for human lives. 
We see this often, well known psychological disorders.

Worldwide Animal Abuse
The importance of documenting so consumers know the truth..

Farmers demand higher sentences against animal activists: "For the next stable occupation it is not a question of whether there will be fatalities, but how many." Violent farmers do not even acknowledge animals are living beings. Such 'farmers' are psychopaths; serial killers also do not acknowledge the lives and suffering of their victims.

Romans 3:13 "Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit." 

Ads Vs Reality: False Advertising

In an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, doctors speak about a sport related story that has been brought into the world by the PR machines behind the food industry that, like the tobacco industry, misleads people through "denial, doubt and confusion." 

Doctors are very aware of industries and governments misleading the mass. However, Satan actually is not guilty here. You are the one, if aware, who decides to buy these products. To use these products, and with it, keeping the animal cruelty alive. 

Proverbs 24:11-12 Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

Ads Vs Reality: False Advertising

Proverbs 31:8 Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute.

1 John 3:18 "let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth." 

look at where the animals spend their lives and tell me again, who is the real extremist?
In another butcher firm in the Netherlands (2019, at duck butcher Tomassen Duck-To) an inspector found that several ducks showed signs of awareness when cutting 

2020 - how the profit-driven media turned investigative reporting into a smear campaign against animal rights activists (Tips for activists, click here)

New leaked video from inside a Danish pig farm; we can see a worker holding the sweetest and tiniest baby piglet. Then, with the baby in his arms, the worker looks at the camera and says in amusement: "Looks like the little one got sick, let's give him a medicine." That's when he takes hold of the baby from his hind legs, and continues to smash the baby against the hard floor. According to Anima, the Danish organization that published this video, the act of smashing baby piglets that weight 5 kg or less is not only legal in Denmark, but also recommended as "humane" by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

Protesters as 'extremists/terrorists'

The labelling of the likes of animal cruelty aware protesters as 'extremists' must stop. Who is the extreme terrorist, he who kills all day or he who protests against it?  The usual tactic is as followed; first to ignore, then to ridicule, then to portray as extremists with half lies or suggestions which will result in their loss of job or freedom. 

Quoting the Minister of Justice and Security in the Netherlands, Ferdinand Grapperhaus: "I understand the emotion, but we have to get these figures (>animal friends) away. Either behind bars, or out of land, or so many fines that they can only run newspaper districts."

2020, the rise of the Farmers Defense Force in Holland: Mischa Bouwer, spokesperson for Farmers Defense Force and mink breeder about fur ban: "My father and I will just go abroad. I'm watching Wisconsin now; there is no minimum for the size of a mink's cage. If you want to, you can just stuff a mink in a carton of milk".
March 2020 - dairy farmer Bennie Stevelink is threatened by fellow farmers after writing an opinion in a magazine. What particularly disturbs him is the hysteria and laziness in numerous discussions. "Lying hard, distorting facts and the unreasonableness in some of the responses eats the most," says Stevelink. In recent years, arable farmer Piet Hermus has also had threats. He is concerned about the climate and its consequences, especially for farmers. In the past few years it has already caused him several death threats in the form of letters, dead mice and a dead rat at the beginning of 2019. source 

Who Is Vegan Streaker Peter Janssen

For numerous years, on various locations, countries and events the Dutch Peter Janssen peacefully and creatively gave animals a voice by stripping down and running across/in an area of some sort holding a sign or text written on his body. With his actions he hoped the public would become aware of the pain and suffering the animals experience by human exploitation. 

Described as a criminal activity in a corrupt world, Peter was  given imprisonment for his participation in a mink liberation campaign. Take a look at the mink industry

Peter's heart was crushed. Somebody needs to stop this!, most people say. So why judge Peter for doing what you wish was done. The world was angry, called it uncalled for. They see the living beings not as creatures with a heartbeat but as object, as property. Peter saw them for the living breathing beings they are and their suffering. 

In 2020, and to everybodies suprise he had set fire to the largest duck slaughterhouse (in Europe!) Duck-To Tomassen. The arrogant owner Gert Jan Tomassen seemed so delighted after the fire that a lot of people suspected he had done it himself as prior to the fire Tomassen was in the news complaining about his business suffering due to the corona outbreak, where he was pleading for the government to help him out. Peter could probably not live with the knowledge of ducks being cut alive...: 'Obtained inspection reports show that animal suffering continues unabated by duck slaughterer Tomassen Duck-To from Ermelo. Fines have again been imposed, including for fully ducking throats and high mortality from heat stress.'

At least 164 environmental activists were killed in 2018 alone. The deadliest industries to oppose: mining (43 deaths), agribusiness (21 deaths), and dams and other water resources (17 deaths). Over half of the killings took place in Latin America. "They say we are terrorists, delinquents, assassins and that we have armed groups here, but really they're just killing us," said Joel Raymundo, a member of the Peaceful Resistance of Ixquisis movement.

Another Example of Greed supported by gov with no respect for Life

Many of the thousands of fires burning in Brazil's Amazon are set by ranchers. The Amazon Is Still Burning. Blame Beef. In the lawless heart of the Brazilian Amazon, cattle ranchers and loggers - emboldened by President Jair Bolsonaro - are clearing and burning huge swaths of rainforest every day in the name of progress. And it has a lot to do with beef. Brazil is the world's largest exporter of beef. About half of the cattle are raised on pasture that used to be rainforest. And demand is growing. I'm visiting an annual barbecue and auction near the Jamanxim. But it's not your typical backyard get-together. Some landowners and ranchers here brazenly defy environmental laws. Last year, a government report linked this man, a union leader, to land-grabbing schemes. This woman, head of a national association, was fined for burning 350 acres of rainforest. This man, a local mayor, was caught destroying over 700 acres of virgin rainforest inside the Jamanxim reserve. They all deny wrongdoing. What producers here want is to privatize the reserves, and there's hostility here towards anyone who tries to stop them. source

Mexico's Monarch Butterfly Defender Found Dead

2020 A second man connected with one of Mexico's largest butterfly sanctuaries is dead. The body of Raúl Hernández Romero, 44, was found on Saturday, February 1, with injuries that suggest he had been beaten with a sharp object.

Authorities do not yet know if Hernández Romero's death and the death of Homero Gómez González are related or if the deaths are tied to the men's environmental conservation efforts, The Washington Post reports. 

Dutch politician calls for violence against animal friends 

2020 - in the Netherlands: Ferdinand Grapperhaus, a Dutch politician (from the political party CDA, false Christians) serving as Minister of Justice and Security who (he comes from a pig farmer's family) called out at a members' meeting of the pig farmers for the mistreatment of civilians who peacefully resist the horrible way the animals are being treated. He called for theft of their vehicles and said the animal friendly supporters should be maimed with high pressure sprayers.

Pressure washers can cause serious injuries including lacerations, punctures, and eye damage. Based on the latest data, it's estimated pressure washers send more than 6-thousand people a year to emergency rooms

(source) On December 5, 12 (animal interest) organizations and 122 people reported the minister. The declaration contains three complaints.   
First, the minister calls for theft (the cars of activists) to be committed, and second, for the mistreatment of animal activists (the high-pressure sprayer). Third, Grapperhaus's statements incite hatred, discrimination or violence against animal rights activists, and are deliberately insulting. On January 6 came the message that Grapperhaus made his statements from his position as minister of security and justice and is thus inviolable for ordinary citizens. That is why the organizations converted the declaration into a complaint.

The committee decides in July 2020 on the matter, stating: "The defendant seems to identify strongly with the pig farmers present and to make animal extremists and activists a common enemy." (source) The Advisory Committee also acknowledges that statements  ("load activists' cars on a flat cart and take them with you") and ("With a high pressure gun you can chase off the activist") can be interpreted as aggressive. "The defendant has [...] charged with serious suspicion of partiality, which is not in line with his position as Minister of Justice and Security for all Dutch people."

That is the decision of the Ministry of Justice and Security in response to the complaint that 12 organizations and 118 people filed against the Minister of Justice and Security, F.B.J. Grapperhaus (the accused), because of his remarks at the General Members' Meeting of the Producer Organization for Pig Farming (POV).

Yee hypocrites!
Modern Slave Trade 

Jill Phipps was a British animal rights activist. She lived in Coventry, England. On 1 February 1995, Jill was crushed to death under the wheels of a lorry carrying live baby veal calves into Coventry Airport in Baginton, England, to be flown to Amsterdam for distribution across Europe. 10 of the 33 protesters present had broken through police lines and were trying to bring the lorry to a halt by sitting in the road or chaining themselves to it.

Jill was crushed beneath the lorry's wheels and her fatal injuries included a broken spine. Phipps' brother Zab commented: "Jill was crushed and died on the way to hospital. Our mother, Nancy, was with her. The lorry driver has not been charged, not even with driving without due care and attention." source

2020 Lynn Simpson, a former veterinarian on livestock export ships, has been a vocal critic of the long-distance ship trade.

She's witnessed cattle forced to stand on hard floors for weeks on end, sick, injured animals left to die, and sheep literally cooking from the inside with their "fat melted and like a translucent jelly".

"Some animals are held on decks for as long as 40 days, living on hard decking of concrete and metal. They [the animals] are not built to cope with these environments," said Simpson.

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

In loving memory of Mike Hill 

At 4.00 pm Saturday 9th February, 1991 Mike Hill became the first hunt saboteur to be killed whilst trying to protect wildlife. Mike was only 18 and for two years lived and breathed animal rights, not just dogs and cats but every living creature. He was a vegan, worked at both Heavens Gate Sanctuary and Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre and was an active sab with Yeovil sabs and Merseyside sabs.
Mike was to nice a person for this world. There was no hurt nor malice in his soul. He thought good of everyone and everything. He was quite, unassuming, softly spoken and gentle. He lived and died for his beliefs. 

The Facts

At 4 p.m. Saturday 9th February, Mike Hill was killed in action whilst attempting to sabotage the Cheshire Beagles with the Merseyside Hunt Saboteurs. This article attempts to put the facts before the animal rights movement and to dispel some of the downright lies, distortions and rumours that have been put forward by the police, the press and some 'officials' in national animal rights groups. Please feel free to copy all or part of this in any suitable publication.

The Cheshire Beagles met at the Red Lion, Little Budworth, Cheshire (just down the road from Oulton Park Motorcycle Racecourse). All afternoon there were repeated scuffles with hunters, punches thrown at saboteurs and a wheel brace was used against one Liverpool sab. Towards the end of the day, still with no kill under their belts that day, the huntsmen boxed up hounds in the small blue trailer which was being t

The three sabs, terrified, trying to keep a grip and wondering where these huntsmen were going to take them (and what for) decided that as soon as the vehicle slowed down enough or halted at a junction, they would jump and rung like hell. Unfortunately, it would appear that Mike panicked and, in fear of his life he took a jump from the pick-up as it rounded a bend, having slowed down to what they thought to be about 40 m.p.h. He failed to clear the truck properly and was caught between the truck and trailer which crushed him.
The huntsman would not stop but carried on for a further mile, only halting when the second hunt sab smashed in the back window into the cab. The sab was attacked with a whip as he tried to stop the vehicle. As soon as it stopped, the sab ran back the mile to where Mike's prone body lay in the road whilst another sab, ran to a nearby house to call the ambulance. The huntsman, Alan Summersgill, simply drove off, flagged down a police car shortly after and later in the afternoon handed himself into a police station.
Let us make no mistake, Mike's death was the culmination of the trends over the last 10 years of hunt sabbing on the Cheshire Beagles (and indeed trends that are echoed all over the country with other packs). Firstly, there is a sustained level of violence against sabs and secondly a complete absence of police interest in this violence. There has been not one single prosecution by the Cheshire Police for any of the attacks on hunt saboteurs by the Cheshire Beagles over the last ten years, the worst of which resulted in a Liverpool University student receiving a triple fractured jaw.
It would appear not. No charges have yet been proffered against the two huntsmen. Summersgill still walks the street. To our knowledge, the only statements the police have offered to the press indicate that they regard it as a 'road traffic accident'. The killing of Mike Hill has devastated his family, his friends, hunt saboteur groups all over the country and at Freshfields Animal Rescue Centre and Heavens Gate Sanctuary. (source)

In Loving Memory of Tom Worby

In 1993 Tom Worby, aged just 15, was killed by huntsman Tony Ball at the closing meet of the Cambridgeshire Foxhounds at Low Farm near Gravesley in Cambridgeshire. The child killer Ball was never charged or convicted for this unlawful killing. source

Who Was Barry Horn

Barry Horne was an animal liberationist who died in a UK prison hospital on November 5th 2001. He had been sentenced to 18 years in prison for a campaign of economic sabotage, carrying out criminal damage and arson attacks against companies involved in the vivisection, leather and fur industries.  

His is still the longest sentence ever given to an animal rights campaigner but Barry will always be remembered for his three hunger strikes.; read more