Did you know that in 2017, 24 million laboratory animals were traumatized, tortured, made sick, poisoned, starved to death and eventually killed in cruel experiments or simply killed as unnecessary or inappropriate across the European Union? Less than half of that was actually used in animal experiments. The other 14 million animals were "killed in stock." These animals were bred, but not used because they were redundant or because they did not have the desired genetic traits for which the test subjects wanted to use them. (source)

Where to find cruelty free products

So which make up is cruelty free? Which cleaning products etc?
Meet The Cruelty Free International Trust 

2016 - David Attenborough calls for end to 'cruel' brain tests on primates by neuroscientists
2019 - Young beagles are being used for cruel animal experiments and left to die in a German laboratory working for a Swiss pharma firm, says the report.
2019 - A German lab where undercover animal activists filmed monkeys screaming in pain while strapped in metal harnesses is being shut down.

In 2017 almost 10 million animal tests  were conducted in Europe. - Animal Rights

According to the latest figures, almost 24 million test animals were killed in the EU in 2017
Animal experiments can be eliminated without substitution, because human data have long been available, or because their results are completely irrelevant to human health. No less than 87.5% of biomedical research is inefficient and wasteful, says Professor Michael Bracken.

Dr. Frances Cheng (source) More than 95 percent of drugs tested successfully on animals end up failing in humans. I dissected and experimented on animals and advocated for their use for more than a decade before I learned, through my own doctoral research, that animal "models" do not reflect human physiology. Critics of animal use are painted as unscientific, as extreme, or as bullies for objecting to even the most abhorrent of experiments. But experimenters' most despicable act is to pretend to be victims when their work is criticized. See full interview at:

''A mother and her son are captured and sold for medical research. Their lives are over'' 😭💔🙏

According to Dr. Jane Goodall, primates do not have the same immune system humans have. Testing primates is not the same for humans. Yet these caged primates are awaiting horrific torture for Covid-19 vaccine testing in China. It's deeply ironic, considering that caging wild animals for wet market sales is what brought about the pandemic in the first place.

A Monkey Dreaming and Happy

Happy Monkeys Captured and Sold

Sold Monkeys Tortured Daily and Killed

Whoever justifies this, is of demonic nature. There is no excuse.

They are aware where they are, that they cannot move, only more pain awaits them, alone, away from their tribe and family members. Yes, there are alternatives for animal testing. The monkeys do not dream happy dreams anymore. They have nightmares, and when they wake up, they are aware where they are, that they cannot move, only more pain awaits them, alone, away from their tribe and family members. Yes, there are alternatives for animal testing.

What if the whole system is brainwashing us to Be Cruel murderers and slave mongers.

1. On average 200 million land animals are killed for food around the world every day. Including wild-caught and farmed fishes, we get a total closer to 3 billion animals killed daily. That comes out to 72 billion land animals and over 1.2 trillion aquatic animals killed for food around the world every year. Just for MILK, EGG, MEAT. Source:

2. Animals are subjected to cruel rape(artificial insemination), forced breeding, caging, infanticide for milk/egg, finally murder for meat when milk/egg production stops. Source

3. PLANTS ARE KILLED MORE because of eating meat, milk and egg (coz) cattle and poultry eat 50 times more plants than humans per day.
(80 % agriculture produce is used to feed around 70 billion animals cruelly caged and killed for 7 billion humans annually.) Source 1, source 2, source 3

4. Plucking few fruits, vegetables, grains n leaves dont kill plants.

5. We should stop killing trees/plants to build building/factories n kill trees n creatures living there.
Go #vegan #minimalist #feminist #offgrid #growfood #tinyhouse . .

#Veganism not just a diet, it's a it's a cruelty-free Lifestyle. Philosophy of non-violence..

Vegans boycott all animal products like meat, milk, egg, leather, wool, Silk, honey, fur, Ivory Mink eyelashes, anything that comes from caging, torturing and killing animals.
Vegans boycott all forms of animals slavery like Circus, zoo, seaworld, no elephant ride, no horse ride, not buy stuff from companies that use load animals..
No animal slavery.
Veganism is complete boycott of products and services that enslave, use, experiment and kills animals.

Stab a dog in the throat: Animal murderer
Stab a pig in the throat: Circle of life
Cut a rhino's horns off: "Poacher scum! Hang him!"
Cut a bull's horns off: De-horning
Hack a dog's tail off: Demented animal torturer
Hack a lamb's tail off: Tail docking
Shove your fist up a cat's vagina and pump her full of semen: Perverted, twisted, animal molester
Shove your fist up a cow's vagina and pump her full of semen: Artificial insemination
Lock a cat in a cage for 5 months: Animal abuser
Lock a pig in a gestation crate for 5 months: Quality-assured pork
Kill a lion and pose in a photo with the corpse: Demonised across the world's media
Kill a pig and pose in a photo with the corpse: "Nice! What time does the BBQ start?"
Breed dogs for the sole purpose of slitting their throats: "What an abhorrent and sickening idea! Shut this place down!"
Breed turkeys for the sole purpose of slitting their throats: "They were bred for that purpose!"
Herd dogs into a gas chamber: Nazi
Herd pigs into a gas chamber: Food chain
Boil a dog alive: Savage; uncivilised; grotesque
Boil a lobster alive: Fine dining
Cut a fold of skin off a cat's back: Evil, twisted, mutilator of defenceless animals
Cut a fold of skin off a lamb's back: Mulesing
Snap a dove's neck: Psychopath
Snap a chicken's neck: Backyard, family farming
Shoot a dog in the head with a bolt gun: Monstrous barbarism
Shoot a cow in the head with a bolt gun: Humane
Free a dog from a Chinese dog meat farm: Hero
Free a rat from an experimentation lab: Terrorist
Abstain from eating cockroach vomit: Normal
Abstain from eating bee vomit: Extreme; too far
Condemn someone for harming dogs and cats: Kind-hearted, compassionate soul
Condemn someone for harming pigs and cows: Militant; religious fanatic; forcing your views on others
Campaign tirelessly against the dog meat trade: "Wonderful person! Keep up the fight!"
Campaign tirelessly against the chicken meat trade: "Idiot! You'll never change anything!"
Pack dogs onto a crowded truck for a gruelling 1,000 mile journey to be slaughtered abroad: "Animal torturer! Scum!"
Pack sheep onto a crowded truck for a gruelling 1,000 mile journey to be slaughtered abroad: Exporting goods
Kill a cat for a religious festival and say grace over the corpse: Uncivilised barbarians
Kill a turkey for a religious festival and say grace over the corpse: Christmas
Pull a parrot's feathers off: Sick individual
Pull a goose's feathers off: "Wow, these pillows are so comfy."
Strip a dog's skin off and wear it: Depraved; psychotic
Strip a cow's skin off and wear it: Fashion statement
Dog farm: "Demonic! The work of Satan himself!"
Sheep farm: "God put them here for us."
Kill a puppy and eat them: "Cowardly bastard! How could you harm a creature that has no chance fighting back against us!"
Kill a chicken and eat them: "We've evolved to be more dominant than they have. It's a dog-eat-dog world."
Hunt a species of large cat to near extinction: "Disgraceful! We must do everything in our power to conserve them!"
Fish a species of large fish to near extinction: "Tuna salad, anyone?" - George Martin, Cognitive dissonance

HSUS Affiliated Chimp Sanctuary Sues Former Carers - GoFundMe appeal

My name is Lindsay Vanderhoogt and my friend Crystal Alba and I are being sued by our former employer, Project Chimps, for raising awareness of chimp welfare issues currently taking place at the sanctuary. Please support our legal fight to advocate for the chimpanzee residents at Project Chimps by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign here:

Please share this post widely to spread the word. Together we can be a voice for the voiceless.   

HSUS's decision to sue two credible whistleblowers who exposed animal cruelty at its Project Chimps sanctuary (after attempting to effect change from within) is having a chilling effect on speech. A reporter told me that people witnessing animal abuse at other institutions are now afraid to come forward out of fear of HSUS-style retaliation.

The whistleblowers who HSUS is suing are just 2 of 22 employees who sent a letter to the board of directors sounding the alarm about the mistreatment of the chimps. For the sake of the chimps, the whistleblowers who had nothing to gain by coming forward, the many other employees at Project Chimps who have spoken out, and the witnesses to animal cruelty who have been silenced due to HSUS's lawsuit, we must demand that HSUS (which runs Project Chimps) drop this outrageous lawsuit. Please share.

For more info:
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A word from Donny Moss: As you may know, The Humane Society of the United States is suing two of the 22 individuals who came forward with credible, well documented reports of animal mistreatment at Project Chimps, its chimpanzee sanctuary in Georgia. It was only after they attempted to effect change from within that they blew the whistle with this website, By suing whistleblowers, HSUS is engaging in the same intimidation tactics that the animal agriculture industry uses against us.

I believe the whistleblowers not only because of the evidence they have provided, but also because many of their complaints were validated by a third party sanctuary accrediting organization that conducted an inspection. In addition, I've seen with my own eyes how poorly HSUS is treating the chimps at its other sanctuary in Liberia, in spite of raising millions of dollars to improve their care.

Over the past couple of weeks, I have begun to speak out on behalf of the whistleblowers and the chimps, and I will continue to do so until HSUS drops the lawsuit and demonstrates that it has improved animal care at the sanctuary. Here's my first article.

A few days ago, I received an email from the co-chair of HSUS's board of directors, Susan Atherton, dismissing my concerns. How can we expect HSUS to protect animals when the person at the helm is proudly wearing their fur and skin?