My son


My Super Saiyan Son. I seem to have given birth to Samson.
If he was still little now, he would have been homeschooled with all the pedophile and perverted indoctrination in schools these days. 

Mens sana in corpore sano

Socrates, Plato, Seneca, all didn't eat corpses of animals btw

My grandkids

Golden Gift

June 2022 - Shortly back from deployment, my son makes a drawing to explain something. His words sound like music to my ears and his drawing worth more than a Van Gogh. Fear is lack of faith. Accept everything just the way it is - Miyamoto Musashi.

Gift from God

1997 Birth of my son. When I was young I knew I would give birth to a boy with blond hair and blue eyes. Hence in his birthcard I had added the text 'predestined, so he came'. Long before it was official the baby would be a boy, I had enlisted him at a daycare center (you had to reserve a place beforehand) with his full name. I cried when I heard I was pregnant, from the hospital to the way home, and fell on my knees at home thanking God for this wonderful gift.

He has 3 first names, one of them means bear, another one means lion (French pronouncing) (+ of course one traditional Christian name; from the skilled tribe who drew sword and were skillfull bowmen and could shoot arrows and sling stones with either the right or the left hand) I read the bible to him every evening (and fairy tales), took him to the library every Wednesday for 2 hours where we read books before taking him to martial arts class. Nothing more satisfying than a son applying for the army whose namesake lead a skillfull army of God and he - without me telling him ever - knows who Simo Häyhä is.

In this house I had a swing on the front door that immediately made jr popular in our new neighborhood. I also placed a large second-hand sofa in the room where children could simply jump on.   

chatting with son while him being deployed. I have no worries. Yes, Beketje hehe 

Oh.. and I praise the Lord that he gave me a son. I would certainly have liked a daughter, but life for a woman is much harder; the physical discomforts (hormones and being weaker) and her entire life being judged by how she looks; just horrible. 

his hairdo after Firestarter (Prodigy), he won a prize with this pic in a mag 

2023 - regularly snacking and playing chess. I am lagging behind in all areas, also in chess kiddo is now lord and master, learned from professionals. That is the best gift you can get as a parent, that there is a constant evolution in your child, improvement.
- My father taught me to play chess. And I taught my son. And he learned it further from professionals.