Chickens & Ducks

Proverbs 24:11-12 Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter.

Jeremiah 2:7 And I brought you into a plentiful land to enjoy its fruits and its good things. But when you came in, you defiled my land and made my heritage an abomination.  

Duck Cruelty For Your Gluttony

France is the world's leading producer of foie gras. The European Union accounts for 95% of world production.  

Chicken Cruelty For Your Gluttony

There is no such thing as humane slaughter or a happy ever after life for a chicken that lays eggs. Not with factory farming.

How Factory Farms Debeak Baby Chicks

Pulling Their Legs From Their Bodies

Chickens frequently lose their feet when they are roughly pulled out of the crates to their death. 

This is just ONE of the many abuses that they suffer. They are one of the most abused with zero of the puny "protection" laws that other animals have. source 

Male Chicks Ground Up Alive

because YOU keep buying eggs

Boiled alive

There are chickens who, in a panic, thrash so wildly on the slaughter line that the blade that was meant to slice their throat misses them entirely. 

These birds end up being drowned to death in boiling hot water that was intended only to loosen their feathers after they already have died.
Because they were not drained of blood, their bodies come out of the scalding tank a deep red colour, instead of white-ish pink. 

That's when they're noticed by a worker and are thrown away as waste.
This is how we treat our fellow animals. (source)

Yee hypocrites........

Why do you feed the ducks with your children only to turn your back and let ducks be tortured and eaten afterwards?

Picture from Animal Rights NL/BE
Picture from Animal Rights NL/BE
Picture from Animal Rights NL/BE
Picture from Animal Rights NL/BE
Picture from Animal Rights NL/BE
Picture from Animal Rights NL/BE


The Reality Of Foie Gras

This is the reality of 'foie gras', which some consider a supposed luxury delicacy.#wedontdeservethisplanet  

They are terrified in a corner trying to escape as they see their partner being forced to eat to make his liver sick. 

Global fast food giants are propping up
cruel chicken farming

Fast food isn't worth the suffering of billions of chickens. See how Domino's Pizza, Starbucks, Nando's, Burger King, Subway, McDonald's and Pizza Hut rank on chicken welfare. Read The 2020 Pecking Order report now 

It is not just KFC but McDonalds as well who have come in the light when it comes to animal cruelty. In a leaked video, supplier workers were seen punching, kicking and stamping the birds. 

2020 - Jeroen works for KFC: Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Netherlands. He contacts a news channel because he is somewhat stripped of what he sees happening at KFC. "I'm shocked at how much that food is thrown away," he writes. "Literally six garbage bags with chicken per hour. If it is no longer. A few containers full every day." "Hens are now being slaughtered and then thrown away," says Jeroen. "I don't think that's normal."

KFC admits a third of its chickens suffer painful inflammation

Fast food giant praised for owning up to extent of footpad dermatitis, which can prevent birds from walking. Fast food giant KFC has laid bare the realities of chicken production after admitting to poor welfare conditions among its suppliers. More than a third of the birds on its supplier farms in the UK and Ireland suffer from a painful inflammation known as footpad dermatitis that in severe cases can prevent birds from walking normally. The push for high growth rates and maximum amounts of breast meat has exacerbated health and welfare problems for birds, including inability to move and liver and heart failure. (source)  

Sandwiches in Subway 'too sugary to meet legal definition of being bread'

'The Supreme Court has found that the bread in Subway's heated sandwiches has too much sugar in it to meet the legal definition of being bread.' source

Subway bread is not bread, Irish court rules, source

Walmart egg supplier workers were found ripping a hen's head off and more in new PETA investigation

2020 - A breaking PETA undercover investigation into a typical American egg farm that supplies eggs to Walmart-which sells them under its "Great Value" brand-reveals that more than 100,000 hens were yanked out of their cages and crudely gassed.
Pig Industry: footages taken in the Netherlands, also 'great value' 'better life' and more such lies, watch it here

Lululemon Animal Cruelty

'Yoga-apparel company lululemon continues to sell cruelly obtained down, hiding behind disingenuously named "responsible" standards that don't stop suffering. 

Birds who are raised and killed in accordance with these standards can still go more than eight hours without access to food or water and be slaughtered in full view of one another. 

And if they are so sick or injured that they require euthanasia, they can be left without any care and allowed to suffer for three days before being killed.'(source and image Peta)

Free Range..

Poultry slaughterhouse in Canada

Chickens at farms supplying Tesco and Ocado made to die of thirst or had necks crushed

August 2020 - 'Unprofitable' chicks at a farm supplying Tesco and Ocado were deliberately deprived of water and left to die of dehydration, an undercover investigation has found.

Secret filming also shows how other baby birds deemed too small to be worth raising had their necks crushed or snapped by workers, causing a painful death. Read more

Barbaric barren cages 

Barbaric barren cages for hens and sow stalls for pigs are still widely used in many parts of the world.
How can the world not get sick with hormone-treated beef, chlorinated or acid-washed chicken (in the US, chickens are often washed in chlorine or lactic acid to eliminate bacteria that have infected the birds during rearing and slaughter. 

These washes can be used to make up for poor conditions in farms and abattoirs) and food from clones and genetically engineered animals.  source

As a thank you for laying many eggs, the chickens are caught in a way that is pure animal cruelty, pushed into crates and transported in a truck to the slaughterhouse to be brutally killed there. source

What Free Range Hens REALLY Look Like

Poppy was able to sit for the first time to sleep last night.
This is who makes your eggs. She is safe now, but millions more like her are still suffering Go vegan and stop this suffering once and for all 💚 source

Duck Feathers

You can hatch Jumbo quail eggs, Hans discovered: 'One third appears to be fertilized'

Hans from Oirschot (Netherlands) recently bought 160 quail eggs and put them in the incubator. He had a suspicion. And that suspicion seems to be correct. "It is now very good to see that there is life in the eggs."source

Hatching Eggs from Supermarkets!

More than 500 chicks 'too small to be profitable'

die in 24 hours on farm supplying Tesco

God needs an army, not an audience

Rescued battery hen stuns owner with her eggstraordinary head for maths. Chickens are known to have good eyesight, memory and mathematical brains