If God wanted us to breed billions of animals into existence, only to torture and slaughter them as babies, for dinner, what in the fuck does the devil want? 

God's Angel Was Ready To Kill You, Not The Donkey

Humans sinned in the garden of Eden, not the animals

God Hates Animal Cruelty

(Numbers 22:21) Then the Lord's angel asked Balaam, 

"Why did you hit your donkey three times? I am the one who came to stop you. But just in time, your donkey saw me and turned away from me. That happened three times. 

If the donkey had not turned away, I probably would have killed you already. And I would have let your donkey live.

Take action, click here 

The link is established between serial killers and animal cruelty

If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men - St. Francis of Assisi

(source) 'Jeffrey Dahmer, the "Milwaukee cannibal" who dismembered 17 people three decades ago had first practised his butchery by cutting up dogs and cats and impaling their heads on sticks. Ian Brady, the Moors murderer who tortured and killed five children in the 1960s, boasted of killing his first cat when he was just 10, and went on to burn another cat alive, stone dogs and cut off rabbits' heads before going on to target people. ...The links between early cruelty to animals and later violent and aggressive crime have been documented for decades, and suspected by some for even longer. But now academic research has uncovered wider chilling evidence of the psychological effect...' (source)

Confessions of a slaughterhouse worker

BBC news 6 January 2020

'One skill that you master while working at an abattoir is disassociation. You learn to become numb to death and to suffering. Instead of thinking about cows as entire beings, you separate them into their saleable, edible body parts. It doesn't just make the job easier - it's necessary for survival.'

'Abattoir work has been linked to multiple mental health problems 

- one researcher uses the term "Perpetrator-Induced Traumatic Syndrome" to refer to symptoms of PTSD suffered by slaughterhouse workers. 

'I personally suffered from depression, a condition exacerbated by the long hours, the relentless work, and being surrounded by death. After a while, I started feeling suicidal.' A few years into my time at the abattoir, a colleague started making flippant comments about "not being here in six months". Everyone would laugh it off. He was a bit of a joker, so people assumed he was taking the mick, saying he'd have a new job or something. But it made me feel really uneasy. I took him into a side room and asked him what he meant, and he broke down. He admitted that he was plagued by suicidal thoughts, that he didn't feel like he could cope any more, and that he needed help - but he begged me not to tell our bosses.'I remember one day in particular, when I'd been there for about a year or so, when we had to slaughter five calves at the same time. We tried to keep them within the rails of the pens, but they were so small and bony that they could easily skip out and trot around, slightly wobbly on their newly born legs. They sniffed us, like puppies, because they were young and curious. Some of the boys and I stroked them, and they suckled our fingers. When the time came to kill them, it was tough, both emotionally and physically. Slaughterhouses are designed for slaughtering really large animals, so the stun boxes are normally just about the right size to hold a cow that weighs about a tonne. When we put the first calf in, it only came about a quarter of a way up the box, if that. We put all five calves in at once. Then we killed them.'

'A few months after leaving, I heard from one of my former colleagues. He told me that a man who'd worked with us, whose job was to flay the carcasses, had killed himself.

Sometimes I recall my days at the slaughterhouse. I think about my former colleagues working relentlessly, as though they were treading water in a vast ocean, with dry land completely out of sight. I remember my colleagues who didn't survive.

And at night, when I close my eyes and try to sleep, I still sometimes see hundreds of pairs of eyeballs staring back at me.' 

Read complete article at BBC News

No Meat Without Violence And Oppression

For know, that all the inferior creatures when hurt do cry and fend forth their complaints to their maker...Be not insensible that every creature doth bear the image of the great creator according to the nature of each, and that he is the vital power in all things. Therefore, let none take pleasure to offer violence to that life, lest he awaken the fierce wrath, and bring danger to his own soul. But let mercy and compassion dwell plentifully in your hearts, that you may be comprehended in the friendly principle of God's love and holy light. Be a friend to everything that's good, and then everything will be a friend to thee, and cooperate for thy good and welfare - Thomas Tryon

Denmark, one of the many mentally ill countries 

Smashing baby piglets legal

New leaked video from inside a Danish pig farm; we can see a worker holding the sweetest and tiniest baby piglet. Then, with the baby in his arms, the worker looks at the camera and says in amusement: "Looks like the little one got sick, let's give him a medicine." That's when he takes hold of the baby from his hind legs, and continues to smash the baby against the hard floor. According to Anima, the Danish organization that published this video, the act of smashing baby piglets that weight 5 kg or less is not only legal in Denmark, but also recommended as "humane" by the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration.

The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws - Tacitus

Also Denmark: A man in Denmark who burned a quran has been charged with blasphemy while it is legal to burn a Bible in Denmark. (source).

Bestiality brothels spreading through Denmark (source)

Animal Killers; Human Killers

What is wrong with people who find killing animals funny? Not a single man of these know what honor is, or fought in a war to know how every being fights for it's life. Or this woman Caroline Cattrysse who has as much sympathy as Dutroux's wife. 

"It's a process, it doesn't happen overnight, when you depersonalize another person and view them as just an object," the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer told Inside Edition. 

" An object and not a living breathing human being. It seems to make it easier to do things you shouldn't do."

Ritual Slaughter in Judaism, Hinduism and Islam

Jesus Christ in Matthew 9:13 I want you to show mercy, not offer sacrifices.  

1 Corinthians 10:20 the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons.
Mark 12:27 You are badly mistaken! He is not God of the dead, but of the living. You err greatly.

Sacrifice Your Gluttony, Not Animal Lives

Claudia Hendriks (Zaandam, the Netherlands) sacrificed a sheep together with her muslim neighbor. (Slaughter without stunning) "Achmed slit the sheeps throat in the traditional way. That beast was struggling for quite a while."  source  That beast was struggling for a while?? Disrespectful woman, hope she never bares children because they will surely get raised without compassion.

This Hindu ceremony takes place is a Hindu temple in Moir, Malaysia. The young woman is drinking the goat's blood believing that the essence of the goddess Kali is descending upon her as she drinks. There is no denial that animal sacrifice are practiced at many places in INDIA as well at HINDU god/godess worshipping places.

How Compassionate People Respond On Slaughter

The Mental Struggle Of People Without A Psychological Disorder Coping With Evil

'The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the mental discomfort that results from holding two conflicting beliefs, values, or attitudes. People tend to seek consistency in their attitudes and perceptions, so this conflict causes feelings of unease or discomfort. 

This inconsistency between what people believe and how they behave motivates people to engage in actions that will help minimize feelings of discomfort. People attempt to relieve this tension in different ways, such as by rejecting, explaining away, or avoiding new information'. (source)

     Romans 3:13 "Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit."

Proverbs 12:10 Whoever is righteous has regard for the life of his beast, but the mercy of the wicked is cruel.

The Netherlands; on the top list of countries that allow purely demonic treatment of animals, shipping them worldwide. Leading in animal cruelty in test laborateries.
The farmer Adriaan Straathof (Knorhof, Sebava) in the Netherlands already had a track record of keeping animals in extremely poor conditions before 20.000 pigs were burned alive as they were packed into tiny pens with nowhere to run. Under his watching eye sick piglets are beaten to death, there is extreme overcrowding, animals were seen left suffering with broken bones and protruding organs. The monster has a gruesome reputation and Germany has already banned his farming. The Dutch (all non-Christian) politicians such as Carola Schouten blinded by greed allow the monster to continue his ways.
Also the Netherlands; politican calls for violence against animal friends, read here

1 John 3:18 "let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth."

Proverbs 31:8 Open your mouth for the mute, for the rights of all who are destitute.

It's all about Profit 

In an article in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, doctors speak about a sport related story that has been brought into the world by the PR machines behind the food industry that, like the tobacco industry, misleads people through "denial, doubt and confusion." 

Meet the Dutch Farmers Defence Force
also known as the Profit Farmers Defence Force

Attention: Factory farmers are not real farmers but demons focussing on mass production for profit, animal cruelty being no issue for them whatsoever.

'More and more farmers are saying that they are producing our food: but if you go to the supermarket to look at the origin of many vegetables, our green beans come from Tanzania, the mini brocoli from Rwanda and the floury potato from Israel. Farmers produce perennial ryegrass and maize to fatten cows and pigs. The milk goes as milk powder to China and the cutlets to Italy. 80% is exported. High time we started organizing that differently.' (source)

Isaiah 66:3 "He who slaughters an ox is like one who kills a man; he who sacrifices a lamb, like one who breaks a dog's neck; he who presents a grain offering, like one who offers pig's blood; .... ...These have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations

2020 - Mischa Bouwer, spokesperson for Farmers Defense Force and mink breeder about fur ban: My father and I will just go abroad. I'm watching Wisconsin now; there is no minimum for the size of a mink's cage. If you want to, you can just stuff a mink in a carton of milk.
The Farmers Defence Force club donated food to a circus in need of food for their animals. Which sounds great, was it not that a circus is not in the business because of
of animal welfare but making profit from animals that should not be there in the first place.

If a baby piglet is sick, injured or too small to be deemed profitable for the farmer, they are killed. These little babies and their siblings are enduring a slow and painful death. This is how farmed animals are treated all over the world.

They want to prevent demonstrators from blocking the road or otherwise interfering with the supply of animals. "We will absolutely not let that happen," says Mark van den Oever, foreman of FDF. "Then we will accelerate."
The farmers only act for a large demonstration. ,, If they are there as usual with five or ten crazy people, we will stay at home. But if we get signals that it is busy and that they are stopping industrial pet wagons, we will speed up, "says Van den Oever. The action leader doesn't seem to have softened by the birth of his son. "We are against the closure of the slaughterhouse.  source

Mink breeder Mischa Bouwer: "..there are still people who want to buy it. .. And if I don't do it, another breeder will."

Drug dealers say the exact same thing...."There is always going to be demand"

Profit Farmers Becoming More Violent

March 2020 - dairy farmer Bennie Stevelink is threatened by fellow farmers after writing an opinion in a magazine. What particularly disturbs him is the hysteria and laziness in numerous discussions. "Lying hard, distorting facts and the unreasonableness in some of the responses eats the most," says Stevelink. In recent years, arable farmer Piet Hermus has also had threats. He is concerned about the climate and its consequences, especially for farmers. In the past few years it has already caused him several death threats in the form of letters, dead mice and a dead rat at the beginning of 2019. source

Mark van den Oever, foreman of FDF (Dutch Farmers Defence Force) calls animalfriends 'crazy people'.

Romans 3:13 "Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit."

2017 - Netherlands, the Hague - A Dutchman led large gang of meat fraudsters. Jan Fasen, a notorious Dutch meat trader who was arrested in Belgium in April by order of Europol, led a large international gang of meat fraudsters. Europol, the European police partnership, reports on Sunday that a total of 65 suspects were arrested in connection with the scandal. F., 67, led the operation from Alicante province. He is charged with, among other things, forgery, animal cruelty and obstruction of justice. The widespread fraud started in 2013 when horse meat was discovered in Ireland in burgers that should have been only beef. The horse meat, which was not suitable for human consumption, turned out to be a mess. For example, animal identification chips were found to have been falsified and documents have been tampered with. The animals were kept under appalling conditions. Jan F. has been convicted in the Netherlands for selling cheap horse meat as expensive halal slaughtered beef. The criminal profit he made with this was calculated at 2.6 million euros. His company Draap (the reverse of horse) was also associated in 2013 with the then major European horse meat scandal. Horse meat was found in meals with beef on the label in several European countries.

The Wise And Compassionate Do Not Eat Dead Flesh

Profit Farmers Declare War

Well, not really. They opened a Facebook page which was deleted after complaints from visitors. The information is too shallow to translate, after reading it you visualise a man burping, lifting his leg for a fart and smashing an empty beer can onto his forehead. To summarize; it was an attempt to threaten and intimidate animal friends to collect all their information, such as pictures. And visit them at work as if they do something they should be ashamed of. Animal activists are highly educated people, as their buddy  Minister of Justice and Security in the Netherlands, Ferdinand Grapperhaus even had acknowledged. Varkens in Nood (Pigs in Need) is the first organization that comes to mind: it is lead by a woman that has worked as a vet for seven years among the pigs and had seen a lot of pigs living a miserable life, and of course, talked to a lot of farmers. 

The suicide rate among farmers is very high. This is very disturbing. The prices for meat are very low, therefore they can't get much for the pigs and to them, this justifies giving the animals a life we do not wish upon our worst enemies. 
But you can always find another path in life or ask for help. To justify the horrible treatment of Gods creations, is demonic. 

The above picture is taken 26 June 2020 by an animal activist documenting the disturbing state of the beings. On 27 June, a day later the FDF boasts about guarding this specific location (check out the dates on the images) against animal friends, calling them extremists. Animals can get cancer too. It is not profitable to inspect each corpse and dispose of each tumour. Cancer tumours are ground up and put in your food. Cancers in humans take decades to grow. Chickens get at most 3 months, pigs 6 months, cows 6 years. Yes they live that unhealthy. But the state we see on the pictures is worse. Because the cancer is not just a tumor, it is a CELL. And the cell goes all over the body and when it's activated, it becomes cancerous or malignant. That's why even though they cut the tumor, the cancerous cells are still in the system of the animal. Having said that, it's contaminated by its environment and unsafe to eat animal products.

Mark van den Oever, foreman of FDF (Dutch) Farmers Defence Force)
calls people that are giving beings a voice who live every day and night
without daylight, without grass to walk on, without fresh air,
that are seen and treated as objects.... 'crazy people'. 

Proverbs 29:9 If a wise man has an argument with a fool, the fool only rages and laughs, and there is no quiet. 

Sure, feed people animals with tumors and blood in their eyes and call the protestors crazy...

And warriors are noble individuals that stand up for the weak, so stop calling yourselves warriors when all you do is use, abuse and kill harmless beings for profit who cannot defend themselves. 

MORE DEATH THREATS: The wannabe warriors have so far threatened fellow farmers, animal friends, and now adding to the list a Member of the Parliament in the Netherlands. On 3 July 2020 a politician has reported against these profit farmers who have threatened him with death (source).
Farmers Defense Force has misled the public with their TV spot about farm life. Wakker Dier's complaint about the advertising video was upheld by the Advertising Code Committee. (source)

Animal protection organization Ongehoord accuses chairman Mark van den Oever of Farmers Defense Force (FDF) of abuses in his pigsties (source) "Injuries, eaten ears and red eyes. The images show pigs with wounds on the shoulders and head, eaten ears and dying ear edges. The Animal Keepers Decree stipulates that sick or injured animals should receive appropriate care. But it does not appear that the pigs have received care from Van den Oever or that measures have been taken to prevent further ear biting. In addition, there is a poor barn climate in the barn. The images show pigs with red, watery eyes: a clear signal that the air quality in the barn is unhealthy for the pigs."(source)

MANSLAUGHTER: the military police arrested a 17 year old boy from Udenhout on suspicion of attempted manslaughter. He drove into a number of military police with his tractor when he wanted to join the farmers' protest around Eindhoven Airport. (source
INTIMIDATING RANDOM PEOPLE: look at the video here

The Dutch farmers think the plan of the ministry to make the livestock feed scheme 'animal cruelty'.  Animal abuse?????? You decide, because all I see from the profit farmers are concentrationcamps.

Animal abuse is: cutting off pigs' tails without anesthesia, castrate pigs without anesthesia, leaving the mother pig in a small farrowing cage for months, inseminating pigs, keeping pigs in a small bare dark barn without entertainment or outside air, cutting chickens beaks, keeping thousands of chickens crammed together, putting male chicks in the shredder, plump chickens so heavy that they cannot stand on their feet to walk to food or water bowl at all, inseminating cows every year, removing the calf immediately after birth, placing the calf in a tiny cabin where it can barely move, letting the calf drink fake milk and after all this misery, after only abuse, sending 'their beloved animal' to slaughter. In exchange for money. That is not a farmer loving his animals. That is a profit farmer loving his precious coins like Schmiegel. (source, source)

Farmers Defence Force Proudly Supports and Defends VION Boxtel slaughterhouse: 
Sweatshops and Animal Cruelty in the Netherlands 2020

"Alexandru (34) previously worked for Ryanair as teamleader backoffice and for Samsung in a warehouse. He found an agency that provided work in a slaughterhouse for the company VION Boxtel. There he cut throats from pigs; 7000 pigs in 8 hours.

The environment of the work is not human, he said. Lot of work, lot of noise, the smell is awefull, everybody is working on the conveyor belt so you can't take breaks. Not even for the toilet because you sweat a lot so you are actually standing there peeing. 

Nobody on the work floor speaks English, all are Polish or Romanian and had no good education. So no one can help you, then they should also leave their work behind if they did. After work I saw I had seven cuts open wounds on my right hand, the work hand. They patched it up and said it was no big deal, and asked me to do other work with my other hand. I was fired within a few days because I could not work fast with my other hand, I was not 'efficient enough and you are not suitable for this' they said.

The housing was the worst, there are houses with 6 or 7 rooms, 2 people per room (shows picture of a empty room with 2 mattresses on the floor) and only 1 bathroom for all. And then there were days, many days wuithout electricity. It is better to be in a tent outside". 

Matthew 7:2 For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again

2020 - Serra Dillen, an obscene farmer's wife in the Netherlands, posted online that animal friends are "crazy madmen, stupid city people" (yes, one cannot get any dumber than this) and replies to a simple remark of a commenter with a foreign name to "go back to your own country". These non-creative people who enrich themselves by (ab)using animals get aggresive and obscene when being called out. Those with manners and intellect get innovative, like the vegetarian butcher.

Proverbs 18:2 A fool takes no pleasure in understanding, but only in expressing his opinion.

Doctor-Backed Paper Links 'Most If Not All' Disease Outbreaks Since 1900 To Animal Exploitation

Humans Are Not Designed To Eat Meat - Leading Microbiome Scientist Explains (source)
Scientist Who Discredited Meat Guidelines Didn't Report Past Food Industry Ties (source)
Covid-19 outbreaks at meat-processing plants in US being kept quiet (source)

When Intelligence Steps in:

Meet the Dutch Vegetarian butcher Jaap Korteweg

2018 - Jaap Korteweg wants to become the biggest butcher in the world, without ever slaughtering an animal. Korteweg is a ninth-generation farmer in the Netherlands and co-founder of The Vegetarian Butcher. Large outbreaks of animal disease made him realize that radical changes are needed in our food supply. He developed and found innovative meat substitutes with a spectacular bite and texture. With the help of top chefs, he added the flavour and experience of meat made from animals to the products. Read more

2020 - The Twente dairy farmers Bart and Tom Grobben want to replace the cows and enter into the soy business. They will market the soy 'milk' under their own brand De Nieuwe Melkboer.

And here we have a chef in Belgium, Sergio Herman, who decided no longer to serve meat, taking responsibility as chef.

The Kottelenberg family from Markelo in Overijssel is one of the winners of the green entrepreneurial award Ereprijs 2020. They want to switch from cows to the production of vegetable proteins, such as hazelnuts. The first step towards implementation can be taken with the amount of money won (source).

Lichterveldaar Pieter Vanderper (39) has been a vegan since the beginning of this year and recently runs his own vegan catering service with Comida Vegano. This is remarkable, because Pieter worked as a child in his father's butcher's shop and at the time ran his own butcher's shop. "A new world has opened up for me."(source)

Raping Animals, Only In An Utterly Depraved Society

Butcher Piggy's Palace
deceives customers

'We received notification that the Overijssel (Netherlands) butchery Piggy's Palace sells the body of a chopped pig as "vegetarian mince". According to the butcher, he can sell this as "vegetarian mince", because the pigs only eat vegetable food. The Dutch Veganism Association finds it misleading when a product made from the body of an animal is sold as "vegetarian".

Chairman Emile Dingemans: "When a product says Vegetarian, the consumer must be able to assume that the product is not made from the body of an animal." The Dutch Veganism Association has filed a complaint with both the Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority and the Advertising Code Committee'. (source)

Maple Leaf Mocking Animal Suffering

Cowards Kill Animals

Heartless Jesus Meraz (Mexico) on the picture, identity of the dog killing demon underneath is unknown (source). With the technology era we are in it will be a matter of time before all identities are revealed therefore keep posting pictures, people. When so, here is a collection of demons awaiting for judgement: low life killers 


This fully conscious cow had her legs chopped up and her skin torn off of her in the Philippines.

As unbelievably cruel as this is, many cows in slaughterhouses go through a similar process while being conscious. source

Wildlife traffickers caught with human bones and flesh

May 2020 - Cameroon - 3 HUMAN BONES traffickers arrested with a HUMAN BODY in a sack that they attempted to sell. Great work of LAGA with the authorities. I excluded the photo of the woman's corpse as it's too horrific to circulate in social media. Often investigations of wildlife traffickers lead us to other connected crimes, and when it does we have to act. The traffickers boasted they offer for trade a dozen more human bodies. Illegal trade in human bones and flesh is carried in Africa for rituals and cults, this is not the first case we had attacking this practice. Serge, Aime, Anna and Gilbert keep pushing arrest after arrest despite all the corona related restrictions and obstacles ! (source)

AGAIN traffickers arrested trading 2 human skeletons - each concealed in a suitcase

30 June 2020 Cameroon (source) - LAGA hits again the human bones trade! 2 traffickers arrested trading 2 human skeletons - each concealed in a suitcase.

This is the second LAGA crackdown on this shocking illegal trade in human remains. The others arrested started serving their 5 years sentence. Serge, Aime, Anna, Gilbert and Loveline worked with the Cameroonian authorities and fought hard to get these results. Last time the arrest was well-publicized and appeared on the 3 main TV stations in the country, it attracted much public attention, and the TV crews are right now with Tah Eric Kaba to cover this action.

Hello Satan

Remove the cross ladies.

Matt 7:15-20 You Will Know Them by Their Fruits
2 Cor 11:14 And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light.

This is Damian L. Opole - the Apostles of Hope  Currently "missionary" in Nigeria. Extreme poverty and help needed in Europe but these fake saints go out to other corners of the world.

Psychopaths in Russia

It is worldwide known that Russia is birth home to many captured cannibals.

This barbaric practice here which involves frightened Maral stags being locked into a brutal torture chamber, tied up and having their antlers hacked off - all to make treatments to boost the sexual performance of middle-aged men.

Shocking pictures show the terror and anguish of the Siberian red deer as an electric saw used with no anaesthetic to cut off their magnificent velvet antlers, which made from fast-growing bone.

Russians of both sexes bathe in the blood at farms where the deer are bred in the remote Altai Mountains, convinced it is a testosterone-driven elixir. Man never actually respected animals, never gave them their rights of total freedom. Animals are the victim of HUMANS. 

Via @earthincrisis

....this is what happens what we do not look at how our actions affect the other beings around us.. .


and one particular sadistic worker, decided he was going to make a pig mother suffer through paint being sprayed into her nose....

and all of this is funded by those that are addicted to the carnage....

this is what happens what we do not look at how our actions affect the other beings around us...when we are only caring about our own immediate gratification... source

A demonic upbringing

Breeding future terrorists, rapists, serial killers and abusers.....

U.S. Department of Justice writes in 2019:

Animal Cruelty: A Serious Crime Leading to Horrific Outcomes

The stories are heartbreaking-a small Chihuahua tied up and kicked around like a soccer ball, an emaciated horse with a deep wound to his hind leg-and as numerous as they are sickening to hear. What's more, these cases of animal cruelty and neglect are often precursors or accompaniments to acts of extreme violence against humans as well.

Intentional Animal Torture and Cruelty (IATC) offences frequently begin in childhood or adolescence. Its psychological roots are usually in antisocial or psychopathic personality disorders.  Abusers punish their victims by tormenting their pets, or threaten beloved animals with cruelty in order to gain victims' compliance or silence.
Read full article on their website, source

Demonic Upbringing

This individual, by the Facebook name, "Bizzy Buck" (real name; Allen H Buckley Jr. - DOB; 08/06/1982), from Peoria, Illinois, posted this video of him torturing a baby raccoon to death (WARNING; graphic video). His friends and family were laughing, admiring and praising his behavior, in a thread of disturbing comments all over the original video, which received almost a million views and has now been taken down (but I've uploaded my own copy of it, along with screen-shots of evidence).This individual is the lowest form of human creation, and if you'd like to see him arrested and charged with an Animal Cruelty, Class 3 Felony (5 years in prison and a $25,000 fine) for this disgusting, heinous crime, against a helpless animal, please sign and share the petition. 

This is his Facebook profile (named himself 'Tom Ford'); [https://www.facebook.com/bizzy.buck.7].

His father (Allen H Buckley Sr. - DOB; 05/25/1967), finds the video amusing and is in full support of his son's behavior. This is his father's Facebook profile; [https://www.facebook.com/allen.buckley.351].


Galatians 6:7 Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

The face of Satan mocking the cross 

Acts of God's Brethren

2020 - In 2007, Four Paws International rescued the former dancing bear from the zoo of Shumen in Bulgaria🇧🇬. Since then Lady M has been living at the Dancing Bears Park Belitsa, which they run together with Fondation Brigitte Bardot. Here she is amidst the Valentine's Day suprise from the Four paws team.

Man saved Fox seriously injured and found his new best friend. On the side of a highway, a red fox named Cropper was discovered and saved at Turnbridge Wells in England by The Fox Project. The rescue couldn't let him return to the wild but then a retired engineer, Mike Trowler, appeared. 

Acts of the Devil's Brethren

2016 - Coward Josh Bowmar killed a starving bear with a spear. Cowards like Josh don't join the legion to become though men. Therefore they hunt down defenseless animals.

The coward lured the hungry animal out with bait and left it to die in excruciating agony.

2020 - in an episode of JachtTV on youtube you can see a hunter of scared animals named named Björn van de Veen uit Friesland shows how you dig out a defenseless and fearful fox, let it escape and shoot at close range. And that with four people. These are the heroes in their own sick world.

Hunters in the Netherlands are also known to kill cats, and dumping them without looking if they have an owner (source)

Dutch Hunters Shooting Cats

It is not the first time, neither it will be the last time, and for this particular hunter he even confessed 'making mistakes' and shooting animals like pet cats 4 times a year.

2019 "Hunter shoots missing cat and leaves him in a ditch.  Yesterday morning the animal was found dead in a ditch. Russel was shot by a hunter. Mara tracked him down and his explanation is that he mistook the cat for a fox. According to her, the hunter said he makes such a mistake four times a year.(source)

Hunter Kills His Own Dog

"No-one can define the rush of adrenaline that sends the pulses racing but the hunter himself" - Ron Thomson, hunter. 

The untermensch never wanted to become a man in his life, so instead of joining the French Legion, the SAS, or similar to test his skills, he decided to shoot the ones God asked us to take care for.

Order your copy of "TROPHY HUNTERS EXPOSED: 

Inside the Big Game Industry" from www.TrophyHuntersExposed.com

The Face of Gluttony: Kim Jong-Un

North Koreans have been forced to give away their pet dogs to be sold for meat, with their country's food supplies running short, according to reports. Kim Jong-Un, the isolated country's leader, banned pet ownership in July, branding the practice a symbol of "decadence" (source)

The Face of Gluttony: James John Liautaud

Cowards against Innocence

''Mike Jines and to a lesser degree Max Delezenne both from the US are well known Hunters of innocent Animals, just because they can. I have done' stories on Jines previously, he will travel anywhere to kill. Here they stand over their latest kill a young Elephant''. - Robb Edwards

Meet Heroes

Elephant herd salutes the men before leaving In Kerala, India, a baby elephant falls into a ditch (or an abandoned well) and gets trapped there. As the family of wild elephants watches and waits on the other side of the river, local people and forest officials use an earthmover to help the baby get out.  

Fact or Fiction?: Elephants Never Forget! They never forget a face. When it comes to smarts, elephants are right up there with dolphins, apes and humans, says WCS cognitive scientist Diana Reiss and colleagues at Emory University in Atlanta. They reported in 2006 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA that elephants, like the other mammals in that exclusive circle, are the only animals known to recognize their reflections in a mirror.  (source)

Nicole Arbour; a Godless woman

Mike Tyson Is Vegan

Because he has a brain and compassion. 
Nicole Arbour has neither, no brain, no compassion.

The tragic story of Cecil the Lion

murdered by human trash Walter Palmer from Minnesota

No words for such human garbage. Go and try to kill a lion with your bare hands. He could have joined the Foreign Legion and become a badass. No, he choose deliberately to kill creatures he could handle. Who are without weapons weaker than he is. Walter the coward is still killing Gods creatures

and here is the untermensch Natalie Palmer, daughter of Walter Palmer, no wonder the woman has no morals 

Here is the demon posing with his demon squad from River Bluff Dental


(from the Sun, source here) 'Hunters can pick from an array of weapons including shotguns or assault rifles. On average they chalk up around two dozen kills each but some have wiped out 50 hogs at a time.

Hunts, on giant US ranches, cost £2,000 with VIP packages up to £4,000 a pop.

HeliBacon, based in Bryan, Texas, boasts on its website: "Do you want to buzz droves of hogs 15ft off the ground at highway speeds? All you need is a hunting licence and trigger finger!"

Isaiah 66:3 "He who slaughters an ox is like one who kills a man; he who sacrifices a lamb, like one who breaks a dog's neck; he who presents a grain offering, like one who offers pig's blood; .... ...These have chosen their own ways, and their soul delights in their abominations 

Popular among untermenschen

Canned hunting is a fast-growing business in South Africa, where thousands of lions are being bred on farms. Some, in fact, may have been hand-raised by the canned hunting operation or a breeder. These animals do not run from humans. Alarmingly growing in popularity among untermenschen.

This is What Hypocrisy Looks Like 

Stab a dog in the throat: Animal murderer
Stab a pig in the throat: Circle of life
Cut a rhino's horns off: "Poacher scum! Hang him!"
Cut a bull's horns off: De-horning
Hack a dog's tail off: Demented animal torturer
Hack a lamb's tail off: Tail docking
Shove your fist up a cat's vagina and pump her full of semen: Perverted, twisted, animal molester
Shove your fist up a cow's vagina and pump her full of semen: Artificial insemination
Lock a cat in a cage for 5 months: Animal abuser
Lock a pig in a gestation crate for 5 months: Quality-assured pork
Kill a lion and pose in a photo with the corpse: Demonised across the world's media
Kill a pig and pose in a photo with the corpse: "Nice! What time does the BBQ start?"
Breed dogs for the sole purpose of slitting their throats: "What an abhorrent and sickening idea! Shut this place down!"
Breed turkeys for the sole purpose of slitting their throats: "They were bred for that purpose!"
Herd dogs into a gas chamber: Nazi
Herd pigs into a gas chamber: Food chain
Boil a dog alive: Savage; uncivilised; grotesque
Boil a lobster alive: Fine dining
Cut a fold of skin off a cat's back: Evil, twisted, mutilator of defenceless animals
Cut a fold of skin off a lamb's back: Mulesing
Snap a dove's neck: Psychopath
Snap a chicken's neck: Backyard, family farming
Shoot a dog in the head with a bolt gun: Monstrous barbarism
Shoot a cow in the head with a bolt gun: Humane
Free a dog from a Chinese dog meat farm: Hero
Free a rat from an experimentation lab: Terrorist

Abstain from eating cockroach vomit: Normal
Abstain from eating bee vomit: Extreme; too far
Condemn someone for harming dogs and cats: Kind-hearted, compassionate soul
Condemn someone for harming pigs and cows: Militant; religious fanatic; forcing your views on others
Campaign tirelessly against the dog meat trade: "Wonderful person! Keep up the fight!"
Campaign tirelessly against the chicken meat trade: "Idiot! You'll never change anything!"
Pack dogs onto a crowded truck for a gruelling 1,000 mile journey to be slaughtered abroad: "Animal torturer! Scum!"
Pack sheep onto a crowded truck for a gruelling 1,000 mile journey to be slaughtered abroad: Exporting goods
Kill a cat for a religious festival and say grace over the corpse: Uncivilised barbarians
Kill a turkey for a religious festival and say grace over the corpse: Christmas
Pull a parrot's feathers off: Sick individual
Pull a goose's feathers off: "Wow, these pillows are so comfy."
Strip a dog's skin off and wear it: Depraved; psychotic
Strip a cow's skin off and wear it: Fashion statement
Dog farm: "Demonic! The work of Satan himself!"
Sheep farm: "God put them here for us."
Kill a puppy and eat them: "Cowardly bastard! How could you harm a creature that has no chance fighting back against us!"
Kill a chicken and eat them: "We've evolved to be more dominant than they have. It's a dog-eat-dog world."
Hunt a species of large cat to near extinction: "Disgraceful! We must do everything in our power to conserve them!"
Fish a species of large fish to near extinction: "Tuna salad, anyone?"

- George Martin, Cognitive dissonance

Godly Men

Satans Cowards