My Friends

2019 this little fella was exhausted. I was on my way to work when I saw him. I had an injury so I didn't walk fast. To notice this little one fighting even harder to move the choice was obvious, I stumbled back home with the little one and placed him on my littl balcony/sanctuary.   

Always feeding wasps in september, when they can't find a lot anymore.

sometimes animals just show up. at your door to give love and get food, and sometimes to just fall asleep and get their wings in heaven  

this female duck stopped by for 2,3 years with a male, always on the same time  

Baby Pigeon

06-06-2021 Could hardly fly and did not feed itself. So fed it a bit, gave it water and then off to the bird shelter

Ant Mourning. Watched the ant for hours as he stood by his dead friend/mate(?). Other ants passed by but (s?)he did not want to leave the dead ant behind. 

Two Tiny Crickets

We all need help.

A strange screech amidst all other noises.

After an extensive search, there were two tiny, tiny crickets found in the corner of a room behind a door.

The screetching cricket was calling for his friend who could not move and had his tinys leg stuck in a cobweb.

After carefully removing the cobweb from the tiny legs, the two went their way.  

Everybody wants to live.

Bed & Breakfast Bird

2018 A bird, of which an ornithologist whome I spoke to later that year declared an adult bird, came to my balcony on a hot summer day. I was watering plants in my miniature garden and then myself. The bird sat on a branch and I could tell he wanted too. So I invited him and he came. Had a bath, dinner, slept in a box on the balcony and left after breakfast in the morning. The bird didn't come back, but the next new guest was waiting under the balcony.... 

New Surprise Guest

I like it how they show up out of nowhere and call. 

This butterfly flew in my home in 2013. We were mesmerized with each other.

sticking up for my brothers and sisters, here with aunty - 2021

Comfort after my dads funeral 2021

The Wounded Butterfly

2018 - This was a wounded butterfly at work which I took home to recover in my tiny garden surrounded by fruit, water, shelter.

The butterfly stayed for the night and flew away the next day.    

another day, another bee

We can all do something.....

Got stickers printed which I add with orders etc 

my window posters (shoes for scale) 

helped a woman distribute posters and leaflets, poor woman lost her cat. was rewarded with chocolate

Friends I see daily

Two couples, one couple joined 2021, the other couple I have known for at least 7 years now.

my alarm clock every morning

I worked in the office on the top floor, believe the fourth. In Delft, 2013. There came this butterfly in through the window

Be Kind To All.... 

Balcony Guests 

This spider was a fiesty one. would always run out to me as if he owned the balcony

More Tiny Children

Love needs no words

My moms cat. Doesnt like humans much so I kinda feel special as she is kind to me. She guards Mika, my childs grave, and when I asked her to do so, she did something she never did and Mika did every day. She walked up to my face and touched it gently with her paw. 

2021 Feb - 1th floor in Krimpen aan den IJssel. This butterfly flew towards me through an open window on the 1st floor. It was strange that at that time I was having a persistent (whatsapp HR-NL) conversation with a relative who venerates Mary. I indicated that nowhere in the bible does it say that you should pray to Mary. I have stopped making rosaries because people are using it wrong. It was one of my best-selling creations. The day my bbq arrived is the day I stopped eating meat, so I turned the bbq into a birdbath. When I got my driver's license I decided to ride my bike anyway because I became even more aware of the environment. I could have been rich and equipped with every comfort in this life, but my heart and conscience keep sending me in a different direction.. where there are treasures to be found that money cannot buy

Friends not Food

I never was a big meat eater so the fact that I stopped eating meat didn't change much, when I found out animal cruelty is not happening in some cases, but ALL THE TIME.

I stopped drinking milk in 2020 before corona outbreak when I learned/realized about the dairy industry. Imagine, my breakfast was ice cream for many years each day, summer and winter to cool my body down when waking up. Stopped eating candy (gelatine). For Frederiq to show up out of the blue at the exact same moment I was sad about chicken farms I considered a sign once again.

Felt so sad when I saw this picture. I would have taken the child home for sure. At the same moment dad called me "you've got a visitor". This rooster showed up and made a big impact. 

You know, I always knew it was a being you ate. But I did not know the horrible conditions they were in, and the intensity of their personalities. But I always was grateful like the natives were with the bisons. Not finishing a meal, throwing it or otherwise being disrespectful is something that could always instantly turn me off someone. 

Exhausted bumblebee

16-04-2021 Not my first and will probably not be the last. Every year my eyes spot an exhausted bumblebee on the road. Bit of water sugar and rest and off they go. They are absolutely grateful little critters.

I would never let you lay there gasping for air after all the hard work you did for all of us, sweet child. 

Sick Pigeon makes recovery

I saw this young pigeon sitting under my balcony in the evening. It seemed unable to fly and was chased by a cat. I took it home. After a few days I took her by train to Amsterdam.   
I have picked up a few birds like a coot who had been hit. They all never came back because they quickly put animals to sleep. At Billie pigeons receive all the care and love. So to her I brought the pigeon.

Queen Billie Savage, the queen of the pigeons, who calls them skypuppies. She loves them like Rutzen loves sharks. She is able to instill a love for them and make them visible how they are, peaceful birds that need to be taken care of too. 

dropped off a piggyback stowaway at a garden center 

Another dumped creation of God

During a walk in July 2021 I came across this sweet child. We exchanged hugs and I started to wonder if she had a house. The moment I was about to start a campaign to take her in if she didn't have a home, I found out that there are people who take care of her. Among others, by the new resident of a house whose people had left the animal behind..

In Dec 2021 I finaly saw her new mum. A wonderful old lady

butterflies are playful and like to pose for the picture is my experience

So many loveable creatures in so many forms

Jeckyll Draeckendreck was also on my son's birth announcement. He was also family

my one side blind rooster often comes by and then waits for me to get food. always running enthusiastically, always happy

my aunts little pumpkin

Little angel that was dumped. They did not succeed in catching the animal but when I drove by with the car I stopped, I opened the door and could take her on my lap. The animal found a wonderful life at my mums. 

Noa & the Ocassional Balcony Snail Friends

While snailies always get water and food, after Noa's arrival Noa would get a balcony snail as guest as long as the guest wanted to stay.

The last guest was Clarabella, her house was broken so I patched it up.

Noa Piccolo

Noa loved to bathe.


Joined Noa after I patched her up on the balcony where I found her april 2020. She left in april 2021

My buddy Max

Never met a rooster as social as Max. We were pals from the first second we saw each other.
Like love at first sight. The wild cranky rooster was cuddly and sweet with me and I was crazy about him.  I will always love you Max.

The animals were outside in an industrial area. One day when I was not there they were all caught and gassed by the municipality. 

His Family  

Max his daughter, it was cool seeing her growing up. She and her baby were killed as well, since I never saw them again.  

Wasp friendship

2015 A wasp came by every single day for at least 2 weeks a work. I found out quickly due to his behaviour that they recognize you by your scent as they come close and sniff you, and that they tell their mates/brothers? about you who will greet you too. My colleague said it was not the same wasp that returned each day. I said he was. Then the wasp stopped coming. After a few days I looked outside the window, only to notice someone had squashed my friend when they had closed it. 

I don't forget any of my friends, no matter how small. They all walk around in my heart.

sitting on my lap during dinner

Little children of God

These two chickens came from a place where I worked, they were kept in the dark as entertainment for guests. But they would be locked up in the dark in a small cage during most of the days and nights. One of the two got sick and died (at the vet), and the black one came home with me. The chickens were not replaced.

I once sat at the table and asked if the children had been liberated. A colleague looked up strangely. She means whether the chickens have already been released, said the cook. 

Staying with me at home for the night and her first steps outside with other chickens. 

Never alone. I made the reservations. If a customer indicated that 3 people wanted meat and 1 was vegetarian and wanted fish, I always wrote back: so 1 cow meat, 1 pork, 1 chicken meat and 1 fish meat?..A fish is not a plant. 

Tommy the Cat & the Rat

One day I got home and saw a cat attacking a rat. I ended the fight, saved the rat and gave the cat treats.
The poor thing's ear was damaged, but after getting bread he quickly restored in spirit. I ended up going home on one boot because the other made him a fine home. Now Tommy turned out to be a neighbourhood cat. He would since that day, wait for me every day for treats. A year later I found out Tommy crossed the rainbow bridge

Muscovy ducks 

The male Muscovy duck has been alone along the waterfront for at least 2 years. One day I spotted 5 km away, a female Muscovy duck sitting alone along the water's edge every time. I made a poster with a call for more information about the female. When she's alone, I'll introduce them to each other

the local residents know the male duck and gave him the name Jaap

Nobody responded, both are still alone, still very rarely I see her. Jaap still sits on the same spot...

Wounded Butterfly 2021

29-03-2021 I saw a butterfly in the middle of the road, to prevent her from being hit, I wanted to take her off the road. But she just sat there and climbed onto my hand. No matter what flower or bush we encountered, she wanted to stay put, so I took her home walking with her on an open hand. I put her on a plant at home and quickly went to the store to get some fruit.

Then I picked up the bee hotel from the basement that had been put away recently because the balcony is being repaired. To my great surprise, bees kept flying out. So they had hibernated in the hotel (I feel like a proud mother). After I had put the bees and hotels out I went looking for Clarabella, the balcony snail that has been here since April last year, with the plaster on her torn house. I found her eating my books again.    

The little child died the next day. The window was open, the day warm, but she did not fly away. She was deteriorating in front of my eyes. The last hour, oh that dreadful last hour I have seen it way too often, the fight for life. Holding on. Every being no matter how small wants to live.   

This little bee I found on the road 03-2020, also did not make it in the end. And last week I had taken a coot off the road that was hit by a car(guessing). I could still see his wing move. Afterwards, the animal welfare department informed me that the fracture could not be healed and the animal was put to sleep. I had seen a partner waiting for him / her outside by the lake. heartbreaking.

My sons dog who crossed the bridge. I would always get several thingies so he could choose which one to eat first

The toad was surrounded by ten crows when I saw them. Gave the crows nuts and placed him where he could hide. Added him a crown for the picture because I like all things cute and he just ain't

Found a pigeon on my way home and took the bird home. Injury unknown, died shortly after I came home.

Found a child half paralyzed on my way home. Took her to the vet but while waiting for the animal ambulance she died. She was poisoned. The jackdaw bird can live up to 15 years. They are monogamous and stick together for a lifetime

Aug 2021

Children always make good company