The link is established between serial killers and animal cruelty

(source) 'Jeffrey Dahmer, the "Milwaukee cannibal" who dismembered 17 people three decades ago had first practised his butchery by cutting up dogs and cats and impaling their heads on sticks. Ian Brady, the Moors murderer who tortured and killed five children in the 1960s, boasted of killing his first cat when he was just 10, and went on to burn another cat alive, stone dogs and cut off rabbits' heads before going on to target people. ...The links between early cruelty to animals and later violent and aggressive crime have been documented for decades, and suspected by some for even longer. But now academic research has uncovered wider chilling evidence of the psychological effect...' (source)

Cowards Kill Animals

Heartless Jesus Meraz (Mexico) on the picture, identity of the dog killing demon underneath is unknown (source). With the technology era we are in it will be a matter of time before all identities are revealed therefore keep posting pictures, people. When so, here is a collection of demons awaiting for judgement: low life killers 

Wildlife traffickers caught with human bones and flesh

May 2020 - Cameroon - 3 HUMAN BONES traffickers arrested with a HUMAN BODY in a sack that they attempted to sell. Great work of LAGA with the authorities. I excluded the photo of the woman's corpse as it's too horrific to circulate in social media. Often investigations of wildlife traffickers lead us to other connected crimes, and when it does we have to act. The traffickers boasted they offer for trade a dozen more human bodies. Illegal trade in human bones and flesh is carried in Africa for rituals and cults, this is not the first case we had attacking this practice. Serge, Aime, Anna and Gilbert keep pushing arrest after arrest despite all the corona related restrictions and obstacles ! (source)