A cow's miserable life thanks to human greed, gluttony and apathy

Jeremiah 2:7 And I brought you into a plentiful land to enjoy its fruits and its good things. But when you came in, you defiled my land and made my heritage an abomination.

The Story of A Downer Cow

'What is a 'downer cow'? A cow becomes recumbent when it is unable to stand. A recumbent cow is often described as being 'down' and when it has been recumbent for a prolonged period as a 'downer cow'. There are many causes of a downer cow, such as trauma at or after calving'. (source)

After all the animals were downloaded from the truck, this downer cow was left alone behind, unable to move. The stockyard workers used electric prods in her ear to try to get her out of the truck, then beat and kicked her in the face, ribs, and back, but still she couldn't move. 

They tied a rope around her neck, tied the other end to a post in the ground, and drove the truck away. The cow was dragged along the floor of the truck and fell to the ground, landing with both hind legs and her pelvis broken.  

For the first 3 hours, she lay in the hot sun crying. When she urinated or defecated, she used her front legs to drag herself along the gravel roadway to a clean spot. She also tried to crawl to a shaded area but couldn't move far enough. Altogether, she managed to crawl a painful 13-14 yards.

The employees refused to provide her any water; the only water she received was given to her by Jess Pierce, a local animal rights activist, who had been contacted by a woman who witnessed the incident.After receiving no cooperation from stockyard workers, Jess called the Kenton County Police. A police officer arrived but was instructed to do nothing; he left at 1 p.m. The stockyard operator informed Jess that he had permission from the insurance company to kill the cow but wouldn't do it until she left. Although doubtful that he would keep his word, Jess left at 3pm.
She returned at 4:30pm and found the stockyard deserted. Three dogs were attacking the cow, who was still alive. She had suffered a number of bite wounds and her water had been removed. Jess contacted the police. 4 officers arrived at 5:30pm

A State trooper wanted to shoot the cow but was told that a vet should kill her. The 2 veterinarians at the facility would not euthanize her, claiming that in order to preserve the value of the #meat, she could not be destroyed. The butcher arrived at 7:30 p.m. and butchered the cow.
Her dead body was purchased for $307.50. 
From: Glass Walls

Proverbs 24:11-12 Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

'Humane Slaughter'

"Director of the Unity Laboratory of Applied Neurobiology, says that

"when animals are stunned, they suffer extreme pain".

They are unable to cry out or move because the massive electric current paralyses them. His evidence is based on reports from human torture victims."

"I've discovered since being vegan that lots of people don't realise this. They thought dairy cows made milk all the time. Not realising that the mothers are forcefully impregnated over and over again, with the calves being taken away immediately. Females for dairy cows, males for veal. A horrible industry that I'm glad I'm not a part of anymore." - Jane Minto

Animal cruelty Netherlands - proud of drowning cows. Floating madness. Who comes up with these unnatural circumstances for animals to live in?

Cows, like any female mammal produces milk only after giving birth. Let that sink in. 

Marked with a hot brand...Horns cut off as though they are just unfeeling tree limbs.....& left in agony & despair.. 

Many dairy cows suffer from mastitis 

"Because of the continuous pregnancies and excessive milking, many dairy cows suffer from mastitis. As well as being painful for the cows this means there is blood and pus in their milk. In the US the FDA allows 750 million pus cells in every litre of milk. 

In Europe, regulators allow 400 million pus cells per litre."

Turning goats or cow into milking machines done by non-stop pregnancies

Dehorned Without Anesthesia

The hellish existence of a dairy co- according to an ex-worker

As someone who milked cows for 18 years, I can vouch that dairy farmers can and do have a real fondness for their cows. Like Nate Chittenden in Andrew Jacob's recent article. 'Is Dairy Farming Cruel to Cows?', a lot of the cows I milked had names, I could pet them and I never wanted to see them suffer. What I didn't realise at the time was that every single day I was CAUSING suffering to those animals I loved. How? Where to start.

I was irreparably damaging them physically and emotionally by ordering a large adult male human to forcibly and artificially impregnate them. For this to happen, the cow has to be in a position where she cannot move at all. 

Then the man forces his very large, gloved arm into the cow's rectum and buries his arm up to the shoulder, deep inside the cow's reproductive system to locate the cervix. Then with the other hand, he inserts a long, metal straw containing bull semen into the cow's vagina before sending her on her way. What would we call this horrific violation of a defenceless female's body parts if she were human?  

"I never stopped to consider that for a cow to make milk, a baby had to be born and more often than not, that baby had to die."

"We cause immeasurable suffering to dairy cows... and that's just the good farmers. What about the many of the 'other kind' I witnessed in my years of working on dairy farms?"

I saw a Facebook post a few months ago from someone I used to know who is still in the industry. She wrote about her sadness at sending two of her favourite cows 'on the truck', that day. She admitted to shedding tears as they walked onto the truck and even laughed at herself for getting so emotional, describing how she had to keep a discreet distance from the truck driver, in case he noticed her weeping and teased her for being 'soft'. It took me right back there to my years on the farm and how helpless I had often felt as a worker, who carried no weight when it came to deciding who lived or died. Read the complete article on surgeactivism.org

Non-consensual body mutilation and exploitation

A fistulated, or cannulated, cow undergoes rumen fistula surgery in order to be fitted with the device seen above. This is a common practice done at both veterinary schools and larger dairy farms to study the digestion of cows and dates back to the 1920s.

A section of a cow's stomach is removed, and a rubber ring is inserted to allow access to a part of the stomach called the rumen. 

 It can take up to six weeks for a cow to recover from this surgery, during which time they will be in discomfort.

The "researcher" can then reach inside the cow and take microbes from the cow's gut flora. The microbes are studied, and those deemed healthy are often transferred between cows. Those who use this method claim that it is in the cow's interest, as it can "improve their health and digestion," but let's face it: the only reason they would want to improve the health of these individuals (who are ultimately used for their bodies and slaughtered when no longer useful) is to maximize production and profit. Furthermore, cows fitted with these devices are often put on show at dairy farm events or at veterinary school open days, where visitors can place their hand inside the individual.This is not science. This is non-consensual body mutilation and exploitation. source

No Mercy Even When They Have Eye Cancer

'She has eye cancer. 

Blind and being sold to slaughter. She enjoyed being hummed to. 

They have a certain low hum they sing to their babies. 

I tried to sound as close to that as I could to sing to them. She calmed and listened closely. I can't imagine how scared she will be at slaughter. Please stop eating animals. Go Vegan. Bearing witness, 8/15, central Texas'. source

How dairy is made

Cows Cry For many Days After Their Baby Is Taken Away

Man buys torture tool from farmer:

"How do you stop a calf stealing "our milk" from its mother?
Simple.. You fit a contraption to their noses that'll hurt the mother when they try to feed and she'll push them away. For any doubters, I purchased these from a local farm supplier. " source

Media: Advertisements VS Reality

ARM's dairy and veal investigator speaks out for the first time

Thrown Away And Tossed Around Like Garbage

Babies Taken Away To Be Placed in Concentrationcamps

Yee hypocrites...

Wherever direction you look at, you will be confronted with animal abuse and exploitation.
And when you want to remind people about the faces behind the 'products' that society keeps shoving into your face, they, like a Lucas Chevalme, get annoyed. Bully someone your own size, go join the legion or something. Always parasiting on defenseless animals. Of course, a private message is followed by gym princess Jesus Babar.  These girls hang around on a science page and do not like vegetarians/vegans while Plato, Newton, Socrates, Edison, Hippocrates, Einstein, Pythagoras, Tesla and DaVinci were all vegetarians...


Today (source) marks exactly 2 years since the poor downer cow with the ear tag 416, was tortured to death at Aarhus slaughterhouse in Denmark on May 18th 2018.
The incident was reported to the police, as impartial experts (veterinarians) concluded that there was a clear breach of the Danish and European animal protection laws, as the poor cow was still alive and conscious after they both shot her and slit her throat and began to toss her body around

I have witnessed the same thing happening many times since at this slaughterhouse, together with other horrible, illegal and sadistic procedures done to defenseless animals.

EU laws and regulations states, that there must not be any form of vocalization after a cow is stunned and the throat is slitted, the footage clearly shows her crying out every time they inflict pain on her. 

This is undeniable.

The Danish police rejected the report as their experts didn't find any breach of any laws. That was of course not accepted and the case was reopened as more of my footage of illegal and unnecessary torture inflicted on cows on the same slaughterhouse, was added to the case.
Since then the case has gone back and forth and nothing has happened.

416 and all other animals are deemed lowest priority in the legal system and even though we can all agree on that these practises are abhorrent, whether they are legal or not, it is an absolute disgrace that not even illegal animal cruelty is taken seriously. 

We can not trust the authorities, justice for animals is not a thing in the legal system. This is far from a single issue.  

The slaughterhouse workers told me on the same day, that they always end the day with 'the difficult cows', those like 416 who can not walk anymore due to the heavy abuse in the dairy industry. They also continued the torture, while whistleling, even though they knew I was filming them.

I started filming, after I heard them shooting her with the bolt gun inside the truck, a shot that obviously missed as she was not 'stunned properly'.

Other footage I did of horrible cruelty on Aarhus slaughterhouse 'Skare Beef', Denmark @casperhilt

Babies Are Taken Away From Their Mothers 

The battery farm calves: Shocking photos show young cattle squeezed into cramped cages by farm that supplies milk. (source 1, source 2 or simply use Google) 

The Mothers Who Carried Them 9 Months Weep For Days.... 

.. and the babies so innocent they suckle on the fingers of their killers

Dairy Farmer Admits 'Some Mother Cows Cry For Days'

The farmer broke down as he described the emotional suffering of the animals, read more

"It's true what people say about cows bellowing and crying for days. They're searching for their lost babies. In almost 18 years of farming, I could never get my head around that. The average person thinks calves get to stay with their mothers, out in the paddock until they're grown, or at least weaned. I used to think that too, but they don't. Soon after birth, the farmer comes along, picks up the freshly-washed and loved newborn calf and heaves it into a trailer before driving off.
The mother cow, naturally horrified and distressed out of her mind, chases alongside the trailer, bellowing and calling to her baby, while the confused and terrified calf cries back to the mother. Upon reaching the cowshed, the cow is directed into a paddock with other grieving mothers, while the calf is hidden away in a barn." read more, source

Imagine being chained with a 30 centimetre chain your whole life?

Being milked daily, for the breast milk intended for the offspring who was taken from you just after birth? Oh! And every time you stand up to make stools, you get an instant electric shot in the back, that forces you to take one step back, which makes it easier to clean up your poop.
That's the reality for far most of the cows on the Faroe Islands.
This is wrong in every way, this is unnecessary in every way.
I recently took these photos, after being allowed to enter and film inside several Faroese dairy farms. September 2020. - Casper Hilt (< text and pictures

The Cruelty Behind the Parmesan and Grana Padano Cheese

Footage obtained across nine farms in the Po Valley region of Italy shows emaciated cows forced to live in barren barns with no access to the outdoors, wallowing in their own waste and unable to express many natural behaviours.

Investigation Exposes Torturous Journeys for Cows Killed for Leather

2020 -'Cows, sheep, and other animals suffer through weeks of grueling transport to locations halfway around the world before finally being killed for leather. And the stress of transport-often compounded by lengthy delays at border checkpoints-results in not only intense suffering but also a heightened risk of spreading diseases that can be passed on to humans.

In many countries, they're even killed without stunning.

 They're simply pushed to the ground, sometimes tied up, and their throat is slit with a knife. Because of poorly trained workers or the use of dull knives, it can take several minutes of pure agony before they finally die.

Footage shows that workers slit the throats of cows and sheep in full view of other animals and then throw them onto a pile to let them bleed out while they writhe and kick.
View the footage and learn how you can help stop this kind of cruelty - PETA'

God needs an army, not an audience

Former cow farm successfully shifted to oat milk production

"British farmers Jay and Katja Wilde made national headlines a few years ago when they decided to give up livestock farming, and much has been made of their transition as a case study for real and meaningful change. 

This was a monumental decision for them. The family farm - Bradley Nook Farm in Ashbourne, Derbyshire - had shifted from conventional dairy to producing organic beef in 1997 before Jay inherited it in 2011. But six years later, Jay reached a point where he could no longer bear taking the cows to slaughter - cows he'd come to recognise as sentient individuals.".. read the full article on surgeactivism.org

A rare glimpse into the life of the 269 bull and his two friends Luna and Diana the rescued cows! 269 is no longer a frail baby calf, he is now a massive 3 and a half year old bull. Last year he and one of his female companions (Luna), have fallen in love and the sight of them both cuddling and grooming each other is simply adoring. For those who have been following the life story's, of our rescued animals, you may have remembered the enormous survival struggle that Diana has went threw, due to her many critical health issues, she was literately on deaths door. As you can see, now she has fully recovered and is the picture of health and well being. 269 is now living in safety and surrounded with love, a reality that is unfortunately very different from the every day terror and torture, that so many billions of beings are subjected to all around the world. He doesn't know that he's a symbol of an ever growing international movement. He doesn't know that thousands of people have his symbol branded/tattooed on their bodies. He doesn't know, but through his eyes, we see all the victims of humanity and the ugliness of the speciesist ideology. Free 269! Who's 269? www.269lifeshop.com #Free269

Absolute Horror 

Which cancer cell designs such living spaces for animals??