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The Real Jesus

Jesus Christ wasn’t, and is not, a mythological figure. Thousands of people witnessed his miracles, and other notable historical events. Many people have witnessed the hand of God; people witnessed Jesus walking on water, saw him turn water to wine, saw him feeding 5000 people, saw him calming a storm, and also raising Lazarus from the dead. These are all documented historical facts. Documented by such historians as Flavius Josephus and Cornelius Tacitus. In the Library of Congress in Washington there is a letter preserved that was written by Pontius Pilate, to Caesar. Pilate describes Jesus as a man about thirty years old, with a serene impression, blue eyes, golden hair and beard that was quite a contrast between him and the people who were listening to him with their black beards and light brown skins. Thousands of people witnessed his miracles. Jesus is no mythe, folklore, legend or tale.

Like God, his Son doesn’t change either (Hebrews 13:8). During the Victorian era that lasted from the 18th century till the beginning of the 19th century Jesus Christ would become to be portrayed as God’s goody two shoes servant, underlining a Jesus Christ who turns the other cheek (was referred to insults, not!) to his enemies (Luke 6:27-29). This a demonic teaching preached by false prophets (Jeremiah 23:30, John 10:1, 10:8, 10:1) who will be judged for stealing and manipulating Gods words.

+ Jesus cursed a fig tree when it did not gave fruit (Mark 11:12-14);
+ Jesus overthrew the tables of the moneychangers in the temple and casted them out (Matthew 21:12-16);
+ Refused to help a Canaanite woman (Matthew 15:22-24) - until he saw she was a believer.

Jesus Christ was a man that lived hard, worked hard and didn’t compromise on God’s words. Jesus Christ never made compromises. There are no grey areas what concerns good or evil. Either you are with Him, or against Him (Matthew 12:30, Mark 9:40, Luke 9:50).

Jesus was/is sinless (Isaiah 53:9), just like GOD is. Jesus lived his whole life without sin. He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth. The sinless state of Jesus proved he was from God.

Jesus Christ constantly quoted the bible and referred to the scriptures. You cannot accept Jesus without accepting the bible; all of it. Jesus was the living word, not just a good teacher, a nice human or some great shaman. He was Gods Son!

Jesus Christ suffered excruciating pain for you. And even if you do not believe he was/is the son of God, to mock or disrespect a man, that has been proven to have lived and done a lot of good things, can only describe you as a demon of the lowest human waste form possible.