Proverbs 24:11-12 Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

Jeremiah 2:7 And I brought you into a plentiful land to enjoy its fruits and its good things. But when you came in, you defiled my land and made my heritage an abomination. 

Steamed To Death

Gassed To Death

Starved To Death

TOO WEAK TO DEFEND THEMSELVES, this horrific footage and pictures show pigs being eaten alive at a 'high welfare' farm. Read more here and here  

Testicles Pulled Out With No Pain Killers

Tail-docking - carried out without anaesthetic when the piglet is three to four days old 

- is intended to prevent the severe injuries that can occur when pigs bite each others' tails. Studies have shown it causes acute trauma and pain, and can trigger infections and leave lasting discomfort. Read more

Boiled Alive

Unimaginable animal suffering takes place worldwide behind the closed doors, such as the Dutch pig slaughterhouses.

The requested reports from the NVWA show that from the beginning of 2018 up to and including June 2019 serious abuses took place when feeding and killing pigs, such as:

Animals with bone fractures and serious inflammations that have been transported illegally. 

Pigs that drown screaming in hot water of 60 ° C!!!! 

(Pigs cooked alive at Netherlands slaughterhouses)

Animals with serious, open wounds that can barely walk

Torn muscles of animals that stood for days in their own dung in the slaughterhouse. 

Pigs that have landed alive in the carcass!!!!

Starving pigs are caught on film resorting to cannibalism in a shocking catalogue of neglect unveiled at 'high standards' farm

'24 Aug 2020 A shocking catalogue of neglect at a pig farm that supposedly abides by the highest standards of animal welfare was revealed yesterday. The footage reveals animals writhing in pain and being brutally killed at Flat House Farm in Lutterworth, Leicestershire between March and July this year. Vegan charity Viva!, which covertly obtained the films, passed the evidence to Red Tractor. 'Read more

'Humane Slaughter'

"Director of the Unity Laboratory of Applied Neurobiology, says that when animals are stunned, they suffer extreme pain. They are unable to cry out or move because the massive electric current paralyses them. His evidence is based on reports from human torture victims."

New born piglets tails are cut off in a factory farm death camp, without anesthesia.. ...and the males are castrated and both sexes teeth are pulled out to stop them from protecting themselves...from the horrific abuse that will happen in their short lives at the hands of their slave drivers... 

'Standard Legal (By Satan) Procedure'

New born piglets tails are cut off in a factory farm death camp, without anesthesia.. ...and the males are castrated and both sexes teeth are pulled out to stop them from protecting themselves...from the horrific abuse that will happen in their short lives at the hands of their slave drivers... 

USA roasted pigs alive

Isaiah 66:17 Those who sanctify and purify themselves to go into the gardens, following one in the midst, eating pig's flesh and the abomination and mice, shall come to an end together, declares the Lord. 

China burried pigs alive

Meet Animal Rights Activist Casper Hilt 

"The darkest times in history, are right now. Never before has so many innocent individuals been killed by mankind as right now and the numbers are on the rise, every day, globally." 

His page

Utter Disrespect For the Animals

Tossed Away As Garbage

Along with the babies still alive, when the mum dies.

They Feel Pain

They Fear Death

Pigs Are The 4th Most Intelligent Animal

Did you know mother pigs sing to their piglets?

Satan does not want you to see animals as living beings

Dutch Pig Farmers Deceive Children

The pig farmers in the Netherlands started a campaign in which they actively seek out to deceive children. Posing in pink uniforms, handling pigs with care and teaching them to see living creatures only as eatable body parts. 

Dutch Organization Pigs In Need (Varkens in Nood) files a complaint with the Advertising Code Committee to stop this shameless child marketing.  

This campaign uses misleading and false information, covering up the pigs' suffering. source

the truth: theREALpigstory.nl

Because you can't just let Satan lie and lie and lie and not defend the little ones whose life depends on your actions.

Wir haben es nicht gewußt??

"HIGH WELFARE" FARMING"  - Quarantine Life

No grass or fresh air

The Pigs in Need org by an angel named Frederieke Schouten every year has an action in which you can donate jute bags which are given to farmers who do care. 

Did you know that up until pigs are 14 days old it's legal to kill piglets by blunt trauma to the head, for example bashing them into a wall. 

Going into a stable for sows and their babies is like walking at a cemetery. Death everywhere.

The sows have been bred to give birth to more piglets. If you search for information on how many they can have it say 12 to 14 piglets. But it have been reported that pigs have been giving birth up to 25. When I have been going to farms I find 18 to be the most common. This is so the farms will be able to make as much profit as possible. 

Many pigs are born too small, with malformations and have no chance of reaching the mother's milk. The harsh environment and overcrowded boxes causes injuries.

picture and text source: Martina Vedin - Documenting Animal Reality

Wim Delvoye, the Belgian coward tattoos pigs

Animals are not objects to use just because they, like prisoners, cannot get away from you. Who are you to decide what will be done with someone elses body?

Wim Delvoye is no artist, but a coward. (source)

As if these animals don't suffer worldwide as it us, another sick individual joins the demonic army of animal cruelty.

Pictures say more than words

These staggering images were taken on August 11, 2020 around noon, Netherlands, when it was about 35 degrees outside.

Pictures say more than words and really, I can only say that I literally feel the pain and misery of these pigs, which these days are still being transported to the slaughterhouse. No animal transports of any kind during this heat is the only way to prevent this additional suffering.
The trucks full of animals are just waiting in the blazing sun near the slaughterhouses, until they get a call to come.

Drivers are sometimes just sleeping because it takes so long. As soon as they have the idea that animal protectors are filming, they are instructed to drive away. A diseased industry where it's all about money and production. And of course it stinks of barbecue everywhere again tonight. Realize that anyone who eats meat is partly responsible for this horrible animal suffering. 

View the photos and video here

Sign Dutch Petition "National Heat Plan for Animals on the agenda"

Worldwide Abuse

The importance of documenting so consumers know the truth..

Dutch Pig Farmers Smashing Babies To Death

Piglet mortality in the Netherlands has never been higher. The mother pigs are bred in such a way that they have more and more piglets. Due to this increase, the piglets' birth weight has decreased; they are weak and vulnerable.

The Varkens in Nood video shows what happens to these weak piglets. The piglets are put aside to die for hours or days. When they don't recover, the pig farmer sometimes knocks them to death against the wall of the farrowing pen. This does not always go well, so the piglets still die a slow and painful death. (source)

God needs an army, not an audience