End Times

Recognizing The Signs of Nature
& Recognizing Humans by their Fruit

Matthew 24:6-13 You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed. Such things must happen, but the end is still to come.

Chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem of the Dutch Safety Board said that the cabinet was not well prepared for the corona crisis. For example, the Ministry of Health would have improvised to fight the corona virus at the beginning of the crisis(source) That proves again that there are no Christians in politics. And what dumbass didn't see this coming after SARS...
Luke 21:11 Jesus says that one of the end time signs would be famines and pestilences

2023 (source) - Zoonotic spillover epidemics increasing at exponential rate, study finds. Four types of animal-to-human (zoonotic) Infections have been increasing at an "exponential rate," amid a general pattern of increasingly larger and more frequent 'spillover' epidemics, finds an analysis of 60 years of historical epidemiological data, published in the open access journal BMJ Global Health. Based on current trends, these 4 types of viral pathogens are collectively set to kill 12 times as many people in 2050 as they did in 2020, warn the researchers.

2021 - Ignoring climate change will yield 'untold suffering,' panel of 14,000 scientists warns

In Russia, ten regions have declared a state of emergency because of the forest fires. The forest fires are not just a local ecological disaster: they release a lot of stored CO₂, a greenhouse gas that in turn amplifies global warming. The permafrost, the permanently frozen subsoil in parts of northern Russia, is also melting faster and faster, releasing CO₂ and methane at an accelerated rate.

"This will have global consequences"

"The world has two lungs: the Amazon in Brazil and the taiga in Siberia. In some places, everything here burns to the bottom. We are losing an important source of oxygen for the planet," says Russian ecologist Aiyl Duurtja. Climate experts warn that the Siberian fires will have a global effect on the climate. (source) The IUCN updates its Red List: almost 40,000 species are now endangered (source)

Sea ice will disappear and sea level will quickly rise 3 meters, there is already nothing that can be done, according to ominous new report 

The oldest virus ever, discovered under the Siberian ice, is 48,500 years old

Rapid ice melt in west Antarctica now inevitable, research shows
Sea level will be driven up no matter how much carbon emissions are cut, putting coastal cities in danger

End times: humans are absolutely selfish.
The residents of the Icelandic fishing village of Grindavík flee from a possible "explosive eruption" of a volcano and casually leave their animals behind to die

An aid organization tells local media that there are about 250 animals involved. "There are 20 horses that we have been informed about, 58 cats, 90 racing pigeons, 28 chickens, two rabbits and two hamsters, 13 parrots and many sheep." 

A cocktail of toxins is poisoning our fields. Its effect on humans? Nobody can tell us

(2023. Nov ) It's an experiment with 8 billion test subjects, no controls and no endpoint. What happens when you release thousands of novel chemicals, most of which have not been tested for their impacts on human health or ecosystems, into a living planet? What are the effects on the development of foetuses, on human brains, other organs, immune systems, cancer rates, fertility? What are they doing to other species and to Earth systems? We seem determined to find out the hard way.

The gap between our actions and our knowledge is astounding. Read more

'The trend is very worrying': Decline in global sperm quality accelerates 

(2022, source) The sperm count in semen dropped 62% between 1973 and 2018, according to a global study by Israeli researchers. The declining sperm quality could cause serious fertility problems in the coming decades.

Study finds that rainwater no longer safe to drink anywhere on Earth

A recent study has found that rainwater is no longer safe to drink anywhere on Earth.
Researchers at Stockholm University and ETH Zurich University found that the water is unsafe due to the presence of forever chemicals, which have been found in remote places like Antarctica and on the Tibetan Plateau.
According to the study, the rainwater contains per- and poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), human-made chemicals used in various consumer and industrial products. Researchers said these chemicals don't break down in the environment. Read more, source

It's raining PFAS: even in Antarctica and on the Tibetan plateau rainwater is unsafe to drink

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are man-made hazardous chemicals that are spread globally in the atmosphere and as a result they can be found in the rainwater and snow in even the most remote locations on Earth. During the last 20 years, guideline values for PFAS in drinking water, surface waters and soils have decreased dramatically due to new insights into their toxicity. As a result, the levels in environmental media are now ubiquitously above guideline levels.  Read more, source

The Netherlands, June 2023 (source) The water in ditches and (swimming) lakes in a circumference of at least 15 kilometers around Chemours in Dordrecht is very seriously contaminated with the toxic PFAS. This is reported by research program Zembla. The concentrations in the entire area exceed the safety standard of the RIVM. For years, Chemours (formerly DuPont) discharged PFOA, into the water and into the air, which is released during the production of a substance that is used, among other things, for non-stick coatings in pans. The PFAS concentrations have been measured since 2018 by the Rivierenland Water Board in the area northeast of the Chemours plant. The results have not been shared publicly before, but are so serious that PFAS expert and environmental chemist Chiel Jonker of Utrecht University speaks of 'concentrations of PFOA and GenX that I have never seen before in surface water'. The situation is most serious in the municipalities of Sliedrecht and Papendrecht. PFOA concentrations were measured there, in ditches a kilometer from the factory, which on average exceed the RIVM standard by 13,000 times. New homes are currently being built on that site.

False Flag Wars. Nord Stream Pipelines: why would Russia blow them up when they can so easily just close them?

The future would seem fearful to many (Luke 21:26)

Matthew 24:32-34 Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its twigs get tender and its leaves come out, you know that summer is near. Even so, when you see all these things, you know that it is near, right at the door. Truly I tell you, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened.

75% of all bugs are now gone, along with them are many other species which depended upon them like birds. More than 15,000 scientists from 184 countries issued a 'warning to humanity' in 2017, a similar warning was first issued by scientists in 1992. 41 million trees a day are cut, even if they were to stop deforestation and replant or allow natural regeneration there would still be a water issue, young plants apparently suck up significantly more water than they sequestrate in the soil.

The diet of polar bears is now 25% plastic. Devastating climate change could lead to 1m migrants a year entering EU by 2100. In April 2018 a Pakistani city broke a record with day of 50C heat. Greenland lost a trillion tons of ice in the past 4 years.  

'The UN has warned that the Earth is likely to warm by 1.5C within the next 20 years - a decade earlier than previously expected. Scientists had expected temperatures to rise by 1.5C above pre-industrial levels between 2030 and 2052 but now believe it will happen between this year and 2040. Since 1970, global surface temperatures have risen faster than in any other 50-year period over the past 2,000 years, the UN said, while the past five years have been the hottest on record since 1850. 'It's just guaranteed that it's going to get worse,' said report co-author Linda Mearns, a senior climate scientist at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research. 'I don't see any area that is safe... Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.'

Seagulls tend to stop flying and take refuge at the coast if a storm is coming, which helps us to predict when a storm will be coming. The Chinese earthquake that killed more than 12,000 people was predicted by a mass migration of frogs.

Animals tend to seek safety long before the human knows what's coming. When the humans were still living amidst nature, it was easier for them to recognize natures signs.

Job 12:7-10 "But ask the animals, and they will teach you, or the birds in the sky, and they will tell you; or speak to the earth, and it will teach you, or let the fish in the sea inform you.

Nowadays, when most people are forced to live in boxes of concrete, they have lost every contact they use to have with nature, and its animals. 

Researchers find toxic particles in lungs, brains, and liver of unborn babies

"Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the LORD." - (Jeremiah 8:7) 

Burn like a furnace - Malachi 4:1

Surely the day is coming; it will burn like a furnace. All the arrogant and every evildoer will be stubble, and the day that is coming will set them on fire," says the Lord Almighty. Not a root or a branch will be left to them.

Rev 8:10, which reads: "And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a lamp, and it fell upon the third part of the rivers, and upon the fountains of waters; And the name of the star is called Wormwood: and the third part of the waters became wormwood; and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter."

Congo set to auction UNESCO World Heriateg site to oil companies

Scientists find microplastic in huge hailstones

The Rich and the Governments

Presidents are selected, not elected. - Franklin D. Roosevelt

Luke 4:5-7  The devil led Jesus up to a high place and showed him in an instant all the kingdoms of the world. And he said to him, "I will give you all their authority and splendor; it has been given to me, and I can give it to anyone I want to. If you worship me, it will all be yours." - Satan is ruler of this world. 
Every kingdom is in the hands of demons and no justice is to be found.

Billionaire George SOROZ spent $33 MILLION bankrolling Ferguson demonstrators to create 'echo chamber' and drive national protests. Organizers bussed in from New York and D.C. to take over campaigning. Different cash recipients would repeat each others' messages. Helped to keep events and messages at the top of news agenda.`` GEORGE SOROZ: ``When I am basically there to make money, I cannot and do not look at the social consequences of what I do. (dailymail source)

Australia 2020 - the gruesome face of your worldwide leaders (pride, greed and gluttony); the irrefutable proof of the absolute lack of honor, compassion and wisdom, spending trillions on war, on greed, on killing this planet.

Imagine if they all teamed up and used their brains to construct a plan to put down the fires in the smallest timeframe. Australia is surrounded by water!!! Unacceptable and unforgettable. 

1 Timothy 6:10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil

The rich will only help themselves 

Virgin space tourism begins: first paying customers to space

Branson's Virgin Galactic is in competition with Elon Musk's SpaceX and Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin. They all want to sell tourist flights to space.

Musk has sold a sightseeing flight to the moon to a Japanese billionaire. SpaceX and Blue Origin are also involved in the US government's space program.

This space tourism ensures that the amount of CO2 will increase considerably. The pollution from missiles ends up high in the atmosphere and therefore lingers for a long time: two to three years. That longer duration also means a greater contribution to global warming. (source)

2 Tim 3:2 People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy 

Any financial aid going to third world countries doesn't go to the people who need it: Remember the Live Aid concert? As soon as the UN arrived in Africa with supplies, food, medicine and other relief packages, the militias came in, slaughtered most of the UN workers and took all the donated stuff to feed their armies. Most of us grew up with the images of starved African kids, and the non stop ads to donate money to Africa. Well, that's been going on for more than 40 years if not more. Who is getting rich up there if others in the same country still have no breadcrumb? 

The rich laugh at everyone. An oil company that cares about the climate? China on human rights? What's next, a pedophile who decides over children and a hunter over animal rights? 

Oil company top man to lead climate summit Dubai

2022 (source) You can't make this up... The United Arab Emirates has appointed Sultan Al Jaber to chair the UN climate summit in Dubai. The 49-year-old diplomat is the chairman of a national oil company. Greed is destroying the planet ..

China joins U.N. human rights panel

(2020, source) China was appointed on Wednesday to a United Nations Human Rights Council panel where it will play a key role in picking the world body's human rights investigators - including global monitors on freedom of speech, health, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary detention - in a move that has sparked protest by international human rights activists.

The rich use their money for toys, not for humanity.  

Jesus Christ in Matthew 19:24 "it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God". 

30 April 2020 in Africa- 'The need is massive,' say donors as 3km Centurion food queue shocks SA; 8000 food packages handed out, massive need for food (source), meanwhile, also during corona outbreak, same month and year: Oregon strip club creates drive-thru experience during coronavirus lockdown: 'People are super stoked' 

Rich use loopholes
The billionaires have several legal ways to get out of the high tax rates, according to ProPublica, including donating money to charities. Also, vacation homes, yachts, company shares and other investments are not considered assets by the US tax authorities and so that money remains untaxed. source  

The rich and powerful flocked to Davos via private jet to discuss climate change, study finds

(2023, source)  "Europe is experiencing the warmest January days ever recorded and communities around the world are grappling with extreme weather events supercharged by the climate crisis," said Klara Maria Schenk, transport campaigner for Greenpeace's European mobility campaign, in a statement. 

"Meanwhile, the rich and powerful flock to Davos in ultra-polluting, socially inequitable private jets to discuss climate and inequality behind closed doors."

China 'modified' the weather as Communist Party marked centenary in Beijing

Global Elite Pretending To Be Saviors

2 Corinthians 11:14 And no wonder! Even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. 

The World's 2,153 Billionaires Are Richer Than 4.6 Billion People, Says Oxfam; Economic inequality is out of control

Anand Giridharadas book about the global elite, the rich and powerful that supposedly fight for equality and justice any way they can, brand themselves as saviors of the poor while obscuring their role in causing the problems they later seek to solve.

Royal Deceptions

Royals control your police and your government will do anything to stop anyone looking into them

Take a moment for this fact: for hundreds of years people are being ruled by genetically disordered, mentally unstable, terminally ill people

Even plants possess anti-incest mechanisms. There is even a widespread existence of anti-incest mechanisms in creatures ranging from cockroaches to chimpanzees (source). But the Dunning-kruger human is so arrogant he think it will not matter to breed with his own family members. Not only do their own children pay for their arrogance by genetic defects but so does the world. It does not seem like the world is getting dumber, no, IT IS getting dumber. And these people VOTE. 

'World's most inbred family' includes 4 generations of incest; some have low-slung ears or misaligned eyes as a result of inbreeding and look decades older (source)

Dutch royals rightfully suspected of not being royals, refuse to prove this with DNA 

In the Netherlands, there was a man who threw a tea light holder at the Gouden Koets on Prinsjesdag, who had asked the court for a DNA test on King Willem III, Queen Wilhelmina and Queen Juliana. With this he wants to show that Beatrix is not actually a queen. And that he can therefore not be prosecuted for insulting the queen. (source) Everything can be disproved by donating DNA for research. However, queen Juliana categorically refused this, even when the Russians asked for it in 1991 for an examination of the excavated bones of the Romanovs. Beatrix also firmly refuses to provide DNA and Margarita and her lawyer strongly deny having provided DNA material for research. (source) King Willem-Alexander "In the corona crisis, the Netherlands has proven to be responsible, united and flexible. Let us continue to do so for as long as necessary." Exactly one month after the speech from the throne with these statements, he and his family went on a holiday trip to Greece. While the whole country was warned by Prime Minister Rutte (considered by the population as the greatest liar of all time) not to go abroad in a corona press conference during the autumn holidays, the king ordered the government plane. Takes another selfie there with a Greek restaurant owner without any distance. After crocodile tears, he then goes into a working-class neighborhood without a mouth cap between many dozens of Orange supporters who followed the European Football Championship, and against cabinet policy, shaking hands etc etc etc etc. While the small shop owners are driven to bankruptcy and the rich get richer, these people also buy a speedboat worth a few million. "It was something my husband really wanted," said Maxima. (source)

Inbreeding causes criminal and antisocial behaviour...

Just like with dogs that are inbred they are often much more aggressive than their mixed breed counterparts which result in behavioral problems including biting. They also ​have a much lower immune system function than other dogs. source 

The People

are getting dumber because of plastic in the brain: neurotoxicity of micro- and nanoplastics (source)

Every minute of the day humans throw away 3 million face masks. Many end up as potentially toxic micro- and nanoplastic or carriers for other toxicants in the environment, researchers warn. Source Scitechdaily

People have become beasts during the pandemic. Dogs left tied up, cats dumped in garbage containers, animals dumped en masse after the quarantine was lifted and people had more freedom of movement.

Did you know that 1 tree gives oxygen to 4 people?

Tree hater in the Netherlands cuts down 80 trees (2022)

(The Netherlands again) Deventer (43) caught for inciting a dog to demolish trees

Are the trees in the field human, that they should be besieged by you?

Deut 20:19 "you shall not destroy its trees by wielding an axe against them. You may eat from them, but you shall not cut them down. 

Netherlands, 2021: Structurally, large quantities of carcinogenic substances are discharged from inland shipping tankers into the Markermeer and IJsselmeer

Numbers 35:33 You shall not pollute the land in which you live

UK, 2021: Drone footage shows sewage pumping into sea in Hampshire conservation area

Water polluted with uranium ran into the Scheldt near Antwerp (Belgium). The wastewater contains five times more uranium and up to 11 times more cobalt than the maximum standard. The carcinogenic substances nickel and beryllium also exceed the standard. The wastewater ended up directly or via a canal in the Scheldt - source, 2022

United Kingdom water companies allow untreated sewage to flow into the North Sea via rivers, source Sept 2022
France sounds the alarm: British poop washes up on French coast (bron, aug 2022)

people won't stop having less cars or traveling less. nature pays for their entertainment

2022 - (source, Netherlands) Beachgoers don't care about dead birds: 'They put their towel next to a dying animal'

"Polluting elite": Economic upper echelon has disproportionately large ecological footprint 

The economic elite has a much larger ecological footprint than the rest of the population. This is the conclusion of a study by the ecological think tank Autonomy, based on an analysis of the incomes and emissions that could be recorded in the United Kingdom over a period of twenty years. It should be noted that the highest percentile of incomes over the course of a year is responsible for the same amount of carbon dioxide emissions as the 10 percent lowest incomes over a period of more than two decades. "The findings highlight the stark contrast between a polluting elite fueling the climate crisis with its high-emission lifestyle and the majority of the population, even in developed countries, who have a much smaller carbon footprint," the researchers say. "According to the measurements, it would take twenty-six years before a low-income earner would be able to produce as much carbon dioxide as the richest segment of the population produces in just one year," Autonomy adds. (source)

Schiphol Airport (Netherlands) is allowed to emit an unlimited amount of poison

Rules for limiting the emission of 'substances of very high concern' do not appear to apply to Schiphol airport. Companies in the Netherlands have an obligation to limit the emission of these substances to a minimum. They are carcinogenic or harmful to reproduction or DNA. But that obligation does not apply to Schiphol, according to internal documents from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, in the possession of NRC. Documents that came out earlier this month thanks to an appeal to the Open Government Act show that no rules apply to 99.9 percent of the emissions of harmful substances at Schiphol. (source, 2023)

Revelation 3:16 "But since you are like lukewarm water, neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth!"  - what God hates, click here (short FB reeel)

Killed by indifference: France shocked by death on busy Paris street

The death of 85-year-old  René Robert, a Swiss photographer who reportedly succumbed to hypothermia after falling and spending nine hours sprawled and ignored on a bitterly cold street in central Paris has prompted grief, anger and incredulity in France and beyond. According to his friend the journalist Michel Mompontet, Robert fell over on Rue de Turbigo, "He suffered a dizzy spell and fell," Mompontet said in a series of tweets. "Unable to get up, he lay rooted to the spot in the cold for nine hours until a homeless person called the emergency services. Too late.  source

Greed showing it's ugly face

"Most Africans are poor, not because they really are poor, but because someone decides to describe them as such."

My grandfather is 'poor'. He certainly lives on "less than a dollar a day". He is now 95 years old. In his nine and a half decades on earth, he has never lacked, and he has never begged. He only attended one year at a mission school in the 1930s and learnt how to read and write. This is how he pulls it off: When he wants food, he goes to the banana plantation, looks at tens of bunches of matooke (banana) and decides which to harvest for the day's dinner. Adjacent to the plantation is a sweet potato garden, cassava garden, yams and finger millet. To the south of the banana plantation are beans, cow peas or peanuts gardens. Down the valley is grazing land with tens of Frisian and cross-breed cattle. They provide him with milk daily, 365 days a year. He also has about 20 goats. In Uganda, goat milk was generally not considered palatable, possibly due to the abundance of cow milk, so we never milked goats. He would sell a couple of them to supplement income from other produce to send his children to school. 

He also reared a couple of chickens, more as a hobby. The farm produces more than he can consume. He sells the surplus to afford such essential services as kerosene (recently upgraded to solar), soap, sugar (at his age he no longer takes sugar, he uses honey - doctor's orders).

Scattered across the farm are sugarcane (for eating, not for making sugar) and fruit trees (guava, mango, pawpaw, avocado, orange, passion fruit, pineapple). He drinks fresh juice from mangoes and passion fruit. As is evident, everything here is on a subsistence basis, but very organic. He has done this for the past 75 years.

He had eleven children, my mother being his first born. He sent all of them to school, saw eight of them through college. He sold at least two cows, some goats and some produce each school term to send his children to school.I went to live at grandfather's place when I was 5 years old. I left when I was 14 (my family lived in an urban area). I learnt how to farm, milk cows, tether goats, harvest fruits (by climbing the fruit tree) and harvesting honey (at night using smoke).

Why the long story?

My grandfather, just like millions of other Africans that live like him, is considered poor. He rarely holds money, and he rarely needs it. He produces most of what he needs. But using the standard World Bank/IMF description of 'poor', my grandfather is poor. I live in the city and earn about USD 12,000 a year after tax, which in Uganda is a decent salary. But I can hardly match my grandfather in terms of providing for my family with fresh milk, fresh food and fresh fruits.

This is one thing most people that watch International media do not know about Africa: not all Africans are poor, many simply live differently than you. - written by Innocent Masengo, PhD, Passionate Teacher ; A son of Africa (source)

Nature VS Pharmaceutical companies

Use of honey significantly reduced rate of amputation and improve wound healing when used for wound dressing in chronic diabetic foot ulcers. Search articles on Manuka Honey ( 7 science-based health benefits ) that is known for antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The pharmaceutical industry is a billions of dollars business. No wonder hospitals will rather cut off your limbs than use honey for treatments. And try placing information on Manuka honey on Facebook. It will be deemed 'false and misleading'...

2014 Pharmaceutical industry gets high on fat profits
2018 12 Big Pharma Stats That Will Blow You Away
2020 Big Pharma Prepares to Profit From the Coronavirus

Every noticed how obese people get pills to continue what they do instead of letting them work out and live healthy?

WHO report says eating processed meat is carcinogenic! Did you know that the World Health Organization has categorizes processed meat in group 1A carcinogenic, same group as tobacco, probably causing cancer? (source harvard.edu)

Earth Will Not be Destroyed. The Destroyers will be.

I establish my covenant with you: Never again will all life be destroyed by the waters of a flood; never again will there be a flood to destroy the earth. Genesis 9:11  

"The earth remains forever."​ Ecclesiastes 1:4, Revelation 11:18

Revelation 11:18 The nations were angry, and your wrath has come. The time has come for judging the dead, and for rewarding your servants the prophets and your people who revere your name, both  great and small and for destroying those who destroy the earth.

Aug 2022 - In Brazil, the Last Member of an Isolated Indigenous Tribe Dies

Known as the "Man of the Hole," the last member of an Indigenous group was found dead this month, marking the first recorded disappearance of an isolated tribe in the country.The man was the last survivor of an indigenous tribe that lived in the Tanaru area, in a region bordering Bolivia. Much of the tribe was killed in the 1970s by farmers who wanted to grow crops in the area. In 1995, another six tribesmen were murdered, this time by illegal miners. After this, this man was the only survivor, writes the BBC. The organization Survival International, which works to protect indigenous peoples, writes on social media that "the genocide of its people is now complete. (source

Technology This Age

We have never before lived in an age where we can contact each other within a few seconds worldwide to share news. The Two Witnesses shall prophecy and then be killed to the delight of the world:

And they that dwell upon the earth shall rejoice over them, and make merry, and shall send gifts one to another; because these two prophets tormented them that dwelt on the earth."   Revelation 11:3-10 

Sanhedrin re-established after 1,600 years

The Sanhedrin killed Christ and mockingly added 'king of the jews' to his cross. 

The Sanhedrin was established in 2005 and is headed by Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. It claims to be renewing the ancient Jewish high court, and meets once a week. They are trying to revive the temple mentioned in Revelations in attempt to hijack that which belongs to Gods people. 

John 8:44 - You belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your father's desires.
He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him.

Ethnic conflicts would be prevalent 

Jesus used the Greek word ethnos to describe the last days battles. Mark 13:7-8

Luke 21:10 Then he said to them: "Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom

Men would substitute fantasy in place of Christian truth (2 Tim 4:4)

2024 - picture right; Amazon Board Game Advertised as Christian is Disguised Ouija Board

New Age teaches humans to become hippies. Tarot cards, channeling, angel cards, meditation stones, astrology cards, you name it they fake it. It sounds great of course, dancing around naked and painting your chakra mandalas with your toes, but it only works if you shut off the real world. By doing that, you are an accomplice to the horrors that are taking place. 2 Tim 4:3 For a time will be when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own lusts, they will heap up to themselves teachers tickling the ear; - People just want to hear nice teachings that "tickle their ears".

Christianity teaches humans to be soldiers. Because you have been born into a war, and war is not won by throwing flowers and fairydust. 

Satan is the ruler of this world (John 12:31)

The devil offered Jesus all the kingdoms of the world in return for worshipping him. ALL the kingdoms on this planet are ruled by satan.

Ephesians 6:12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.

The House of Hammer documentary perfectly illustrates how royals and politicians are willingly corruptible puppets. For the right prize they all dance to the rich families like Rothschilds, Hammers, Bilderbergs. And all the rotten ones are to be found in these powerful circles. See the bunch of Mammon also here

The American journalist Tim Schwab writes about it in his book The Bill Gates problem, the myth of the good billionaire. . Schwab on Bill Gates. "He is portrayed in the media as some kind of superhero who gives away all his money, but in reality philanthropy in the hands of people like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Jeff Bezos is a tool to pull political strings. They influence how we address public health, public education, climate change and the regulation of artificial intelligence. They use their money to determine which choices are made. That also concerns our money, because there are many public-private partnerships. Gates believes in market forces, the primacy of the private sector and technology as the solution for everything. The Gates Foundation is a political organization and as such should be subject to supervision and regulation." (source, Nov 2023)

The Great Deception "its ok to kill"

Genesis 9:16-17 remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth

Grinded bones in toothpaste, elimination of fetuses in creams, forest arms in drinks, and a secretary for perfumes gathered by the cibet cat's gender organ. Perversity and the agony of millions of animals have now reached a dramatic proportions. Even for many informed and aware people it is still difficult to avoid all hidden animal materials, because they are deliberately camouflaged by various strange names. There are at least 780 hidden animal ingredients in food, cosmetics, clothes and all other common areas of everyday life

Satan mocking Christ

Jesus referred to himself as a hen who gathers her chicks (Matt 23:37; Luke 13:34)

And look how satan - the world treats these animals. How about you?

Revelation 3:15-16 I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other! So because you are lukewarm - neither hot nor cold - I am about to vomit you out of My mouth!

Ec 3:19 man has no advantage over the beasts, for ALL IS VANITY.

Genesis 9:16-17 remember the everlasting covenant between God and every living creature of all flesh that is on the earth

Female chicks are abused for eggs until their bodies give up on them 

Luke 3:6 ALL FLESH shall see the salvation of God. 

Male chicks find their death in a .. grinder... 

2021 - in the Netherlands 116.5 million animals are caged, imprisoned (source). Yet humans have the audacity to cry their eyeballs out sobbing about loneliness. (source

With more than 70 billion land animals being slaughtered every year, we have transformed our planet into 'one giant slaughterhouse'.

Satan loves the slaughter of preganant dairy cows 

June 2021 - Dairy cows often do not give enough milk after a few years. Taking the cow to the slaughterhouse, and getting some more money, is cheaper than keeping a dairy cow alive. It regularly happens that pregnant cows are also slaughtered. The slaughter of heavily pregnant cows is prohibited, but still happens. That means that on a weekly basis, mature and viable calves are killed. It concerns cows that are pregnant with calves of more than eight or nine months old. The calf is fully grown after nine months.

Every week, about four heavily pregnant cows are brought to the slaughterhouse. This is evident from figures that RTL Nieuws has requested from the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA). (source Diervriendelijk Nederland)

Worldwide slaughter of humans
- 139 abortions per minute 

"This is what the LORD says - your Redeemer, who formed you in the womb: I am the LORD, who has made all things, who alone stretched out the heavens, who spread out the earth by myself ..." Isaiah 44:24

According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), on average 73.3 million abortions are performed every year. 200,821 per day. 8,367 per hour. Since you started to read this, nearly 139 abortions have taken place. 139 per minute. They are not statistics. They are people... 

2020 - Sex selective abortion is also now specifically permitted until 12 weeks and there is no provision banning it before 24 weeks. Northern Ireland could therefore become an abortion tourist destination for those people from across Europe, looking to abort their babies because they are the 'wrong sex'. There will be de-facto abortion until 24 weeks, which is out of step with most other European countries, including the neighbouring Republic of Ireland, where the limit is 12 weeks for most cases. Abortions of twins, where one is selected to live and one is selected to die, will be legal. Other horrors include, babies being born alive after abortion being left to die, legal partial-birth abortions and no pain relief being given to babies while they are aborted.

Enslaving Masses With Gluttony

After Pride Stands The Sin Gluttony

Philippians 3:19 Their end is destruction, their god is their belly, and they glory in their shame, with minds set on earthly things. 

Millions to promote fat and sugar and medicine, but gyms have to close. Who with common sense listens to lazy hypocrite  gluttons...??

Research has been conducted on corona patients in intensive care (ICU) in the Netherlands. New figures were published in mid-November 2021. About 80% of corona patients in the ICU are overweight (BMI of 25 or more). This is higher than in the normal population. (source 1, source 2)

2023 (source) Zoonotic spillover epidemics increasing at exponential rate, study finds. Four types of animal-to-human (zoonotic) Infections have been increasing at an "exponential rate," amid a general pattern of increasingly larger and more frequent 'spillover' epidemics, finds an analysis of 60 years of historical epidemiological data, published in the open access journal BMJ Global Health. Based on current trends, these 4 types of viral pathogens are collectively set to kill 12 times as many people in 2050 as they did in 2020, warn the researchers.

No, this is not fat shaming. Obesity is associated with poorer mental health outcomes and reduced quality of life. Obesity is also associated with the leading causes of death worldwide, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some types of cancer. 

Prime Minister of the French Community, Pierre-Yves Jeholet (Belgium)

Dutch Minister Ferd Grapperhaus still stay on - the justice minister himself violated the corona rules

Hypocrite  Grapperhaus held a house party himself but wanted to criminalize everybody else

Stop Eating Meat, Abusing Animals

The first chapter was our life before sin. Genesis 2:15 The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it. Our life before sin was where animals talked (and were not eaten) and we were given delicious fruit and plants to eat from.

Genesis 1:29 Then God said, "I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

The new Kingdom would be Animal Cruelty Free too.

Isaiah 11:6-9 The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, ... the lion shall eat straw like the ox. The nursing child shall play over the hole of the cobra, and the weaned child shall put his hand on the adder's den. They shall not hurt or destroy in all my holy mountain...

"Dutch Mayor Hubert Bruls van Nijmegen is one of the ten most influential administrators in the Netherlands this year" source Bruls urges new cabinet to hurry with long-term corona strategy (source) > none of those self-righteous scumbags are talking about self-responsibility, eating healthy and exercising

Belgian professor-virologist Marc Van Ranst....

The coronavirus infects fat cells, study suggests

The coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 may directly infect fat cells and specific immune cells found in fat tissue, The New York Times reported. In a recent study, posted to the preprint database bioRxiv on Oct. 25, scientists experimented with fat tissue obtained from bariatric surgeries, to see if the tissue could be infected by the coronavirus. They found that fat cells, known as adipocytes, could become infected and developed a low level of inflammation. They also found that immune cells housed within the fat tissue, called macrophages, also became infected and kicked off a much more intense inflammatory response. source

The coronavirus affects everyone, but especially muslims

De Standaard that we must dare to state the facts, and say that there are a number of clusters in the Moroccan community in Antwerp. It would, the newspaper writes, be false political correctness not to dare to name names.

The Agency for Care and Health also applies this correctness and refers to the Turkish community (in Beringen) as a corona cluster. These messages from several spokespersons and journalists are clear: immigrants, especially Muslims, are the carriers of the new infections. (source)

More than half of the muslims are overweight (54%) More than ten percent more than the average of all native Dutch population groups (42%) Muslims are therefore relatively fat

Muslim politician Farid Azarkan; a filthy hypocrite

Farid Azarkan is a Moroccan-born Dutch politician serving in a political party named DENK who went to work while infected with the coronavirus. On March 29, Azarkan received a positive test result, after which he had to stay at home for at least five days. Instead, he was physically present in the House of Representatives two days later on March 31.  When the then scout Kajsa Ollongren turned out to have corona on March 25, Azarkan texted his fellow MP Stephan van Baarle: "The government is irresponsible with corona rules."(source)In 2022 their (DENK Vlaardingen) candidate councilor, Metehan Kul, planned to participcate at an election debate but could not due to being a suspect in an ongoing investigation into drug trafficking, money laundering and falsifying corona evidence. His pre-trial detention was extended by 90 days. (source, source)

"Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it"

Proverbs 23:2 And put a knife to your throat if you are given to appetite.  

WWF: Europe is eating the earth

May 2022 (source 1, source 2) Europe is world champion exporter of agri-food products. Transit port The Netherlands makes a significant contribution to this. But behind this simple fact are some inconvenient truths. The WWF brings this to light in a new report, in response to the current price increases and food scarcity. The title says it all: 'Europe Eats the World'. Europe may have the image of being the breadbasket of the world and feeding the world's population, but in reality Europe is the largest 'gulp' in the world. "When we measure what really matters in food terms, the picture changes dramatically. When it comes to protein and calories, the EU has a significant trade deficit," WWF said in its report Europe eats the world. Europe's high levels of food production, consumption and export depend largely on large imports of agricultural products, such as animal feed or fertilizers. "Processing imported raw materials such as cocoa into high-value food products such as chocolate may make economic sense, but it does not contribute to food or food security." Out of balance The EU's existing food system has serious ecological consequences. Over the years, European consumption has resulted in the loss of millions of hectares of forests and other natural ecosystems elsewhere on Earth. This has fueled climate change, led to biodiversity loss and created social injustices.

Animals are not food. They are souls. Food is what we ate in the garden of Eden. The 300.000 available edible plants (fruit, veggies..), of which we these days only eat 200 kinds.
Statistically wrong fact about meat - Carnivore revolution Homo erectus seems like a fable (Read more, science January 2022)

Christian Political Parties A Joke

And what happens (like in Belgium, Netherlands) when a political party is elected by the people that does not suit the leftist lobby? It results in fascism, as always. The true face is shown by not respecting election results. Not accepting the election results is an attack on democracy. So people serve democracy only when it serves their interests. Democracy therefore is a farce. 

God appointed Kings. We will inherit a Kingdom. Jesus Christ is called King.

Democracy is not from Christianity

Political parties such as HDZ in Croatia and CDA in the Netherlands are like the pope; they claim to be Christian but are not.

What do you think will happen in Europe when Turkish Erdogan gets his way and Turkish women do bare more children? He will succeed to destroy Christianity in Europe because the muslims will vote for their god, and that will be the end of Christianity as it was the end of the son of God on this world by.. democracy.

sodomite parade approved by 'christian' political parties in the Netherlands like the CDA

Political parties such as HDZ in Croatia and CDA in the Netherlands are like the pope; they claim to be Christian but are not.

Example: the Dutch the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) (SGP, ChristenUnie also not Christian, just claim to be). One of the most animal unfriendly parties out there, absolutely demonic humans. This party absolutely never voted in favor of animal rights, pissing on Gods creations. Grapperhaus, the current (2020) Dutch politician serving as Minister of Justice and Security comes from a pig farmer's family. At a members' meeting of the pig farmers he called out for the mistreatment of civilians who peacefully resisted the horrible way the animals are being treated. This is called conflict of interest. 

This same asshole called everybody that did not follow the covid 1,5 mtr rule an asshole, and then went on and had a wedding with many many guests without applying the 1,5 mtr rule. His fellow demon Hubert Bruls, Dutch politician of the CDA, major of the city Nijmegen, had been shouting a whole year for all to abide by the corona rules. Then at the first party in his town (2021), he lets go of the reins himself and allows thousands of football supporters to party freely. And when you look at both their faces, what do you see? GLUTTONY: 

Gluttony: excessive and/or unthoughtful eating and drinking. Apathy for the suffering of animal souls

Here is another gem: 'the unvaccinated mayor (SGP) calls on the population to get vaccinated' source  

Satan laughing his ass off

All these people vote... There is only one example in the bible where democracy was used. It was used by a group of evil people to vote for Jesus to die. Democracy does not work because it's based on ego...

Former President Donald Trump's administration resumed in 2020 after a 17-year hiatus from federal executions.

They arrested Donald Trump 4 times, gave him 91 charges and fined more than 350USD milion before a single Jeffrey Epstein client was arrested (found on the internet, very true.. let it sink in)

False Bible teachers would be money hungry. They would be smooth talkers, have many followers, and slur the Christian faith (2 Peter 2:1-3)

Once a coward, always a coward. Prince Andrew the price of paedophilia and killing innocent animals

Humans playing God

An angel once told me about the many sins humans were commiting. I remember experiments on animals was the first thing that came out of his mouth. 'In laboratories around the world right now, scientists are at work developing real half-human, half-animal hybrids.

The first successful human-animal hybrid was developed in a laboratory dish in Shanghai in 2003. A team of scientists fused human cells in rabbit eggs, creating the embryos of a new creature that was half-rabbit and half-human. Pigs And Sheep With Human Organs. Mice With Half-Human Brains. Monkeys With Human Neural Cells. If two Chinese scientists are to be believed, China nearly made the first hybrid decades earlier. In 1967, they came close to creating a human-chimpanzee hybrid-and if the experiment hadn't been shut down early, they would have succeeded.

The Mayo Clinic in Minnesota injected human stem cells into pig fetuses and successfully created the first pig with half-human blood flowing through its veins.The result was an animal that looked like a normal pig on the outside. But on the inside, it had half-human, half-pig cells throughout its body. In particular, the animal had a type of blood that the world had never seen before, created out of the fusion of human and pig DNA. In 2009, Russian and Belarusian scientists genetically modified goats to produce human breast milk.They weren't able to make the milk 100 percent human. But they were able to fill it with human cells, creating milk that had 60 percent of the lysozyme and lactoferrin that characterize human milk. And they weren't the only people who did. Shortly after, a Chinese team made a whole herd of 300 cattle that produced human milk. One of the biggest goals in making human-animal hybrids is to create a farm of animals that can be harvested for human hearts and lungs.In the US, this a major field of science right now, though it's still a little controversial around the world. Hiromitsu Nakauchi, one of the leading scientists working on the project, had to leave his home country of Japan for America because his work is illegal in his homeland. But in America, his work is encouraged. The US Army gave him a $1.4 million grant.

In 2010, researchers at the Salk Institute created a mouse with an almost entirely human liver. Then they injected the animal with every disease they could. The scientists bioengineered the anal sphincters, making them complete with human nerves and muscles. The researchers were delighted to see that the sphincters would generate their blood supply and fuse with the rest of the flesh when grafted onto animals' bodies. The mice could even relax and contract them like natural sphincters.The purpose was to do some early testing for a procedure that's really meant for human beings. Scientists are hoping to make replacement anal sphincters for humans, personalized by using the patient's own skin and nerve cells. Which sounds a little disgusting, but it just might save lives.

The best-known human-animal hybrid technically wasn't a human-animal hybrid at all. If the experiment had gone through to the end, though, it would have been.A mouse with a human ear on its back was bioengineered by a team of Harvard and MIT scientists in 1997. The scientists put a scaffolding in the shape of a human ear inside the mouse.

It's one thing to give a pig a human lung, but one experiment blurred the line between human and animal in a way that no other has. In 2014, a team of researchers gave mice millions of human brain cells. In 2007, Yale University put human neural stem cells into five monkeys to see how it would affect Parkinson's disease.' (listverse.com: source, read more)

Total Control / Fascism on the rise

The world introduced the first medicine ever that will only work for the sick person when a healthy person takes it too.  French President Emmanuel Macron told Le Parisien (2021) newspaper that he wants to make life miserable for unvaccinated compatriots "until the end". "That's the strategy."

Revelation 13:16 "And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:"

From offices to restaurants, companies are now requiring proof of vaccination (source) - Microsoft, CNN, Facebook, Google, Twitter etc....
Netherlands being stasi monster once again, 2022 (source)> The Dutch fascists want all bank transactions of Dutch account holders to be analyzed in one centralized database. "This is to combat money laundering and terrorist financing". Always the same lame excuses for total control and constant information gathering. The government often makes the news because data from citizens and its own employees is on the street.

How they teach you to kill and not care

Drones and robots won't make war easier-they'll make it worse

"The moral distance a society creates from the killing done in its name will increase the killing done in its name. We allow technology to increase moral distance; thus, technology increases the killing. More civilians than combatants die in modern warfare, so technology increases worldwide civilian murder at the hands of armies large and small." - Anthony Swofford

Satan keeps you chained

The torture and killing of animals, the destruction of nature, it can all be avoided. But the devil has thought generation after generation that animals must be killed. That nature must be destroyed and looted. Big firms do so for money, and the little people do so as slaves for a small wage to suvive. We are not suppose to live like this.

Humans were able to tap into natural energy resources which would not hurt the planet yet the goverments and firms - the corrupt system all to keep you in the dark, want to destroy the planet.

Why? Because the war has never been about money. It has always been about YOUR SOUL.

Television: Manipulation Brainwash Tool Numero Uno

Satan, the Father of Lies to: Media. Governments. Industries.

"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed." (vegetarian) Mark Twain

Demons are fallen angels. The most notorious one is Satan, the Morningstar. There is no truth in him for he is a liar and the father of lies John 8:44. Lucifer was Satan's name before he sinned and fell from Heaven. Lucifer was the first who sinned, and the first one that was brought to trial.

He has been given many names such as the accuser of our brethren (Revelations 12:10), the prince of the devils (Matthew 12:24), father of lies (John 8:44), prince of this world (John 14:30) among many other, associated with power, anger, pride, rage and deceit.

Politicians: lies lies lies and more lies

January 26, 1998 - U.S. President Bill Clinton denies having had "sexual relations" with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky. I'm going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people -Bill Clinton

Some facts: The US government planned to fabricate terrorist attacks and blame Cuba: operation Northwoods was designed to carry out terrorist attacks on American soil to gain public support in the war against Cuba. Fortunately, then-President John F. Kennedy halted the operation.
The Gulf of Tonkin Incident Didn't Happen: according to the U.S. Naval Institute, the Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 2, 1964 was faked to gain American support for the Vietnam War.

France: Protests Continue After Macron's Pension Plan Push

Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte is known among the people as a big liar. His favorite phrase to get away with is; "I have no active memory of that". And when they really cheat you and don't regret it one bit, they say: "That wasn't so handy" 'dat was niet zo handig'.

The Netherlands: politicians, civil servants, judges were aware of violence in Indonesia (source), government and military leadership deliberately tolerated extreme violence (source) 2022> More and more reports are being released showing that the current 10-year-ruling cabinet (with Pinocchio Rutte as leader) has conducted a corrupt policy in a cunning and incapable way; "The Ministry of General Affairs still refuses to release documents and opposes a court order to do so" (source)

The citizen must abide by the rules, the politicians say, disparagingly, but together with the royal family, they do what they feel like. Here Dutch minister Ferd Grapperhaus aka king of deception  

2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar Corruption Probe: Belgium Arrests EU Parliament Vice Prez, 4 Others. Eva Kaili, a member of the Greek socialists (PASOK), was arrested along with four others, for their involvement in corruption related to World Cup hosts Qatar. Eva could not stop gushing how wonderful Qatar was (for her wallet) earlier this year.. source

CIA dosed its own agents without their knowledge 

MK-ULTRA was a series of experiments (between 1953 and 1973) conducted by the CIA to test many different things-from electric shock therapy to the effects of drugs. The premise was to discover or counteract means of controlling the mind. The unknowing subjects were at bars or the beach when researchers dropped drugs in their drinks and then observed their reactions. It was like date rape without the rape but with all the nightmarish psychological torture. One of their top scientists died when he was drugged without his knowledge and fell from a hotel building. (read more, source)

Legalized Torture of prisoners

Mind-altering drugs and weapons of war on the prison population were tested on prisoners in Holmesburg Prison in Pennsylvania. Legalized torture in small degrees that both the US military and 33 different corporations had funded. It often included applying small amounts of poisonous substances onto or into the skin of patients. Read more, source

Denmark secretly placed IUDs in Greenland women

Thousands of women in Greenland, including some as young as 12, had a contraceptive device implanted in their womb - often without consent - as part of a Danish campaign to control Greenland's growing Inuit population in the 60s and 70s. The Danish government has announced an independent investigation into this so-called "Coil Campaign".

But the BBC has gathered accounts from women about recent involuntary contraception, amid growing calls for the investigation to go further. source bb.com, read more 

Make No Mistake, Satan Hates Christ

Acts 15:29 You are to abstain from food sacrificed to idols, from blood, from the meat of strangled animals and from sexual immorality. You will do well to avoid these things.

It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God. - Mark 10:25

'Jews' mocking Jesus. Biblical answer to mockery: turn the other cheek; do not throw your pearls to pigs. Proverbs 8:13 The fear of the LORD is to hate evil: pride, and arrogancy, and the evil way, and the perverse mouth, do I hate.

Jude 1:8 these ungodly people defile the flesh and speak evil of dignities

A video made by a modern day named jew who of course took the opportunity to mock Jesus Christ. (Christ was decribed as serene and with golden hair in the letter from Pontius Pilates to Caesar)

In 2020 the Dutch television found it funny to mock Christ. I can assure you, they never mock islam's Mohammed.
NTR, the broadcaster behind the Sinterklaas news was responsible for this mockery and cowardice. The choice of the Sinterklaas newsreel for the fictional place 'Kruisigem' as a possible place of arrival of Saint Nicholas was combined with a crucifix in the background. The fictional place name had an obvious connection with the Christian-laden cry 'Crucify him', which, according to the Bible, called for Jesus' death. source

Turning the other cheek concerns things that can not harm us, such as slander. Jesus Christ specifically mentioned the right cheek first (Matthew 5:39), which in the Hebrew language was referred to as an insult.

We are not suppose to turn our cheek when it comes down to defending those that are pure and innocent. If we did not defend those, we would be morally wrong and have sinned.

The Hollywood (the paedophilia)-elite (who runs Hollywood?) is set to release yet another wildly blasphemous film featuring Jesus Christ. Sign the petition against it by CitizenGO here

According to early reports, Habit will star Bella Thorne as a street-smart girl with a Jesus fetish who masquerades as a nun. If the byline itself didn't catch your attention, this next part certainly will. The film prominently features appearances of "Jesus Christ," played by Paris Jackson, the daughter of the late Michael Jackson.

Gaga Latest Celeb to Mock Christianity in Hollywood

The last coward who makes fun of Christians. Because it's easy, because if she did this to muslims, she knows she wouldn't survive. Gaga is a bully. For she will eat meat and wear meat dresses from animals such as chickens and lambs that are good-natured and do not defend themselves, instead of slaying lions and snakes with bare hands.

Netflix mocking Christians again

.. because it's easy to mock and attack a faith that calls to turn the other way for insults, while pedobear Mo doesn't get this treatment because his 'religion of peace' followers will stab you to death.

2021 - We all know Netflix was unapologetic in peddling pedophilia when they launched Cuties. Now they are continuing their assault on Christians around the world. This isn't the first time Netflix has allowed blasphemy of the likeness of Jesus Christ.

Their most recent attack on Jesus comes in season three of the animated Paradise P.D. with an episode that features a video of a gun-wielding Jesus that turns into nothing short of pornography.

The episode of the already disgustingly offensive series, features a scene using Jesus as anti-gun trope to demonstrate how "guns make a better world." The video is horrifically offensive, with Jesus coming down from the cross to kill his persecutors with machine guns before having sex with two women.

Somehow this scene is only slightly more offensive than the rest of the show. Believe it or not things only get worse from there.

Despite this blatant blasphemy, almost no one has taken note.  While even tame satirical depictions of Muhammad have garnered massive public outrage, and charges of "racism" and "Islamophobia," this overt attack on Jesus Christ has gotten no attention from today's "journalists." source

European Union is exterminating Christianity
out of their 4th Reich Scheme

cowards will attack Christianity because they know Christians don't attack. That's why Riccardo Simonetti will not dare to touch muslims, because he knows his head will get chopped off.

The Virgin Mary is not trans!

2021 This Christmas, an influencer for the European parliament is mocking the Virgin Mary and the Nativity of Jesus. He poses as the transgender bearded Virgin Mary on the cover of a German newspaper. He also seeks to ridicule the Christian religion and the mother of Christ in his statements. Riccardo Simonetti, who works as an "influencer" for the European Parliament and is a self-proclaimed "EU LGBTIQ Ambassador", mocks the Virgin Mary and the birth of Jesus by posing as a transgender Virgin Mary with a beard on the cover of a German LGBTQ magazine. source

LGBT Goodwill ambassador for the EU cross-dresses as the bearded virgin Mary (Fox News) source

The intention to abolish Christian values ​​in the European Union is growing.

Recently, a Maltese member of the European Commission, Helena Dalli, circulated a working document that would have made it mandatory for all staff employed by the committee to make neutral statements and avoid the term Christmas. For example, instead of a "Christmas break", the term "winter break" would have been mandatory for employees of an extensive bureaucratic institutional system. Dalli withdrew the draft, among other things, as a result of the Holy See's protest, and promised to rework it with her staff.

Je suis Charlie Idiocracy

After the Charlie Hebdo massacre in 2015 (Paris magazine), people were all supportive to the victims, calling for the freedom of self-expression. I wonder how they would feel like if their own father or mother was ridiculed like that. Because eventhough God forbids to act on insults (turn the other cheek) it does not mean Christians do not feel hurt. Christians can look away because wrath is reserved to God. It is pagans who kill, acting as if they are god.
This same Charlie Hebdo magazine flirted with pedophilia. Read here and here
When the 85 year old priest Jacques Hamel was beheaded in 2016 by - once again pagans from same demon god - in his own church, there was no worldwide outrage. There was no Je suis Jacques Hamel.

Satan ruler all nations

God did not create one new universal language. His gift was unity through diversity. Diversity is still needed to protect us from ourselves. That was the whole purpose of judgment at Babel, and that judgment is still in effect.  

Acts 17:26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation 

2020 Bullfights have returned to Europe. Despite the restrictions and the huge disapproval of the population, non Christian countries Spain, Portugal and France have reopened their bullrings to continue the torture of bulls. Terrified bulls that penetrate the torso of horses that are unable to run. Blood covering the sand. Death. Only death from beginning to end. When the show ends, only the wicked smile of the bullfighters remains as they drag the body of their victim out of the ring. source

"In the end of times people would mock, saying, where is He now".

The European Union strives for open borders, while God divided nations (Deuteronomy 32:8). Europe advertises by 'many voices, one tongue' on posters. This resembles the Tower of Babel story in the bible (Genesis 11:4); 'And they said, Go to, let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth'.

The European Parliament in Strasburg is the exact copy of the Tower of Babel painting by Pieter Brueghel.

They even confessed it was the intention to remake this tower, referring to it as "The Tower of Eurobabel."

There would be a cold religious system, in denying God's power (2 Timothy 3:5) 

"Europe's nations should be guided towards a super state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation". - founder of the European Union Jean Monnet (Bilderberg member and freemason)

Removal of Christian holidays 

2022 (source) - The European Parliament wants the Dutch to vote on (Sunday) Ascension Day in 2024. A majority of the Parliamentary Committee on Constitutional Affairs wants at all costs to allow all eligible voters from the country bloc to vote for the European elections on 9 May. It is then 'Europe Day'. On this holiday, the European Union celebrates itself and European officials have a day off.

France, October 2020 - 'The man suspected of carrying out the terror attack in Nice is said to be a 21-year-old Tunisian.
The man is said to have arrived in Europe as a migrant on the Italian island of Lampedusa in September. After a period of quarantine, he was released with a message to leave Italy, before arriving in France in October'. source

again full of males 

14-02-2022 The Tik-Tok migrants: Tunisian influencers film their illegal immigration to Europe on a packed dinghy - then post boasting images of their spending sprees, BMW rides and trips to the Eiffel Tower. Chaima Ben Mahmoude, 21, uploaded a video showing her waving as she made the crossing to Italy. In the footage, she smiles alongside a dozen other migrants while dancing to rap music on the journey. Sabee al Saidi, 18, also posted a similar image of herself wearing bright pink lipstick making the crossing (source)

Young men are working less and less since the 2008 crisis

Men between the ages of 25 and 44 in particular have started working less. In ten years' time, according to the CPB, this is a decrease of 5 percent, which amounts to about 100,000 men. In addition, there are more men who are now living on benefits. (Netherlands 2020 (source))

More Italians are not looking for work than they are

The cause of the problem is said to lie with the Italian schools. "The low employment rate is closely linked to the level of education", think Visco and many experts in Italy. "We have a low-skilled workforce. This has a major impact on our growth prospects," said Maria Cecilia Guerra, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance. (source, 2022)

Muslim preacher Anjem Choudary keeps inciting violence

..while comfortabely living in the UK. How about moving to Afghanistan? Google the face and you'll see arrogance combined with gluttony, seek his quotes and all you'll find is hatred and narrow-mindedness: "Islam is not a religion of peace ... It is a religion of submission. We need to submit to the will of Allah" (source, source). 

Terrorist plotting to machine-gun Brit tourists on Benidorm beach and post sick footage online arrested in Spain

Cops seized the 26-year-old, who was said to have been inspired by the terror attacks carried out by ISIS in Europe. The suspect, a Moroccan national named locally as Fath Allah Benhachem Grarrass, was arrested following a raid in the Catalan city of Girona. He is alleged to have tried to get hold of weapons to carry out a potential attack in Benidorm, the Costa Blanca resort beloved by Brit holidaymakers, a Spanish judge remanding him in prison on Friday said. Reports claim he was planning to film his evil machine gun attack and post footage of it on social media networks run by ISIS, or islamic State. (January 2023, source)
What kind of God encourages death and blood and promises you a whorehouse in the afterlife.... that's not God but satan.

By rebuilding the tower that provoked Gods anger in the past, the world now tries to show that He is not among us anymore (2 Peter 3:3-4) 'Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, And saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation'. And walking in lust they do indeed. The EU constitution does not mention of Christianity as part of Europe's cultural heritage, while they do refer to the pagan civilizations. In the EU, it's forbidden to discriminate on gender with this widely celebrating gay parades and same sex marriages. Outside the new Council of Europe building there is a bronze statue of the woman riding the beast and on the wall the EU's administrative capital in Brussels there is a picture of the woman and the beast (Revelations 17:3-6). This image is also used on the euro's (coins) and on postage stamps. The flag of the European Union has twelve stars, which was inspired by the halo of twelve stars as seen on the Roman Catholic images of Mary (Ishtar!). The European Union pushed thru the Istanbul Convention.

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws - Tacitus

The treaty created in a muslim country pretends to protect women but aimed at legalizing pedophilia "Art 3 - Def f .: "Women" includes girls under the age of 18" and is anti-Christian as it denies God by pushing the gender ideology. The people in Croatia (people, not the corrupt government) were one of the very few countries that protested against it, more than 50.000 people (2018)held up pro-Christ and anti-pagan/Sodomite banners in a big rally.

A former secretary general of the Council of Europe affirmed that the stars are those of "the woman of the Apocalypse."

The European Union is working very hard to exterminate Christianity out of Europe.

Europe is nothing more but a revived Roman Empire; the new Babylon.

The European Union rewards Taliban terrorism with 700 milion

The European Union is allocating a further EUR 700 million for aid to Afghanistan and its neighboring countries. The European Commission (EC) announced this on Tuesday before the G20 digital summit where aid to Afghanistan and the relationship with the Taliban are on the agenda. source

Liberals in the Netherlands are killing the country hand in hand with the EU 

In the Netherlands, more and more people are sleeping in their cars or are on a waiting list for a house for decades. At the same time, migrants continue to arrive by the thousands every week. They in turn become 'status holders', who in turn are assigned a house and are given priority over everyone else. In the province of Utrecht (Oct 2022), status holders appeared to have quit their job en masse after being given a home. Because with a house they were entitled to... social welfare, so they no longer had to work.. 

What is most reprehensible is that the liberal 'wir schaffen das' voter does not take responsibility. Because he shifts the responsibility to the government instead of offering their own place in the house, children have had to sleep on a chair for days (Oct 2022). 

Asylum Seeker smuggling a money making business

Unnecessary crossings within Europe by migrants looking for where they get the most for free

On the beach of Bray-Dunes in France, just across the border at De Panne, a woman saw a large group of migrants go out to sea with a boat on Tuesday morning. The woman from Nieuwpoort made a video of it. "Unfortunately, this is daily fare," said police chief Nicholas Paelinck.
The woman from Nieuwpoort was walking on the beach of Bray-Dunes in France this morning when she suddenly heard a lot of noise. On the beach, a large group of migrants carried a boat overhead and stepped out to sea. It concerned about thirty migrants. They walked briskly, without hesitation. The woman filmed everything she saw and responds: "Unbelievable."
The video shows how two police officers from the French police are chasing the group. They try to talk to them, but can't stop them. They get into the boat and leave at sea. Chief of Police Nicholas Paelinck of the West Coast police zone is not shocked by the images. "Unfortunately, these facts are commonplace in France. In the past two days, 35 boats carrying a total of 1,604 migrants were intercepted in the North Sea. Most migrants used to leave at night, now they are not afraid to do so in broad daylight ." "Furthermore, the legislation in France is different: once at sea, the migrants are escorted into English waters where the United Kingdom authorities are obliged to take them over and release them. In Belgium, a rescue operation is always set up and they are retrieved. A month ago "We had another attempt in the West Coast, but it was possible to intervene quickly. Our coast is now well secured. We also often carry out road checks and now see that smugglers drive in a wide arc around our zone." This year alone, 34,672 migrants made the crossing. In 2020 there were still 8,400. The French authorities are also now investigating to tighten their legislation. (2022, October, source)
Meanwhile, more and more people go to bed hungry in the Netherlands. A volunteer sees numbers of people without money and with hunger grow: 'There is so much despair' (read more, Oct 2022)

Students are forced out of 'luxury' flats with gym and cinema to make way for up to 405 asylum seekers leaving them scrambling to find new accommodation on eve of new term

31 Aug 2023, source daily mail  The government deal means that more than 150 students who had already signed tenancy agreements have been forced to find alternative housing a week before the start of the academic year.

Afghanistan migrant lies about religion to get asylum and carries out chemical attack on women and children in the UK

Friends of Abdul Shakoor Ezedi, who claimed to have changed religion to win asylum, say he planned to return to Afghanistan 'to find a wife' (source 2024)

Pakistan begins mass deportation of Afghan refugees

How islam treats its own co-religionists

(2023, source) Pakistan has begun mass deportation of undocumented Afghans residing in the country illegally, including thousands of people who escaped the Taliban's rule and who are at risk of persecution at home after the country fell to the Taliban two years ago following the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan.

Italian girl, 13, is dragged into a public toilet and gang-raped in front of her boyfriend 'by youths who entered the country illegally as minors'

There are seven male suspects - three of them minors- who allegedly entered Italy illegally between November 2021 and March 2023 as 'unaccompanied minors', La Repubblica reports. The suspects are reportedly from Egypt and aged 15 to 19. (2024, source)

Dysgenetics and Immigration

Inbreeding causes criminal and antisocial behaviour... Just like with dogs that are inbred they are often much more aggressive than their mixed breed counterparts which result in behavioral problems including biting. They also ​have a much lower immune system function than other dogs. source

After the intelligence scores in various countries showed an upward trend for years, a ceiling seems to have been reached and there is even talk of a serious decline at the moment. 

"The scientist also mentions the role that immigration can play, especially if the immigrants come from countries where the average IQ is much lower. With the significant increase in immigration, it is therefore not surprising that the average IQ scores in the new country of residence are declining." 

Dysgenetics are often referred to in the context of biological / genetic effects. This somewhat controversial theory holds that people with a high IQ generally have fewer children than those with a lower IQ. This would decrease the genetically determined intelligence. Nijenhuis emphasizes that these effects are only a very small piece of the puzzle: "My estimate is that genetic intelligence will have decreased by about 8 points in 200 years. Those are major effects, but every ten years it really concerns very small effects. "

He also mentions the role that immigration can play, especially if the immigrants come from countries where the average IQ is much lower. With the significant increase in immigration, it is therefore not surprising that the average IQ scores in the new country of residence are declining. source 

The lower intelligence of immigrant children (30% of the children in Amsterdam do not participate in the cito test) is caused by the fact that there are many cousin marriages, which in addition to severe handicaps also often result in a lower mental capacity. Dutch mayor Aboutaleb acknowledges that there is a greater chance of miscarriages and children with an abnormality, but believes that a prohibition interferes too deeply in private life. 

Fact: one in four Moroccans marries a family member.

Cousin marriage can reduce I.Q. a lot

Young muslim men involved in drug smuggling in Rotterdam

Juvenile probation service in the Netherlands states that drug takers are often young people who are easy to influence and who also have a mild intellectual disability. Just like their parents, Fadma Bouchataoui adds. Fadma Bouchataoui is a parenting expert and knows those families. She still meets the parents, especially in mosques, where she has easy access with her Moroccan background. She says about the young people: "A lost generation that can only be saved if their friends tell them to give up or start a family." source 

European Union insists on housing every migrant but has no place for them

Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, migrants are sleeping on the streets, children on chairs...

2022 - 700 asylum seekers sleep outside at the Dutch registration center for asylum seekers in Ter Apel, baby dies in sports hall. There are serious concerns about the hygiene of asylum seekers outside Ter Apel. The toilets are not to look at, so people dive into the bushes to do their needs. All this leads to health problems among asylum seekers, the Red Cross tells NU.nl. Unlike the people who opened their doors for the Ukraine refugees, there are no muslims that open their doors for their kinsmen. Not even the liberal left that wants the asylumseekers in are prepaired to face responsibility and offer them a place to stay in their own homes.

Netherlands 2023, Ter Apel (source) - The number of incidents and their severity is growing every day, the inspectorate concludes. Within the fences of the site, a group of about 200 to 250 asylum seekers are causing considerable nuisance. The GGD report shows that many single men use methadone. "Which can cause mutual tension," writes GGD Groningen. Under the current circumstances, due to the stagnation of the flow, the group of North African methadone users has increased, according to Velema. "A lot of these guys use drugs and alcohol." Municipality, Red Cross, UNHCR: everyone is crying out for extra space for asylum seekers.

Goal European Union: 
Deliberate creation of chaos so that people agree to give up their privacy to gain security

Because letting in millions of migrants who you know include terrorists and people who do not want to adhere to Western values is not naivety. That's premeditation. 

There will be watchtowers, fences and cameras around Europe. The EU countries have decided to better close off Europe to unwanted guests. "Substantial European money will be immediately allocated for, for example, additional cameras, patrol cars, watchtowers, aerial surveillance and modern surveillance technologies," Ursula von der Leyen said after the EU summit. Prime Minister Rutte is positive about the talks that have been held. The mistrust between countries of arrival such as Italy and countries where asylum seekers register, such as the Netherlands, has been removed, according to the prime minister. "That has not happened in twelve years and that gives me the expectation that something fundamental has changed," said the prime minister. A second pilot is about the registration of migrants, a fast asylum procedure and direct return from the external border of the EU. Von der Leyen has not yet revealed anything about the location of this project. (source, msn.com 10-02-2023)

No housing in Belgium, in Netherlands, UK but migrants keep coming and coming

Organisation: strong increase in homeless people in rural areas of England

LONDON 2023 (source) - The number of homeless people in rural areas of England has increased sharply in recent years. This is what an organization that is committed to helping people who are homeless states in a report. The increase is due to high inflation, which makes people struggle to pay bills and rent, while house prices have also risen sharply. Furthermore, there is a major lack of social housing.

The CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England) charity, which campaigns for affordable housing in rural England, said homelessness in the countryside had increased from 17,212 in 2018 to 24,143 in 2023. Many people live in tents in fields, woodlands or other temporary shelters such as vacant farm buildings. Homeless people in rural areas are also much more hidden from public view, according to the organization, in contrast to people living on the streets of cities.

"The sharp increase in the number of homeless people in rural areas shows the real impact of record high house prices and extremely long waiting times for social housing," the organization said.

2022 War in Ukraine, footage of real refugees

Men stay behind to fight and defend their soil while the women with children and pets seek out shelter. The difference between Christianity and islam if you remember the massive extent in which males left their women and children to catch bullets while they ran to safety... Meanwhile simpletons like Nasrdin Dchar (seems to be an actor in Netherlands, I don't watch tv so I never heard of this creature) cry crocodile tears after his vacation in Dubai! that not all refugees are treated the same by people. DUH. Do you think women and children will mass rape women like they did in Germany?? That these will stab around people like the 'other' refugees (debatable, migrants) do? And do you go to Finland or Norway to vacation? No, you go as all birds do; birds of a feather flock together. Why do you think all vultures like employment agencies immediately jump on the war refugees from Ukraine? Why does the government immediately want to put the people in the care sector? That is indeed discrimination; leave them alone, they just escaped war. 

Europe is a significant driver of wildlife trade

...."These false stories can result in blinkered policy decisions that ignore the real motivations driving both consumption and poaching. In particular, consumer demand in the United States and Europe is a significant driver of wildlife trade. And wildlife products appeal to Western consumers for many of the same reasons that drive demand in other parts of the world... " read more, from the African Elephant Journal   

2020 Tigers on the border' documentary exposes the EU lucrative trade business with tigers and the relentless demand for their parts! An officer from the Russian Customs Service adds that often, zoos and circuses are used as a front for illegal trade.

Destined as a 'gift' from a circus family to a non-existent zoo in Russia, the 10 tigers made a 2 000 km trip in horrifying conditions. This can only end if the European Commission bans the commercial trade! 

European Union let's animals get sledge-hammered - the EU-Vietnam trade deal, passed by the European Parliament in feb 2020, will remove all tariffs between the two parties over a period of 10 years, with only loose provisions regarding wildlife trafficking. Vietnam is a recognised hotspot for wildlife trafficking. FOUR PAWS research shows that there is a demand in Vietnam for captive tigers bred in Europe, with tigers ending up being cut and used for traditional medicine. In 2011, the live export industry was exposed for horrific cruelty in Indonesia. Rather than ensure animals would no longer be sent to countries where they are at risk of extreme abuse, the industry opened a new market - Vietnam - where the traditional method of slaughter is sledge-hammering ...

New EU rule says cosmetics MUST be tested on animals despite the chemicals being used in hundreds of 'cruelty free' products 

Eurocrats said chemicals in 'cruelty-free' cosmetics must be tested on animals. Protesters say it destroys the EU-wide ban on animal experiments for cosmetics (source)

Just like us, animals only have 1 life. They too want and deserve to live. Do not be the reason why they die And certainly not for vanity like make up. Choose Vegan.

European Union finances obesity & animal cruelty

Despite the fact that the corona pandemic, which once again in human history can be traced back to the consumption of animals, the EU has decided to continue the advertising campaign to promote meat consumption. The European Union is funding obesity, while the World Health Organization (WHO) previously warned that Europe will face an epidemic of obesity in 2030.

Thousands of cattle remain stranded at sea on two livestock ships that left Spain in mid-December, as campaigners desperately seek veterinary support for the animals. (source)

God speaks in Jonah 4:11 And should I not have concern for the great city of Nineveh, in which there are more than a hundred and twenty thousand people who cannot tell their right hand from their left- and also many animals?"

Thirteen cows arrived at a slaughterhouse last year in such an awful state, the slaughterhouses workers put in a complaint. The farmer was fined only $900. To put that into perspective, that's just $69.23 for each animal that suffered. (source)

"In a recent analysis of the FAO's 2019 data, the Guardian revealed that the European Union could be responsible for as much as 80 per cent of the global trade in live farm animals worth an estimated $20 billion (£14 billion) a year. That make up a lucrative, often subsidised trade that evidently cares little for animal welfare despite whatever so-called standards may be present domestically in each exporting EU state." (source)

2019 The EU finances advertising to promote meat consumption. November 2019 the European Commission decided that an advertising campaign for chicken from the European poultry processing industry will receive € 4.4 million. The campaign starts in 2020, lasts two years and runs in six EU countries. The tens of millions of subsidies in recent years went to various types of meat. In Belgium alone, more than 300 million animals have been slaughtered in 2019! 

2022 Again millions of EU subsidies for meat and dairy advertising!   Hello new pandemic. And more cruelty.

January 2022 (source Dier& Recht)  In its annual subsidy round, the European Union allocates almost 54 million euros for advertising campaigns for meat and dairy. In addition, almost 39 million euros in EU subsidy will go to campaigns that include meat or dairy products. 1.9 million euros for Dutch veal The Central Organization for the Meat Sector (COV) will receive 1.9 million euros to advertise Dutch veal in Canada and the US. In addition, the Netherlands, France, Italy and Belgium will jointly receive 1.7 million euros to promote veal within the EU. We all know by now that the consumption of meat and dairy needs to be drastically reduced. Not only for the well-being of the animals, but also for our health and that of the planet. It's absurd that a sector that causes so much trouble gets tons of taxpayers' money every year to advertise.

Merchants of Poison. How Monsanto (Bayer) Sold the World on a Toxic Pesticide

Ten years ago, pesticide and processed food companies spent $45 million - roughly $1 million a day - to defeat a ballot initiative to label genetically modified foods (GMOs) in California. The anti-transparency campaign led by Monsanto, one of the largest producers of GMOs, blitzed the state with misleading messages amplified by a wide range of seemingly independent third parties: from universities, professors, and scientists to many groups that claimed expertise on matters of food, health, nutrition, and science. But investigations would eventually reveal close ties between these so-called neutral groups and the companies fighting transparency. Read more 

Bayer ordered to pay minimal compensation to farmer poisoned by Monsanto herbicide

After a years-long legal battle delayed by appeals, French farmer Paul François will receive only €11,135. source, read more December 8, 2022 

One World Government
Cashless Society
New World Order

Europe Is Building a Huge International Facial Recognition System
Lawmakers advance proposals to let police forces across the EU link their photo databases-which include millions of pictures of people's faces. > 2022 April

Rev 13:4-5, 16-17-18: "And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast...and there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies... And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that has the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name."

Daniel 12:4 increase in knowledge and travel  

Billionaire  Elon Musk's neuroscience startup Neuralink on Friday unveiled a pig that has had a coin-sized computer chip in its brain for two months, demonstrating an early step toward the goal of curing human diseases with the same type of implant. source

The Spiritual and Biblical Danger of the Chip

... When you know that the microchip has a lithium battery that would cause, once it's broken, a painful wound filled with pus, you think immediately about the Bible quote.

(Revelations, 16:2): 

"The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image". 

When you know that this RFID chip implant is also cancerous and causes malignant tumors, the verse is even more revealing! What can be closer from an "ugly and painful sore" than a malignant tumor?' Read more, source

Paganism Revived, Brotherhood of Demons Restored

Men would mock the warning signs of the end of the age saying, "for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation." (2 Peter 3:4).

The Bible even reveals their motivation, they love lust (verse 3).  

Old Babylon Customs

Pagan god Pan having sex with a goat. 

The history of zoophilia and bestiality begins in the prehistoric era, where depictions of humans and animals in a sexual context appear infrequently in European rock art. (the Greek myth of Leda and the Swan, Loki having sex with a horse etc). 

Bestiality seems to be a common occurrence in all pagan faiths. 

Buddhists and Christians mix well together, as seen here.
Old Sumerian pagans mix well together too, they share their hatred for Christ and everything holy.

Protect Your Cattle from Sodomites

Islamic scholar Zakir Naik recited from Sahih Hadith that a man can have sex with a sheep or goat as a way of dealing with his "lust." Naik received Saudi Arabia's most prestigious prize for service to islam, the King Faisal International Prize. 

Answering christianity website I stumbled across the net actually dares to blab about Christ using as teacher the same individual that tells them to fuck goats. Do take a look at the video created by Arvind the animal activist.

Christmas Is About Birth, Not Death

Let's celebrate the birth of Christ by not eating the animals that have witnessed his birth.
That were saved on the Ark.
That will live peacefully next to each other in the New Kingdom.
The donkey that was so kind to carry Jesus Christ when he went into Jerusalem.
The horse that will carry Jesus Christ when he returns.
honor Jesus Christ by showing compassion.

God is a God of the living, not of the dead (Luke 20:38) 

Easter Bunny & Eggs A Pagan Custom

Easter is the Chaldean (Babylonian) Astarte, one of her many names such as Ishtar. The egg is associated with fertility. The painting of the eggs stems from old Ishtar celebrations, where eggs were painted with blood. Ishtar (Semiramis) claimed that she came down from the moon in an egg.

Rabbits were sacred in the ancient religion because Tammuz fond of them. Jesus Christ was not resurrected at sun(service)rise but when it was dark;

John 20:1 The first day of the week cometh Mary Magdalene early, when it was yet dark

"And the flesh of slain beasts in his body will become his tomb. For I tell you truly, he who kills, kills himself, and whoso eats the flesh of slain beasts, eats the body of death."  

Stop Eating Dead Bodies

The community in which Joseph and Mary lived did not slaughter a lamb to celebrate the Feast of the Passover. Joseph and Mary, his parents, went up to Jerusalem every year at the Feast of the Passover, and observed the feast after the manner of their brethren, who abstained from bloodshed and the eating of flesh and from strong drink. source

And Jesus said, "Verily I say unto you, they who partake of benefits which are gotten by wronging one of God's creatures, cannot be righteous: nor can they touch holy things, or teach the mysteries of the kingdom, whose hands are stained With blood, or whose mouths are defiled with flesh." 

Institution of marriage would be forsaken - the age of whorism

The institution of marriage would be forsaken by many (1 Timothy 4:3). 

Once a holy bond, now just a casual no strings (rings, paperwork) attached 'kinda love'. Women who are 'engaged' for decades seeing no holy bond formed. 
Then there are those who are married, but look with lusty eyes at others. And the fitlhy mouth speaks what the eyes see, these are the special type of human swines that will actually pretend to be offended if you point their whorism out. 

Then there are those who are married but commit adultery, called swingerclubs. Where the man and woman break the holy bond and fuck around like prostitutes with other partners. 

Ditch the ring and just be human garbage, honesty is the best policy. So even in a pandemic, with this climate disaster in front of us, with animal cruelty on daily basis, you have untermenschen who slither to swingclubs or partners like in Belgium

Matthew 7:15-20 You Will Know Them by Their Fruits

The presence of islam in France: Bataclan in Paris: 130 people were shot in the concert hall and on café terraces. A teacher beheaded, three churchgoers  murdered and two people stabbed in the street in 2020.

Thousands of Australians protest over climate change policy as bushfires rage

Take a good l0ok at the various images in Google too.

Protests in Sydney over anti-islam film

So why do we not see raging madmen and a legion of headscarves on rallies for the climate? For animal rights?

When fascists call themselves anti-fascists...

False Signs and Wonders

2 Thessalonians 2:9 in accord with the activity of Satan, with all power and signs and false wonders

Our Lady of Medjugorje Apparitions

Nowhere in the bible God or Jesus ask you to pray to Mary.

Matthew 15:3 He answered them, "And why do you break the commandment of God for the sake of your tradition? 

Luke 11:27-28 27 As Jesus was saying these things, a woman in the crowd called out, "Blessed is the mother who gave you birth and nursed you." He replied, "Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it."

Matthew 12:47-50 Someone told Jesus, "Your mother and brothers are standing outside, wanting to speak to you. He replied to him, "Who is my mother, and who are my brothers? Pointing to his disciples, he said, "Here are my mother and my brothers. For whoever does the will of my Father in heaven is my brother and sister and mother."

In the Bible, everyone who has received Jesus Christ by faith is a saint.
In the Bible, saints are called to revere, worship, and pray to God alone. Luke 11:1-28 How does Jesus say we should pray? Jesus instructs us to approach God as Father. God is our Heavenly Father.

Do not hold on to human traditions if they make the Lord angry. Do not pray to angels.

Angel in Revelation 22:9 

And I am John, who heard and saw these things. And when I had heard and seen them, I fell down to worship at the feet of the angel who had shown me these things. But he said to me, "Do not do that! I am a fellow servant with you and your brothers the prophets, and with those who keep the words of this book. Worship God!"

Nowhere in the bible it says you should pray to angels. Angels themselves said even! do not pray to us! but to God. No is no! 

Dead Christmas Tree Pagan Custom

God creates the heavens and the earth, makes the sky, creates fish, makes wild animals, and creates mankind. But he doesn't use either one of the verbs when it comes to the Garden. When it comes to the Garden, He plants. Why would a God that adores his garden that much, celebrate it by killing it?

God is a God of the living, not of the dead (Luke 20:38)

Don't kill the tree and engage in a pagan custom for they too have in them life:

1 Chronicles 16:33 Then shall the trees of the forest sing for joy before the LORD, for he comes to judge the earth 

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Tammuz (one of the main Babylonian gods, named Dumuzid in Sumerian).   

Astronomers have calculated that Jesus Christ was not born in the winter but in the summer, June rather than December.

Candles lighted on Christmas was to honour the Babylonian god.

Its also highly unlikely that shepherds would be outside with their flock in the hard winter when the birth of Christ was announced.

Tammuz was killed when drops of pigs blood fell upon a stump. This stump than became a full grown evergreen tree by night.

The (Christmas) tree is quite accurately described in the bible; Jeremiah 10:2-4 The Lord said: Don't follow the customs of those nations who become frightened when they see something strange happen in the sky. Their religion is worthless! They chop down a tree, carve the wood into an idol, cover it with silver and gold, and then nail it down so it won't fall over.

Sure you can have your tree, but do not let it be a dying one. If nobody is hurt and the intention is pure and love for Christ present, feast, sing, dance, God is not a party pooper.

Idolatry and the End Times

1 John 5:21 Dear children, keep yourselves from idols  

The World's Hero Nelson Mandela

"Today I don't mourn Mandela's passing. Instead , today I think of the people he murdered. I think of them lying in their graves while for years he drank champagne and was fettered on the international stage as some kind of living god. I think of all the people who have died since he became president of South Africa. All the farmers , all the elderly , all the men , women and especially all the children , who died as a result of him being unleashed onto South Africa.

And while the brainwashed celebrate his life and his so-called achievements , I remember that he pleaded guilty to 156 counts of public violence, including mobilizing terrorist bombing campaigns , which planted bombs in public places. Many innocent people including women and children died because of communist Mandela and his MK terrorists. I'll remember too that he released thousands of criminals , murderers and rapists from jail every year to celebrate his birthday while president , unleashing even more violence, chaos and death on the people of South Africa (source, read more)

Real hero Hugh Wilson

Real hero Naoto Matsumura

Days of Lot
The Complete Moral Decline

We know that the root of Sodom's sin was pride AND complacency (a feeling of smug or uncritical satisfaction with oneself or one's achievements). Now Pride is forced upon our entire society.

The spirit of lucifer (satan) is behind the origin of PRIDE(depicted by his attempt to ascend to the throne of God). PRIDE brings DISHONOR (Prov 11:2). MOCKERY (using rainbow flag) is the manifestation of the antichrist spirit.

Demons refer to themselves as we/them/they/us in the bible.

'Parents' who with dishonorable behavior (social media) expose their children at young age to sexuality and corrupt their innocence like in Norway.
Sexual perversions and moral corruption such as adultery promoted.

Due to the perversion movement paedophilia is now being classified as a 'sexual orientation - like being straight or gay'. Panem et circenses; none think about what they will leave behind for their grandchildren, they are too busy enjoying life, gaining material assets, collecting likes and taking selfies. Jesus said that the end times would be like the days of Noah and Lot. (Luke 17:28,30). Sex doll brothels are already popular in several European countries as a legal route to sexual gratification.

Luke 17:28 It was the same in the days of Lot. People were eating and drinking, buying and selling, planting and building, marrying and being given in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark. Then the flood came and destroyed them all.  

At this moment all countries that abandoned Christianity and embraced atheism, the old pagan religions or melted it in a new one (New Agers) in Europe face a variety of perversions.
To Christians, the body is the temple housing the Holy Spirit (Colossians 3:2).

Jude 1:8 Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.

'Government-funded report urges NHS to use terms 'chestfeeding' and 'frontal birth' instead of breast or vaginal (2022, source

Maternity services should use 'inclusive' terms like 'chestfeeding' so trans pregnant people aren't offended, a Government-funded report says. The report, from the LGBT Foundation, made the recommendation after surveying 121 trans Britons on their experience of pregnancy.

NHS services are currently in a 'woke' storm of de-gendering language surrounding women and pregnancy. Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is now referring to breastmilk as 'human milk' in official guidance.'

Luke 17:28-30 ...'Likewise also as it was in the days of Lot; they did eat, they drank, they bought, they sold, they planted, they builded; But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.'

Mattel inciting gender confusion in girls

Police Scotland will be logging male rapists as women

Police have been criticised for saying they will record rapes by offenders with male genitalia as being committed by a woman if the attacker "identifies as a female". Police Scotland said that they would log rapes as being carried out by a woman if the accused person insists, even if they have not legally changed gender. (source) Male rapists who say they are females, are not females and should not be registered as females. It's really that simple.

Man rapes 2 women, 2 vunerable mothers!, gets a sex change and enters a woman prison...

The first victim recalled repeatedly stating 'no' as her 'muscular' attacker raped her when the then man got into bed beside her in 2016. The second woman was raped at a flat when they were planning to watch the film Mean Girls in 2019. (2023, dailymail.co.uk source)

'I was sexually assaulted by paedo-trans rapist in women's jail': Female prisoner tells of ordeal at the hands of notorious predator Karen White who molested four inmates in three months

(2023, dailymail.co.uk) A female prisoner today warns of the dangers of putting transgender inmates in women's jails after she was sexually assaulted by a paedophile rapist behind bars. Laura Goldsmith (left), 38, revealed how she fell prey to notorious sex offender Karen White (right, and as a man Stephen Wood) in HMP New Hall in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. In chilling echoes of the shocking case of transgender double rapist Isla Bryson being placed in an all-female jail in Scotland, Laura told how White was allowed to carry out a campaign of abuse in plain sight after being placed in the jail despite not having surgery and boasted how she was not having hormone treatment. White was a convicted paedophile and serial sex offender on remand for grievous bodily harm. White went on to be jailed for life after sexually assaulting two inmates at New Hall.

Mother-of-four claims she pleaded guilty to crime she 'didn't commit' because she was terrified of returning to prison after being made to shower next to trans inmates convicted of murder and sex attacks

2023, source dailymail 

UK Justice system

Trans women prisoners with male genitalia should not be sent to female jails after high-profile sex scandals involving inmates, Justice Secretary says. No shit Sherlock.

Women are still discriminated against in the field of health and therefore still not properly helped 

For the first time, the costs of gender inequality in healthcare have been mapped out in Europe. And that is quite a shock: it concerns an amount of €750 billion in economic losses, as a result of the male doctor's view of the female body. Severe menstrual pain. Migraine. Menopausal complaints. "The normalization of female suffering," is what Professor Fedde Scheele, gynecologist and researcher at the Vrije Universiteit, calls the complaints "that only women have and of which doctors, mothers and employers generally say: you just have to live with it." 

But these 'female ailments' do have significant economic consequences. Last Wednesday, Scheele and a number of fellow doctors presented a study to the European Parliament. The total of misdiagnoses in women, ineffective remedies and incorrect research results, which often means that women have to go to the doctor several times, plus the impact on the economy costs €750 billion. "Economic growth could be 5 percent higher if women were not discriminated against in health," says researcher Colum Joyce in Het Parool. "We could finance the entire Green Deal with it." It is now well known that women are not 'men with breasts and a uterus' and are not 'little men' 

any more than children are little people for whom the dose of medicine can be calculated based on body weight. Yet within medical science it is still completely normal to use 'the man' as the standard. For example, in animal research it is common to work only with males and test subjects are also more often of the male gender. It may therefore come as an unpleasant surprise that even the high-pressure development of the corona vaccine was almost entirely based on men. After the Mexican flu pandemic (2010), the WHO insisted on including the physiological differences between men and women as standard in future studies. Researchers apparently forgot this when Covid-19 struck, with the result that almost 90% of side effects were reported by women and women suffered the biggest economic blows. And that is why Scheele and his colleagues are going to the European Parliament. They argue that the EU only subsidizes scientific research in which the effect of treatment is broken down for men and women. So gender-specific research. In the Netherlands, professor Judith Huirne will present the results of a study into the economic damage of 'misunderstood women's complaints' next week. Even in the Netherlands alone - based on careful calculations - this amounts to billions. "If you know how much research has been done into prolonging life, while at the same time we can only really treat the symptoms of menstrual problems, then it is an absurd difference," says Huirne. (source, 2023) 

The Rise of Bestiality Brothels

Bestiality brothels that are spreading through Germany, Denmark..

"In 2015 alone, over 30,000 incidents of sexual assault against kangaroos were reported in Australia, with a further 7,369 cases of koala molestation and 5,012 instances of indecent wombat abuse," a clearly disgusted McShearson told the Mideast Beast. "And that's just what was reported to authorities - these statistics are in all probability just a grain of sand in the true desert of Australia's bestiality epidemic," he warned, adding, "one deranged individual even died while trying to force his penis into a small crocodile's mouth!"(source) In the book Bestiality and Zoophilia: Sexual Relations with Animals from Anthony L. Podberscek he describes Beirut was known as a 'hot place' for bestiality in the 1960s, and in 1933 still very popular in Syria. In 2020 a kitten was raped by males in 7 days in Pakistan. The kitten was taken to JFK Animal rescue, bleeding and traumatized. The vet removed blood, sperm and the plastic bags that the teens had used rape the kitten. The kitten died from internal injuries.
August 2020 - Six-month-old puppy dies of horror injuries after being violently raped by monster sparking outrage in Chile, source
Related news articles are found here, do not ever think Satan is sleeping. He is out there.

Orangutan used as prostitute in Borneo

This enslaved oranghutan in these photos named Pony was used as a prostitute. She was rescued 13 years old, by 35 policemen...she was trained to be a sex slave to mostly palm oil workers willing to pay her pimp, who was a sex worker herself... stolen from her mother as a baby, her entire body was shaved every other day.... leaving her skin irritated, covered in sores and prone to mosquito bites...She was six years old when they found her... (source)

Girl proud of having taken part in bestiality

Denmark - A man in Denmark who burned a quran has been charged with blasphemy  while it is legal to burn a Bible in Denmark. (source)

In Germany and Sweden - parents are being sent to jail and having their children moved to foster homes for raising them according to biblical principles. (source)

UK - You can't preach the Bible here, this is a muslim area (What a community policeman told two Christians) (source)

Outrage over Muhammad's omission from Dante's Hell

March 2021 - Outrage over Muhammad's omission from Dante's Hell.

Leave it to the liberal European women to erase history. The name Mohammed has been omitted in the new Dutch-language adaptation of Dante Alighieri's Hel, the first part of his Divine comedy. The publisher and translator do not want to "needlessly hurt Muslim readers." Translator Lies Lavrijsen removes Muhammad but leaves popes and gays in hell. source

Removal of Cross 

Supermarket giant Lidl has removed (again) a Christian cross from its packaging representing the church of Dolceacqua in Imperia (Italy). Lidl decided to edit the black and white image of the church deleting the crosses on the bell tower and on the façade in order not to hurt the sensibility of non-Christian costumers.

In July 2022 in the Netherlands Salakis Feta had a commercial in which they too, removed the cross crom the church. How pathetic.

Police say Liverpool attacker bought bomb parts over half a year.

British police have called the November 14 explosion a terrorist act and are trying to determine the motive of the bomber, Emad Al Swealmeen, who died in the blast outside Liverpool Women's Hospital.

Police say the device contained explosives and ball bearings and could have caused "significant injury or death" if it had gone off under different circumstances.

Investigators say Al Swealmeen, who was originally from Iraq and had applied unsuccessfully for asylum in Britain, appears to have acted alone. source

Muslim pretended to be Christian 

Media calls muslim terrorist a christian because he pretended to be one for his plan. 
Lying turns out again, not a problem for a muslim (source)

Islam Encourages Lying 

Taqiyya (also spelled taqiya or taqiyyah) is lying to advance or protect Islam (taqiyya literally means "prevention"). muslims justify taqiyya from the quran.  

'In early January, an 11-year-old girl in Toronto set off a firestorm when she said a stranger had cut her hijab with scissors while she was on her way to school.

School administrators called the police, who sent out an alert on social media. Local media rushed to the school for a hastily arranged press conference in which the girl described the alleged attack in front of a sea of cameras. By afternoon, it was an international news story. Meanwhile, prominent politicians across Canada rushed to condemn the incident as an act of hate. 

A few days later, however, the whole thing crumbled. Police released a curt statement saying an investigation revealed the attack "did not happen," and the girl's family issued an abject apology for the invented story.'(buzzfeednews 2018) 

Jesus Christ in John 8:44 You are of your father the devil, and your will is to do your father's desires. He was a murderer from the beginning 

Muslims steal aid items for refugees

'ISIS bride Shamima Begum from Britain is an evil, lying terrorist who must deal with the consequences of her actions and never step foot in the country again' 

Andrew Drury has been a faithful part of the Begum PR campaign for the past two years. But, having heard about her lawyers' sex trafficking claim, he's finally turned on Begum, realising she is an accomplished liar. Read more here 

The human rights organizations Hengaw and Iran Human Rights (IHR) say that Iran is violating the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child by executing minors. Iran has been officially a member of that treaty since 1991, but it regularly violates the agreements, saying they are "incompatible with national laws and Islamic standards." (source, 2023)

Who is the anti-christ

The Greek word from which our English word "antichrist" is translated is very simple to understand. It is a simple compound word and means "anti" + "Christ" = "antichrist". We use the same compound word every day. We have people who are "anti-smoking" or "anti-everything" or "anti-hunting". There really is no big mystery as to what the word means. "Anti-Christ" is anyone who opposes Christ.

If to you, God did not send Jesus Christ who died for our sins (for our second chance since with out free will, the majority still chooses to be egoistical pricks) and is a mythological figure, then you are an "antichrist". The Bible term "antichrist" could be simply understood to be equivalent to being a "non-believer." The antichrist is that sweet elderly lady living next door who openly teaches the neighborhood kids that Jesus just was a myth.

Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God, not a result of works, so that no one may boast.
John 14:6 Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Commandment #1: "You shall have no other gods before Me 

Exodus 20:5 You shall not bow down to them or serve them, for I the Lord your God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and the fourth generation of those who hate me 

Rev 17:2 With her the kings of the earth committed adultery, and the inhabitants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries. 

Whore of Babylon

2 Corinthians 11:14 And no wonder! For Satan disguises himself as an angel of light

Origin Of The Pagan Roman Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church has been responsible for slaughtering thousands of pagans during the Inquisition. The 'Christianization' of pagan holidays began in the third/fourth century by the Roman Emperor Constantine, making the church a political body serving the world and its interests not it's spiritual growth.

The Roman Emperor Constantine did not only proclaim tolerance for Christianity, but for all religions. He established the Catholic Church as the only lawful church in the Empire. The pagan Sun god (Sol Invictus) was honored on Constantine's coins, and in his first 'divine vision' he saw the pagan god Apollo, instead of twelve pagan gods. The cult of the twelve disciples was established, by the cult of Ishtar. Queen of Heaven was changed into Mary. The Vatican is more richer and powerful then either Israel or the United States.

The St. Peter's Church in Rome was built in the year 326 and is founded above seven hills named the Vaticanus; (Revelation 17:9) 'And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth'.

Matthew 15:6 Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition.

In the middle of the Square of S. Giovanni in Laterano you can see a tall and old obelisk standing prominently in Vatican city. The obelisk comes from Sumeria and represents, to put it bluntly, a huge penis. It stands for Tammuz's fertility.

Christianity was never an enemy of science, logic, but the the Roman Catholic Church is and was. A few examples that come to mind right away are Galileo, Joan of Arc and Gregory. Galileo Galilei was an Italian astronomer, physicist and engineer from Pisa, Italy, and been called the "father of observational astronomy, modern science etc". Galileo's discoveries were met with opposition within the Catholic Church, and in 1616 the Inquisition declared heliocentrism to be "formally heretical."

Gregory of Nin was a medieval Croatian bishop of Nin in Croatia who strongly opposed the Pope and official circles of the Church and introduced the national language in the religious services after the Great Assembly in 926, according to traditional Croatian historiography. Until that time, services were held only in Latin (being under the jurisdiction of Roman influence before the Great Schism), not being understandable to a majority of the population. 

Rich, popular, powerful: man of the world

Pope / Vatican, the whore of Babylon
The world worships the rich and mighty. 

Poor, unknown, humble: man of God

Dobri Dobrev, the Christian, the Saint
The world has not recognized him as one because he was poor and humble. 

Blessing Killers Of Gods Creation

Matthew 7:15-20 By their fruit you will recognize them

Stop Paying For Satans Work

"When your "food" requires hazmat suits to even be near it, chemical spraying, drugs, oppressed workers, immigrants (you claim to hate), extreme animal suffering (you claim to oppose), tax-payer funded bailouts (you claim to oppose), tons of antibiotics and chemical feed additives and hormones (you claim to not want), toxic pollution of clean water and air (you claim to prefer not happen), political corruption and billions in subsidies to greedy industries (you say needs to end), deadly pandemics (that will keep coming!) ....Maybe it is time to get serious about Being the Change instead of being very much part of The Problem?"- Katherine McGill

High Suicide Rates

Imagine if every person who kills themselves instead, helps or frees animals? We do not live for ourselves. Death will flee, but you can take it.

Revelation 9:6 And in those days people will seek death and will not find it. They will long to die, but death will flee from them.

The Selfish Club

06.10.2021 source> The chairman of the Dutch suicide club, Jos van Wijk, the 73-year-old chairman of Coöperatie Laatste Wil says  

"I deal with hundreds, thousands of elderly people," he said. According to him, millions of people support the idea of a self-directed end of life.

How about if these people all start doing something for someone else? Imagine what a difference they would make to other  peoples or animals life...

Nigeria is already dealing with a deadlier viral outbreak than the coronavirus epidemic

The sick and cruel eating habits come with a price; Chinese market at centre of deadly coronavirus sold wolf cubs, civet cats and other exotic wildlife (source) 

Lassa fever is a severe viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF) like Ebola and Marburg that occurs throughout the year in Nigeria and was declared an "active outbreak" by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) five weeks into 2020.
Lassa fever is known to have a high mortality rate with Case Fatality Ratio (CFR) as high as 23% recorded for the first quarter of 2019-far deadlier than the Covid-19 coronavirus which currently has an estimated CFR of 2%. source

Jesus says that one of the End Time signs would be pestilences; meaning a plague or disease;  Luke 21:11: And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences

If God wanted us to breed billions of animals into existence, only to rape, torture and slaughter them as babies, for dinner, what in the fuck does the devil want? 

Raping animals considered normal

Meanwhile Japan approved first human-animal embryo experiments while geneticists in China are pushing toward genetically-modified animals. I can tell you this much; God does not approve. 

 Christians remain one of the most persecuted religious groups in the world

Every 5 minutes around the world a Christian is killed for his faith.

Jesus said Christians would be hated "for His name's sake" (Matthew 24:9) 

Hatred towards Christians widely accepted

Bible most banned book in the world

The evil one roams about looking for someone whom he can devour (1 Peter 5:8). There have been more Christians killed in the 20th century than in the previous nineteen centuries combined. Over 200 million Christians in more than 40 countries worldwide face the prospect of persecution because of their faith.

2020 - Around the world, 260 million Christians face persecution.

In 2015 a Norwegian couple had 5 kids seized over Christian 'indoctrination' by the authorities. If anything else, we should never cease in standing up and protecting the weakest members of our society, the children and the animals. In 2011 a convention was held in Istanbul where European nations signed for a treaty that supposedly protects women, but promotes paedophilia and denies that God created a man and a woman. Only the people in Croatia and Poland protested.

Decades of falling birth rates have resulted in slower population growth in Europe; their survival however is being threatend by the forced tsunami of non-Christian migrants. Meanwhile, child trafficking in Europe skyrockets amidst the migrant crisis; there is always a capitalist swine ready to abuse children.

Persecutions on Christians are taking place in all these countries the migrants come from, therefore the murder on Fr. Jacques Hamel and other attacks come as no surprise. There is a rape and child bride epidemic (thank your politicians and false Christians like the pope). In 2018 Angela Merkel (who said the multicultural society failed in 2005) and her cabinet agreed to a law change to let all refugees bring families to Germany. The instigator of all this? Greed. Meanwhile a Christian priest was stabbed in the heart in June 2018 near the church of the nativity In Bethlehem, while he protected young Christian girls from harassment of young muslims during their feast ramadan.

Dead and injured in machete attack in Spanish churches

(source, 2023) In Spain, a muslim of Moroccan descent committed an attack with a machete (machete) at several Spanish churches. The suspect probably had jihadist motives, the Spanish police reported on Thursday. In Wednesday's attack, a sexton was killed and a priest was injured. The attacks occurred ten minutes apart. During both attacks, suspect Yasine Kanjaa shouted "Allahu akbar", according to witnesses.
The sexton died almost immediately from his injuries. Shortly after the second attack, Kanjaa was arrested near another church. The police suspect that the prayer house was his third target. The priest is seriously injured and is still in hospital.

'The murder perpetrator in Vienna was a 20-year-old man who had previously been convicted (in 2019) for attempting to travel to Syria to join the extremist terrorist movement Islamic State (IS). The attacker had been sentenced to 22 months in prison, but was released on parole in early December'. source

Estimates of Christians killed for religious reasons before the year 313 vary greatly, depending on the scholar quoted, from a high of almost 100,000 to a low of 10,000.
Let it sink in.. not persecuted because they molest children, or rape women, or steal, but because they believe in Christ!
2014 Elderly Italian nuns murdered in Burundi

Two dead and seven injured in train stabbing in northern Germany

(source, 2023) The incident took place on a train traveling from Kiel to Hamburg. According to the German authorities, the perpetrator is a stateless Palestinian man between the ages of 30 and 35

Deadly diseases would be prevalent (Matthew 24:7)

Jesus says that one of the End Time signs would be pestilences; meaning a plague or disease;

Luke 21:11 "And there will be great earthquakes in various places, and famines and pestilences;..


Virologists warn that the world is increasingly at risk of pandemics due to growing livestock. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) states that approximately two-thirds of infectious disease causative agents come from animals. We call zoonoses infectious diseases that are transmissible from animals to humans. The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that three in four new or emerging infectious diseases are zoonoses.

2019 (picture above from dailymail.co.uk)

Monkeys, bats and snakes are sold alongside cats and dogs that are beaten to death at notoriously cruel 'extreme market' in Indonesia. 

The cause of the pandemic is clear, yet humanity is not changing. In this video we see a collapsed truck that was carrying pigs to the slaughterhouse; a scene was of many dead pigs, but even more pigs in agony. Bleeding, with broken legs, with a broken spine, dying ... an authentic Dante scene. If this is not horrific enough for intelligent animals in pain, an untermensch repeatedly kicks a pig, so that it does not move away from the place where his brothers perished. 

2020 Coronavirus lockdown 

HIV (AIDS) results from eating, hunting and trafficking chimpanzees.
vCJD is the result of eating BSE infected cows.
Ebola results from eating bats and animals infected by bats.
COVID-19 results from eating marsupials, snakes, or meat mice.
And there has been much more misery, such as SARS and MERS, for example.
In a vegan world, these diseases would not occur in humans

Experts think bats are the source of the Wuhan coronavirus. At least 4 pandemics have originated in these animals.

Humanity, like pathetic whores, will be getting what it deserves. Even dogs who eventually have to become police dogs are being beaten and kicked by their trainers (Netherlands 2020

New virusses brewing

"Because of the continuous pregnancies and excessive milking, many dairy cows suffer from mastitis. As well as being painful for the cows this means there is blood and pus in their milk. In the US the FDA allows 750 million pus cells in every litre of milk. In Europe, regulators allow 400 million pus cells per litre."

No more sea(LIFE)food by 2050

There may be no more commercial fish stocks left in the sea by 2050, according to a new study cataloguing the global collapse of marine ecosystems. source

Humanity would become materialistic (2 Timothy 3:4) 

Welcome to age Satan - Ego, his favorite sin. 
The era of Photoshop, filters, plastic surgery and ozempic

Where people laugh and ridicule you when you tell them great minds like Socrates Einstein Plato and so on were vegetarians. Where every woman making a selfie is a model, everybody with a camera a photographer, everyone with a webshop is a CEO and every callcenter agent a manager. 

You cannot discuss issues anymore, humanity is lost beyond repair. This is, thé age.

Youth would become rebellious. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy (2 Timothy 3:2) 

Celebrities and rich people who all steal the wonder drug Ozempic and Wegovy so that nothing is left for obese people. Finally a pill for lazy and really sick people who no longer need to exercise. Many of the celebrities proudly show off their new bodies and suddenly claim to have started exercising after all these years. Others honestly say that they have used the wonderdrugs. 

Brazilian Influencer Luana Andrade Dies Of Cardiac Arrest During Liposuction Surgery

'Mexican Kim Kardashian' Joselyn Cano dies following a botched butt-lift surgery

The growing list of celebrities who died from cosmetic surgery

It's official: Humans are getting dumber with every passing day

"By 2004, researchers had begun to notice what appears to be a reversal in this trend, with average IQ scores going into decline. "The drop is around 7 to 10 IQ points per century," says Michael Woodley of the Free University of Brussels in Belgium." Read more, source

Creating Superficial Generations...

Role models for the superficial: Kim Kardashian who became famous after a sex tape had a nose job, enlarged her butt, had liposuction, boob jobs and cheek fillers when we look at pictures before and after. Marilyn Monroe, officially named Norma Jeane Mortenson had work done on her nose and jawline. Then in the age where you can officialy choose to be a jellyfish, you can also decide to change your race.   

Kim Kardashian entered public consciousness via urine-soaked sex

This is suppose to be a rolemodel for young women? A woman that enjoys getting pissed on. It should be the majestic cobra wearing kim skin, not the other way around.

To make garments, purses, shoes, etc. With snakeskin, snakes are plucked from their homes, captured and beheaded with a machete, remain conscious due to their slow metabolism, and long in agony after being killed. In other cases, their skin is removed while they are still alive and later they are thrown into piles of other snake bodies where they can take up to two days to die. Kim K., ugly inside and outside.

(source) This shocking image is a dark dirty pit where these beautiful creatures are forced to live until they are murdered... skinned alive so their skins can be made into handbags and shoes ... The photographer that witnessed (and photographed) this shocking sad image is Joanne McArthur.. she comments below on how she felt seeing this first hand 👇"I am editing and captioning a bunch of images today and had cause to return to this one. Humans find alligators hard to sympathize with or care about because of how we innately react to them. When we think of factory farming, we don't know (or we forget) that alligators and crocodiles are mass produced in this way too. As I edited this photo today, I zoomed in on their faces and looked at them all. Looked at them looking at me, a human who briefly lifted a tarp to see who was inside this dungeon and observe what they do as a result of what we do. What a nightmare it would be to live like this. Nowhere to go, atop one another, no escape, no choice. Nothing to climb up onto except taking turns doing so with one another. When a customer wants alligator meat, one is scooped out (I don't know how) and put on the chopping block. So one by one, they watch others disappear"📷: JMcArthur 

Andrew Tate in Handcuffs, Carries quran on His Way to Court (see picture here)  Materialist and womanbeater Andrew Tate, known for stupid statements, to his left and right real men who embody honor, discipline and justice.

"To make it as a model you have to sell a piece of your soul" 

And then we have Brigitte Bardot...

And then we have Brigitte Bardot, a natural born beauty that had no work done. No lip fillers, no butt implants, no boob job, this stunning beauty is beautiful inside and out; In 2002 she launched the first mobile veterinary clinic for abandoned dogs and cats in, Paris, France. (LECARPENTIER/EPA)

She has donated over $140,000 for a mass sterilization and adoption program for Romania's 300,000 stray dogs.
In 1986, after becoming a vegetarian, auctioning off many of her personal belongings and raising three million francs, Bardot founded the Brigitte Bardot Foundation.
Now recognized in more than 60 countries, and with over 70,000 donors, the organization helps with the rescue of animals, providing shelters and defending animal rights, as stated on their official website. 

 (2023, source) More and more people are developing oropharyngeal cancer due to infection with the HP virus. Eight in ten people become infected with this virus once in their lives and some develop cancer as a result. HP virus is sexually transmitted... 

Oprah the fake

Syphilis on the rise 

(2023, source)Syphilis has been around for centuries. In fact, the first recorded outbreak is said to have occurred in the 1490s in Naples, Italy, during a French invasion. But it was not until 1905 that the organism causing the infection was isolated and identified in a clinic in Berlin. The number of patients declined in the years after World War II as penicillin was used to treat it. However, recent figures indicate a worrying trend: syphilis is on the rise again 

Strong increase in gonorrhea among young women 

Netherlands 2023 (source) The number of gonorrhea cases in the Netherlands has risen again this year, according to figures from the RIVM. It is striking that the increase is greatest among women. In the first half of 2023, there were almost 6,700 cases of gonorrhea. That is 15 percent more than in the previous six months. It is striking that the increase is greatest among women: for them there are 38 percent additional cases. 

Half of Dutch gamers identify most with their online alter ego 

Lenovo research among gamers shows that half (50%) of Dutch gamers identify more with their online alter ego than with their own personality. 

The gamers feel most themselves when they are gaming at home. The research shows that gamers often have two personalities: their online and offline personalities. 

The survey was conducted by Censuswide with a total of 7,010 respondents in eight major markets. There were 500 Dutch respondents. (source, 2023

The world serves Mammon

Mammon is the demon of wealth and greed. 

2021 - A footballer (Christian Eriksen) collapses whilst competing in their sport and social media ignites with an outpourings of compassion. Meanwhile 114 racehorses have collapsed and died whilst racing on UK racecourses this year...No one bats an eyelid In fact they'll just carry on with the next race like nothing has happened.. source

Additional: footballers choose to play. Horses are forced to. They have no option. And get no mercy.

The Notre-Dame de Paris fire broke out on 15 April 2019. The whole world responded. 

In the Netherlands alone, there are an average of 17 large barn fires every year, and in the period 2012 to November 2020 almost 1.3 million animals died because of it. Dutch Safety Board: preventing barn fires is not a priority for cattle farmers and the government......................................

Cowards will burn

Rev 21:8 But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars-they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.

Instead of building homes for the poor, donating to those who rescue animals, feeding starving children, this demon decided to use satans golden coins to kill of one Gods creations like a coward. Bryan Kinsel Harlan from Texas went to Pakistan's northern Himalayan region of Gilgit-Baltistan and paid reportedly $110,000 to kill a rare mountain goat.

Bestiality Offspring

TIL in the 1920's Soviet biologist Ilia Ivanov carried out a series of experiments to create human - ape hybrids. 5 Human women had volunteered to be inseminated with the sperm of Tarzan, a 26-year-old male orang-utan and to carry his babies.

1 but Tarzan had a brain hemorrhage. "The orang has died, we are looking for a replacement," Ivanov cabled the woman he had lined up to receive Tarzan's sperm.
2 More chimps arrived in 1930 - but Ivanov fell victim to the widespread purge of scientists and was exiled to Kazakhstan. He was released the next year but died soon after.
3 why did Ivanov want so badly to produce a baby that was half-ape, half-human? And why did the Bolsheviks encourage him? When Ivanov put his proposal to the Academy of Sciences he painted it as the experiment that would prove men had evolved from apes (source )

A HUMAN-chimpanzee hybrid was born in a Florida lab 100 years ago before being killed by panicked doctors, claims a renowned scientist.
Evolutionary psychologist and University of Albany professor Gordon Gallup coined the term "humanzee" which refers to a human-chimp crossbreed — a scientifically possible hybridisation which was attempted throughout the 20th century (source)