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Persecution worldwide


165.000 followers of Jesus have been killed in 2009. 

There have been more Christians killed in the 20th century than in the previous nineteen centuries combined.

Over 200 million Christians in more than 40 countries worldwide face the prospect of persecution because of their faith. Persecutions are taking place in Afghanistan, Iran, India, China, Israel, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, the Philippines, Lebanon, Malaysia, Bosnia, Iraq, Turkey etc

Estimates of Christians killed for religious reasons before the year 313 vary greatly, depending on the scholar quoted, from a high of almost 100,000 to a low of 10,000.

The list is endless, and not up to date because I could add one every single day...


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1   Link   Iranian Authorities Arrest 5 New Christian Converts
2   Link   Pakistan: Christian murdered in police custody
3   Link   Turkey: Christian Murdered on Busy Street in Istanbul
4   Link   Christian murdered for drinking tea from a Muslim cup
5   Link   Bangladesh: Christian murdered for a cellphone
6   Link   Faithful Gentle Christian Murdered while Standing For Jesus
7   Link   India: Another Christian Murdered by Hindu Extremists
8   Link   Palestinian Christian Murdered by muslims in Gaza
9   Link   Christian murdered in Kerala
10   Link   Somali Christian Murdered for Asking for Translation
11   Link   Christian murdered, others wounded in Egypt
12   Link   Somali Christian Murdered for Refusing to Chant Koran Verses
13   Link   Iran: Christian women jailed, face possible execution
14   Link   Shock as Three Christian School Girls in Indonesia are Beheaded
15   Link   Christians face jail for giving treats to children of Muslims
16   Link   Sulawesi Christian priest killed
17   Link   Fourteen Christians killed in Indonesia's Maluku
18   Link   Christian foster mother struck off after Muslim girl converts
19   Link   Jew mocks Jesus
20   Link   Muslim Gang Attacks Christian Church in UK
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